Jan. 19.10: The Mets Hall of Fame.

STRAWBERRY: Leads four into Mets' Hall.

STRAWBERRY: Leads four into Mets' Hall.

The Mets will announce today that Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, Davey Johnson and Frank Cashen will be inducted into the team’s Hall of Fame. All good choices, all deserving.

Cashen was the architect, Johnson the manager and Strawberry and Gooden the hitting and pitching faces from the 1986 team.

Do you agree with the choices? I, for one, am glad to see the Mets honoring their past. There will be a Hall of Fame and team museum in the Rotunda in what used to be the team store.

Strawberry, Gooden, Johnson and Cashen join Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter and Mookie Wilson from the 1986 Mets in the team’s Hall of Fame.

In other news:

* Jeff Francoeur avoided salary arbitration by agreeing to a one-year, $5 million contract. The Mets and Francoeur aren’t done as they are considering a contract extension. The Mets traditionally avoid arbitration and continue talking with Pedro Feliciano, Sean Green and Angel Pagan.

* NESN.com reported the Red Sox and Jason Bay agreed to a four-year, $60 million extension last June, but it fell through when a MRI showed problems with both knees. The Mets signed Bay to a four-year, $66 million contract with a vesting fifth-year option. Does that give the impression the Mets were truly bidding against themselves?

* Carlos Delgado is batting .280 in winter ball with one extra base hit and two RBI in eight games. Reports are he’s still sluggish running. But, with Carlos Beltran out, there’s need for left-handed power and that enhances the chances of him being re-signed.

18 thoughts on “Jan. 19.10: The Mets Hall of Fame.

  1. I haven’t read that they are negotiating any further with Francouer on a multi year deal. I think the one year contract settles that. $5 mil is probably a bit too much for him, but I still think it’s a good deal for the Mets. Also in case you didn’t know…Molina rejected the Mets contract offer. This is another case where I am glad the Mets are holding to their offer. They should turn their attention to Barajas IMO, who would give you close to the same production as Molina would give at half the cost.

  2. John –
    Was there a “Mets Hall of Fame” at Shea?

    If so, I missed it. Why are they putting out this kind of information now – when fans are anxious about the team?

    If it weren’t for yesterdays’ posting about ‘Spring Training Questions’, we would have no idea about what is actually going on with the PLAYERS.

    Thank you.

  3. 1. The Francoer deal is a good deal for the Mets… Why? They didn’t non-tender him. Their choice therefore was a make a deal or go to arbitrtaion. This is neither good or bad. This is something that every org does. Only with the NY Mets it has to have an interpretation. The agents and the teams have a pretty good idea what the arb numbers will be and make these deals based on it without having the nastiness of a hearing. To say its a good deal is saying the Mets did something, it must be good.
    As for Molina, I really don’t care if they get a catcher for a few bucks less or more. Its Jeffs money and he will screw with it as he pleases. I/we get no break on prices regardless of what he allows his lackey to spend. Did you see where Jeffy has to approve everything. He’s the GM. This team is going down the tubes slowly but surely. If Omar were a man he’d quit rather than be a face to this idiot who is living off his daddy’s doings.

  4. Strawberry was at Nassau Coliseum last Saturday to drop the first puck in conjunction with “Autism Awareness.” He got a very warm reception. It made me realize how both Mets and Yankee fans could cheer Strawberry (and Gooden to a lesser extent) because of how they helped their teams win in a glory period. Who would have predicted that 15 years ago when both had injuries and drug problems? Of course 23 years ago I’d have predicted they’d be entering Cooperstown together now as Ford and Mantle did but that ain’t happening.

    Also noticed Strawberry had removed the Islanders jersey with #18 on the back when he was interviewed during a break with 6 minutes left in the first period.

    A one-year deal for Franceour is nice. Still wonder if he will regress as he did in Atlanta but maybe he learned something. And maybe there was too much pressure to succeed for the local nine.

  5. (4) It’s good because they didn’t sign him to a multi year deal which possibility was rumored.

  6. Harry (4): Francoeur is salary arbitration eligible after next season and will be a free agent after 2011. I believe if he gets off to a good start there will be talk of an extension and I can see the Mets doing it.-JD

  7. 7. Agree with that. Sorry I didn’t get your drift!
    8. A good start…. Why… Do the Mets not know baseball is not about good starts. Good start in 07 good start in 08. how soon things are forgotten.

  8. How about we open a jets thread as most mets fans are jets fans as well?? much better fare than the same old mets mush. J E T S jets jets jets!!!!!

  9. 11. I’m glad the Jet fans are excited. Its been such a long time since the glory day of Joe Namath. But hasn’t anyone anywhere developed a site for you guys already?
    Don’t you want to re-argue the merits and demerits of 1. the “low risk high reward” pitchers vs the steady but mediocre pitchers! or 2. the ever shrinking list of mediocre to awful catchers left on the market.

  10. 11.Its ok Chiti the fan is talking jets 24/7. Its nice to have a positive story for a change.

  11. 14. Yes, just like he loves the mets. Jets fans really let him have it yesterday. He even bought some superbowl tix to give away if jets make it to try and get the fans to back off.

  12. I’ve been off the radar this whole offseason, but had to drop in because I got the Mets’ email today announcing the Hall of Fame inductees — to which I can only say, It’s About Time! It seems evident from their video that only Straw and Doc will be in attendance at the induction. I’m not sure what Cashen’s health is like, but is there a reason why Davey won’t be there? I can’t recall now whether he was at the Shea closing ceremonies or not.

    There’s an interesting take on this by a Shmuck (hey, that’s his name!) in the Baltimore Sun (you’ve probably seen this, John) with some O’s fans complaining about their management and wishing Davey would come back…

  13. I’ve just finished reading Darryls’ book titled “STRAW – Finding my way”. It’s very good and has some good advice which Darryl found out the hard way.