Jan. 15.10: The bottom line.

Let’s forget about who is right or wrong in the Carlos Beltran fiasco. The bottom line is the Mets are without their best player, who has a degenerative condition, and with no guarantee of how he’ll perform if and when he returns.

All prognosis have to be met with skepticism.

The Mets aren’t equipped to replace Beltran, and as it has been pointed out, this adds the need to consider Carlos Delgado to offset the loss of power.

But, who plays center field?

If the Mets had no confidence with Angel Pagan in left field, they certainly don’t have confidence in him in center.

There’s not a lot out there left on the free agent market, but as I wrote several weeks ago, Rick Ankiel is available. He strikes out a ton, but he does hit for power and is very good defensively. If I’m Ankiel’s agent, I’m calling the Mets.

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  1. Good idea Delcos. Then if/when Beltran returns he can be moved back to pitcher and Warthen can fix him up in 15 minutes… Wait, wrong pitching coach, change that… when/if Beltran comes back we can trade Ankiel to Milwaukee and Peterson can fix him up in 15 minutes.

  2. Harry (1): OK … so when is Beltran coming back? I’m not placing much confidence he’ll be back before mid-May. Maybe longer. The guy can play center field and the Mets right now need one.-JD

  3. It is one thing to think of Pagan as a player for a year, it is quite another to see him as a replacement for a month. Personally I want no part of Ankiel roaming my OF.

  4. 2. I have to agree with James on this Delcos. You can’t as a franchise have as your plan to sign a FA every time there is an injury. Pagan should play, pick up a cheap guy with a decent glove as the 4th until Beltran comes back (a guy like Sullivan, there’s a ton of them around), or follow Sadecki’s advice and pick up Byrnes when he’s released. He’s minimum salary and at least he plays hard when he plays and isn’t poison like heffield, and leave FMART play in the minors and hope he stays healthy and blossoms.

  5. I don’t have a problem offering Ankiel a contract for a year at $2 mil if he’ll take it. He is an excellent defensive CF and I think that is important to have to at least spell Beltran when (if) he comes back. Byrnes would fit right in because he is always injured, otherwise the guy is living off one nice year in the hitters paradise known as Arizona. I’ll pass on him. Reed Johnson might be someone to look out for. I also read the Mets were interested in Jerry Hairston, Jr who would work well because he plays everywhere.

  6. 7. One nice year for Byrnes as a hitter, one nice year for Ankiel as a pitcher. Give me the hitter for minimum salary when the the D’Backs are going to cut him.

  7. (8) Ankiel had a fairly good year with the stick in 08 and for part of 07. The most important part is that he is an excellent defensive centerfielder, better (not by much, but still better,) than Byrnes. Byrnes highest OPS in the last two years he was healthy was .813. Ankiel’s was .843 in 08 and .863 in 07.

  8. 7/9/10: You are the one with the money concerns. you said you’d take him for 2 mil. So are you saying for 4 mil he doesn’t help the team? I kinda liked the days when fans said a guy would make a team better or not. It doesn’t seem to matter to fans now. The $$ is the concern. I was just trying to help you out since you are so worried about the Wilpon money. Byrnes would be a minimum salary, just like the great sign of last year. I would think you would be the first to jump on this potential opportunity to be the samll market team in the country’s biggest city.
    Why do we need a balanced lineup? That’s what tons of Met fans said would destroy the Phils last year. Too many guys hitting from the same side. What happened? Third straight divisional flag flying from their park.
    Seriously, you ain’t replacing Beltran with anything close. Pagan gets on base, hits some doubles. He can bat first. Reyes can bat third so his legs can be saved a little for the stretch run if there is one. Then you can leave everybody else alone. All you want is a backup. Ankiel to come and play he fills the same spot as a Francoer and a Molina would fit. He makes no sense. Three not very good hitters who can hit one out for you sometimes. That’s a horrible line up. You made more sense wanting LaRoche. At least he would have filled the Murphy slot with more power and better defense. Five thru 8. In any order you wish; Ankiel, Francoer, Molina, Murphy. Yuch!

