Jan. 17.10: Force feeding F-Mart.

I don’t know what the Mets are going to do in center field, but I am hoping one of the options isn’t to force feed Fernando Martinez at the position.

MARTINEZ: Likely to be force-fed CF with Beltran out.

MARTINEZ: Likely to be force-fed CF with Beltran out.

Martinez, needs a healthy, uninterrupted season at Triple-A to get a better feel for his progress. We’ve heard a lot about his potential, but he’s been sidetracked by injuries. While with the Mets, he’s shown flashes but nothing warranting a full season in the majors.

But, I don’t think that will happen. He’ll probably be up here.

As much as I wanted them to go after Rick Ankiel – and I know of the opposition of that on this blog – it’s a long shot at best.

They’re likely to get a role player to share time with Angel Pagan, and, of course, Martinez.

11 thoughts on “Jan. 17.10: Force feeding F-Mart.

  1. It depends on the budget.

    If they want to win they should go out and get someone who can handle the position in the event carlos has longterm issues.

    if the want to hope and pray then they can do as you say.

    we shall see.

  2. Amegeza is a pretty good little ballplayer. Id offer him deal over ankiel who ive read wants no part of new york

  3. 2. Amezegga would have been a great pick up instead of Cora. Infield, outfield, pinch run, steal bases. I guess he doesn’t tell good jokes in the clubhouse. Even with Cora, Amezegga would indeed be a lot better choice than Ankiel.

  4. As of now, Beltran is scheduled to miss a month or so. Adding someone from outside now only means someone must be cut when Carlos returns.

    It won’t hurt Martinez (or Carter, the kid we got for Wagner) to get a 1-month taste of life at the ML level before returning to AAA in May. Angel will get most of the playing time in CF, anyway.

  5. 6. Sounds like a recording from last year…..”XYZ is scheduled to miss a few days, whoops we mean a couple weeks…..whoops we mean a month… our deadline deals are the return of our core players….. they’ll be ready by spring training……
    FMART had his taste of the SHOW. now he needs to be allowed to develop. Carter is a career AAA first baseman. Who plays centerfield if Angel tweeks a body part?

  6. John(3)


    This has been their plan for 4 years now.

    They get one or two players that are deemed critical. but the other needs are ignored.

    how they can ignore the rotation for 4 years now I have no idea.

    They brought in Pedro/Glavine/Johan, but they need a rotation around these guys.

    Pedro has always been hurt, Glavine was not a #1 and Johan is alone.

    We have had the same cast for 2 years now: Pelf/John/Ollie. Not one of them is consistent. How do you field a team when going into a season you do not have realistic expectations that the rotation you start the year with will be the rotation you have in october?

    There is hope that we sign Pineiro or Garland or someone, but that is a band aide.

    As we all know, there is no plan. That is Omar’s job and he has not had one in years. We now know that Jeffy has been pulling the strings, but Omar has had money to spend and he just does not know how to spend it.


  7. 7) Harry, there’s no concrete reason to believe that arthroscopic surgery will require a rehab period longer than a few months. If Angel gets hurt, F-Mart (whether on the 25-man or at AAA) can play the position. So can Jesus Feliciano. Even Francoeur in a pinch.

    The priorities are still pitching/catching. Spending $$$ on a veteran who will be pushed to the bench or released before June is just wastes resources.

    If we had evidence that Carlos will be out for most, if not all, of the season, that’d be different.

    But we don’t.

  8. 10. bill; I’m glad that there is still a person who believes what comes out of Met voices concerning players. I’d rather go on the errors on Maine being fine by last Spring, about Jose being day to day, about Beltran being day to dayt, about Delgado being back by July, about the manager anf GM claiming they didn’t know Santana had problmes in the Pring of ’09, about Perez problems being out of shape from the Wolrd Classic and not mentining his knee, about Francoer not being able to hurt his hand worse in his meaningless September play….I hope you are right but please don’t sound stunned if Carlos isn’t seen or heard from for a lot longer than whatever our beloved Met FO tells us!!!!!
    And really, if the Mets are so shallow that they can never let FMART have the time to develop then shame on the Mets. If he’s half as good as they have been advertising for years, then they better well let him have the time to develop if he is ever healthy enough to even get the chance.