Jan. 19.10: Giants sign Molina.

Word is the Giants re-signed free-agent C Bengie Molina to a one-year, $4.5 million contract. One year? Couldn’t the Mets have beaten that?

I never wanted Molina for three years, but one would have been fine. Evidently, he didn’t want the Mets that badly.

20 thoughts on “Jan. 19.10: Giants sign Molina.

  1. Not at all heartbroken about this one. If it were Joel Pineiro who signed with someone else, I’d be bummed. I wonder how Ben Sheets did in his audition today…

  2. Obviously he didn’t want to be in NY. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Sheets apparently did well in his audition..was throwing 91 MPH. Gil, don’t be bummed if the Mets don’t sign Piniero. He is just trying to cash off on the one good season he just had.

  3. Steve (2): Pineiro is 87-79 lifetime in ten years. That averages to a sterling 9-8 a season. … Sheets might get what he is looking for, which is around $10-$12 million.-JD

  4. In the Good news Bad News Dept: There was a report that Delgado resigned with the Blue Jays, and then the Blue Jays GM denied the report. 😉 lol

  5. Gil (1) I’m the one who is heartbroken about Molina – I love all the Molinas.

    Let’s hope this is the only heartbreaking event of the day…

    Key phrase – who does Curt Schilling play for?

  6. Annie: You LOVE Yadier Molina after what he did to us in the ’06 NLCS??!!!
    And Steve and JD: Pineiro is a late bloomer who is a groundball machine and a Met-killer who would greatly benefit from making at least half his starts in Citi.

  7. Gil – (7) I bow to your memory. The ’06 NLCS? That’s way beyond my memory. I still love the Molinas who have made catching a family business.

  8. Not that I wanted an aging heavyweight like Molina, especially when he wanted multiple years, but his signing with the
    Giants does point out that to get players the Mets have to overpay or give too many years. The Giants have a kid catcher who isn’t ready yet (sounds familiar) and always wanted Molina for one year and no more. Omar, to get him, would have to offer more years. Not getting that, the guy didn’t want to play here. With the circus that is the NY Mets front office and a manager who did horribly by his players on a nightly basis, who can blame any player for going elsewhere given similar deals. A one year deal with this guy would have been OK, but the only way it was going to happen was if nobody offered him anything. The Mets offered him more money according to Heyman but 500K for the circus isn’t worth it.
    8. Steve O. I’m with you on Piniero. To call him a late bloomer as stated elsewhere is a joke. If that’s true we don’t need another catcher since we got the very late bloomin Coste on board!

  9. If you want some very good news Steve O, Paul LoDuca signed……with the…..Rockies!!!

  10. no big loss.

    as i said weeks ago, it would be a minor deal.

    if you want molina i think another is available.

    didnt i hear a rumor of 2 /12 for this guy and he signs for 1/4? either that was just his agent talking or the players really hate the mets. not that i can blame them.

    i am sure jeffy calling out his best player sends the warm fuzzies to all FA.

  11. Didn’t the Mets offer Molina about $500,000 more than the Giants? I guess he really likes eating at Lefty O’Doul’s restaurant (and a few others).

    I’m not disappointed. We’ve got enough mediocrities behind the plate.

  12. Steve and John (7)— are you both serious? In a park like Citi, with a very porous right side of the IF, whether it’s Murphy or Delgado paired with Castillo, just ask Pelfrey if it’s an asset to throw grounders.

    I like Luis, Carlos, AND Daniel, but not for their range. Maybe in a year or so, with Davis at 1B and a kid like Havens, Tejada or Flores at 2B, a GB pitcher will have some fun. For now, let ’em put it in the air or K.

  13. (17) Bill: I think youre not reading it correctly. I am certainly not pro-Piniero

  14. Hey, Bill. Haven’t seen you around these parts before. Welcome. You raise a good point about Castillo and Delgado on the right side of the infield.
    However, Pelfrey didn’t have a bad year because of the number of grounders hit to the right side of the infield. Pelfrey — when he wasn’t alternately balking and falling off the mound — walked plenty of hitters and gave up plenty of extra base hits along the way.