Jan. 16.10: Can’t anybody around here communicate?

MINAYA: Said team didn't give OK.

MINAYA: Said team didn't give OK.

Mets GM Omar Minaya said things are good between the Mets and Carlos Beltran. Among other things, he did say he spoke with Beltran before the surgery, but didn’t OK the surgery.

He said there was no need for any side to apologize, but also said: “I did not say not to have surgery. What I said to him was, ‘I’m happy to hear there’s a plan in place, but we have to go through the protocol.’ He said the plan was to be operated on (Wednesday). At that point in time, I had not heard from my doctors on whether we had agreed to it or not. I didn’t tell him not to do it. I said as long as the protocol is met, that type of stuff.’’

So, the team endorsed the idea of surgery but didn’t OK it? Sounds muddled to me.

I’m thinking Beltran figures since he spoke with Minaya that he believes protocol was met. OK, so the Mets didn’t take out an ad to say go ahead and do it. But, since their was communication, they had plenty of opportunities to say NO, if they were uncomfortable. But, if they were uncomfortable why would they have sent the workers compensation papers needed for the surgery?

Either way, I wouldn’t be too quick to believe it’s paradise with Beltran and the Mets.

Meanwhile, the Diamondbacks designated Eric Byrnes for assignment. He is to make $11 million next year.


* FoxSports reported the Mets are in contact with free-agent Jerry Hairston Jr., who can play both the infield and outfield. Hairston, 33, hit .251 with 34 extra base hits in 131 games for the Reds and Yankees last season.

* On the arbitration front, John Maine avoided the process and signed a one-year deal worth $3.3 million plus incentives.

Also, Pedro Feliciano, Jeff Francoeur, Sean Green and Angel Pagan filed.

No surprises on any of that, as the Mets traditionally avoid the arbitration process.

12 thoughts on “Jan. 16.10: Can’t anybody around here communicate?

  1. I’ve had a busy week with the real world and not much chance to read about the Mets’ soap opera. However, I can’t recall any other team that obsesses over all the wrong things as they do – doesn’t an injured player deserve good health care and/or a prescribed operation?

    In comparison to what is going on in Haiti this week – where thousands are seriously injured and in need of basic human requirements for their survival – the Mets should have just kept their internal personnel business in house, not in headlines.

    If you’d like to help, the website is:

    Or you can always say a prayer.

  2. they should have just said that beltran had surgery and will be ready to resume activities in april.

    the other stuff is a meeting between the principals.

    the mets made yet another unnecessary media circus.

    then of course it does take our focus off the fact that we have no rotation..

  3. as for the rottaion, we have solved our problems.

    we have signed some guy named jonathan maine for a couple mil

  4. dave (2): I agree with you completely on how the Mets handled it. They let this balloon into controversy when it could have been avoided. If I’m a FA, I would be paying attention to this.-JD

  5. john(5)

    this is in politics all the time.

    someone there must have graduated from college or taken history.

  6. So, if we’re to believe Omar’s comments, then it would follow that he — as GM — doesn’t have the authority to approve a surgery unless it goes through “the protocol”? I take that, along with John Ricco’s running of the conference call, to suggest that this is the work of Jeffie.

    The other thing that struck me in this entire equation was the Mets’ statement that indicated Beltran had osteoarthritis. I bet there are other players in baseball with osteoarthritis, but I’ve never heard an organization use that term before. My guess is that this term was used to create the appearance (accurate or not) that Beltran has a serious, degenerative knee condition. And this, of course, begs the question: If the Mets are contending that the surgery was elective, why would they be using a term like osteoarthritis? Again, my guess is that this is a stab at Boras who, according to some reports, scheduled the surgery only after the Mets declined to discuss an extension for Beltran. Certainly, using the term osteoarthritis when discussing Beltran isn’t helping their position vis a vis his surgery.

  7. Oh — and the other thing I would mention: I don’t find it accidental that Omar is trying to distance himself from all of this by talking about vague conversations and “protocols.” In Omar’s line of work, there is a definite need to be seen as a honest merchant and a straight shooter with players and agents alike. Omar would be shooting himself in the foot if he were to be perceived as anything less than that with agents and players, especially if there’s a chance he’ll be looking for work within the next year.

    I think this is the type of spiteful work reflective of a guy who doesn’t understand baseball and doesn’t care whether he pisses off agents and players alike. And that doesn’t sound like Omar to me.

  8. The smartest Met is John Maine. He was on the MLB channel yesterday and when they asked him about the Beltran situation he wisely said “I don’t know anything about it”> Get it rest of the Met org.

    9. I agree 100%.

  9. (10) It also suggests why Wright, with his “Carlos needs to explain this to me” comments, isn’t ready to be the leader of this team.

  10. this morning i caught something on sny where omar and carlos talked and are cleared the air.

    the statement said omar had a conversation with carlos, that he did know about the surgery but had not approved it. that he did not want beltran to be the target of the teams ire anymore.

    to me this sounds as if our gm jeff wilpon froze out omar to have someone he trusts make the announcement that carlos and his agent are pieces of crap for having the surgery and that the team was upset and hinted at possible legal action.

    it took a while, but perhaps omar has diffused this situation that never should have been.

    if true, good for omar. if true is there a way we can trade the jeff to say the yankees? i hear they have a position for a meddlesome son/owner who has no clue.