  9. Here is an interesting thought (IMO) maybe the org wanted to keep beltrans injury quiet until they brought molina into the fold. they have now lost “hand” (Seinfild fans know) with bengie since the news has gone out. this can be included in any FA negotiations.

  10. (11) I’m signing Ankiel for his defensive prowess. You mentioned Byrnes and his hitting, but Ankiel is probably a better hitter. Money is an object which is why I wouldn’t give him more than 2 or 3 mil to be more or less a defensive replacement. And losing 2 to 3 mil if you need to release him if he is lousy, is not a big hit to take.

  11. (12) Nah, they wanted to keep Beltran’s injury quiet because they didn’t want to hurt any momentum for season tickets the Bay signing gave them. Also they kept it quiet because they are the most inept organization i’ve seen in quite sometime.

  12. By the way, I think it’s kinda funny that the D’Backs can release Byrnes and eat potentially $11 million dollars, but the Large market Mets can’t release Castillo and eat $12 million.

  13. 15. original, so right bring byrenss who is an all out player for almost free. than you can sign hudson and jettison castillo (who has no range) and now the door is open for cigar statue delgado. very good. i like it.

  14. (16) Ray: Why would I care if Byrnes is an all out player if he stinks? I lost that feeling for a player when the luster wore off Joe McEwing. The Mets should be thinking that way…if they can cut ties with Castillo and improve the defense with Hudson, then it will give Delgado or Murphy some help.

  15. 13. Defensive prowess you say. Then you should want Corey Sullivan. Fine defensive palyer and if you have to cut him your giving up far less. You continue to make no sense on Ankiel. As for Byrnes, never said anything about his hitting. You said he had one good year, I merely agreed. But he’s had more good years than Ankiel. With his only two seasons with a reasonable # of ABs he went all of 264 then 231. Byrnes has had 4 seasons with better averages than Ankiel’s best. Ankiel is at the plate not even a Dave Kingman wanna be. And Byrns even hit 20+ HRS 3 times while Ankiel has surpassed all of 11 one whole time.
    Ankiel’s best year was 2000 when he went 11-7 pitched with an ERA in the 3s and Kd well over a guy an inning. But you want him to be a hitter.
    Ankiel for 2 or 3 mil. You are being frivolous with Jeffy’s play dough.

  16. I don’t understand why Ankiel doesn’t make sense. Excellent defensively, can hit for some power, had a good year the year before last. Ankiel is still pretty new to the offensive side of baseball, certainly compared to Byrnes. As a matter of fact, Byrnes never had an OPS in one season as high as Ankiel’s .843 OPS in 2008. He’s a better fit than Byrnes would be, IMO.

  17. 20. Fine Steve O. Ankiel’s one what you call a good year is the salvation for the Mets OK. Why? A guy who has one year where he hits 260 and hits HRs in the 20’s. Its not like ’08 was his down year. His entire career has been a down year and one year was almost an average year. You can call it good if you want, but if Jason Bay matches Ankiel’s star season, everyone will be blasting him. Now I know why you like Church so much. You are too easily impressed by mediocrity.

  18. (20)Now now Harry, I never said he was the salvation. lol. He’s a better band aid than Pagan or Eric Byrnes.

  19. Omar on the Jolbert Cabrera signing: “He’s been injured the last couple of years, so he’s somebody we’re obviously interested in.”

  20. 23. OK, we have agreement that Ankiel is not the salvation! nor Pagan, nor Byrnes. I think you are just trying to razz me on this one.

  21. i think we need to sign a cf.

    someone who at least is solid with the glove.

    pagan is not the answer there. a day or 2 perhaps, but when he gets brain lock, throws to first when the runner is going to second or his usual stuff you will wish you had a real player out there.

    not sure if endy can still play, but i hear he is available.

  22. pls stop talking about delgado until he can prove he can actually play the position for a week without going on the dl