Jan. 17.10: Loose threads.

Loose Threads: What's on your mind?

Loose Threads: What's on your mind?

I think we might see the Mets do some things this week. Nothing major, of course, but some fill in stuff, like adding a journeyman outfielder to replace Carlos Beltran. Hopefully, perhaps one good enough to keep Fernando Martinez in the minors to tune his game.

John Smoltz is out there and he’s been linked to the Mets.

Also, there could be the long-awaited arrival of Bengie Molina. Please try to contain yourself when that does happen.

These, and any other Mets or baseball topics are on the table for Loose Threads. So are the NFL Playoffs or anything on your minds. I’ll be checking in especially during the Jets game, so if you have any comments during the game, please post away.


I’m going to hang around the house to watch the playoff games, and later on the season premiere of “24.”

54 thoughts on “Jan. 17.10: Loose threads.

  1. i have the viking game on while i am working. i get the impression that the vikes are pounding the boys and romo is not having a good day.

    i get that impression because i have not been able to pay attention.

  2. i wonder if the jets would be in a better position to win today if they had kept their qb.

    i wonder if the coaches would allow favre to play his game. was it friction between the sides or just the injury that caused him not to have a good year?

  3. In a couple of hours I will be heading to the sports bar to watch the game with my friend, another ny transplant.

  4. dave (12): Two picks in the third. They are in it. Can’t settle for FG at the start of the fourth. Very impressed with the Jets today. Have played their game. Wouldn’t it be something? -JD

  5. it looks like the interception was a miscommunication.

    the receiver just kept going. have to think it was on him.

  6. john they are in the drivers seat.

    they are up

    the d can do their thing and the offense can just run. make em stop the run.

    that is what the giants used to do.

  7. The thing I love about the NFL is the purity of the sport. None of that steroid nonsense to worry about.

  8. yeah. i know. but unless they become another team it aint happening.

    i gotta hand it to the jets. never thought they would make the playoffs. never thought they would make it the the afc championship

  9. John (29) thanks, I didn’t know you were blogging the game –

    Dave (30) good to see you here.

  10. John (31) Do you think the Colts are worried? Peyton didn’t seem to be quite himself last night – although he won the game.

  11. This is the first year I’ve ever really followed football at all and these playoff games are like the lead up to the Series = nerve-wracking.

  12. And the NY Jets move on to Indianapolis next Sunday at 3PM to play the Colts.

    You Gotta Believe – what a game that will be.

  13. john(31)
    shocked me.

    how is the colts line? both sides.

    i havent followed them. they built a good d a few years ago. they will need a good line to stop the jets d. unfortunately i was not able to watch the game. i get the sense that the jets d disrupted the bolts offense.

  14. Joe Benigno was at the game – he and Evan are doing a post game show on WFAN – he’ll be simply crazy tonight.

  15. annie

    good to see you.

    i dont know what the colts are like, but the chargers are a good team and they had it handed to them.

  16. Dave (51) I saw that too – also have heard that the Times will be charging for online material soon. Not sure what method or percentage they’ll use.

    I came late to the NFL, mainly because of the violence and fighting as though they were all still in Jr. High, but I do like most of the quarterbacks who are the brains, not the brawn.

    As for the Mets…….

  17. Annie,

    I heard something like that too. last year they enabled everything for free. they used to hold back for subscriptions, but they were not making the money i guess so they opened it.

    i guess it is the pull of advertising dollars vs. subscription dollars.

  18. Dave (53) I still subscribe to the NY Times and New Haven Register and the Hartford Courant on Sunday. It’s very convenient for me and I’m used to those newspapers (and crosswords) in my hands.

    However, I still haven’t forgiven Newsday for charging now for online stuff – they do good work there and I miss their columns.

    I do some writing and “a writer needs to read – constantly ” a quote from Stephen King.