Jan. 14.10: Beltran undergoes surgery …. out 12 weeks.

BELTRAN: Out 12 weeks.

BELTRAN: Out 12 weeks.

Twelve weeks is roughly the beginning of the start of the season. It will also be the time when Carlos Beltran starts working out. Mid-April at best when he starts to play. The Mets announced late last night Beltran’s knee has gotten worse, he underwent surgery and it will be at least 12 weeks before he assumes baseball duties. Beltran had the surgery in Colorado by his own physician.

The Mets statement read: “Carlos Beltran had worsening of osteoarthritis of the right knee during the offseason. He had not been experiencing pain following the conclusion of the season and into his early offseason conditioning. The symptoms returned to the point where pre-spring training conditioning became too painful. He elected to undergo arthroscopic clean out of the arthritic area of his knee by Beltran”s personal physician Dr. Richard Steadman today in Colorado. He is anticipated to return to baseball activities in 12 weeks.”

The statement did not answer the following questions:

1) If Beltran’s knee was so bad why wasn’t surgery performed earlier?

2) Did Beltran apprise the Mets of his condition? If so, when?

3) If so, why was there a delay in surgery?

4) If Beltran did not inform the Mets of his condition, then why not?

5) Why does this stuff only seem to happen with the Mets?

Beltran suffered a bone bruise last June and was limited to only 81 games.

Believe me, fingers are going to be pointed in the coming days. This is inexcusable. If Beltran’s condition was a deterioration, then it was progressive and something should have been done earlier because somebody should have known. As an injured player, the Mets should at all times be aware of his progress.

This nonsense about “should be ready for spring training,” is nuts to me. They’ve got to examine him on a regular basis, and if Beltran was progressive, he shouldn’t been more diligent in informing his employer about his condition.

Neither Beltran nor the Mets look too sharp in this. So much for all the changes.

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48 thoughts on “Jan. 14.10: Beltran undergoes surgery …. out 12 weeks.

  1. JD, glad you posted this. Its interesting the photo you used has an empty stadium behind it. Mets fans can no longer Omars impotent and imbecelic running of this team. He must go right now.!! The players do not trust the medical staff and are now going to thier own Doctors. This has to stop right now. This is totally devastating news for mets fans and something has to change right now.

  2. Of course his knee has gotten worse. there were reports that he he had a microfracture back in the summer and yet they let him come back and play in meaningless september games. What a horrible and stupid organization we root for and spend money on. Its time to make a stand.

  3. Read this story in the Post.


    The continued bashing of the entire Mets medical staff makes no sense.

    Dr David Altchek the Mets team doctor is not the problem. He is highly regarded in baseball. Other teams send their players to him when it comes to shoulder problems.
    During the 2008 offseason he even did Marino Rivera’s shoulder surgery. If the Yankees trust him with their HOF player how is he a problem.

    As far as knee and hip problems Dr Steadman is the best in the business. His clinic in Vail is world famous. He did A-Rod’s surgery and he also did Rick Dipietro just to name a few.

    The bigger question is why was not this done months ago and what exactly was Scott Boras’s role in how this came down.

    Did the fact that Beltran was looking for a contract extension last summer cause him to delay surgery until he had no choice.

    This is a very messy situation.

    I want to know the whole story.

  4. On better news.

    MLB Trade rumors is reporting that the signing of Bengie Molina is very close.

    One more messy thought on Boras.
    If Beltran is out for a minimum of 12 weeks, if not longer.
    The best available CF free agent is Rick Ankiel.
    Who just happens to be a Boras client.

  5. 4. Gee, maybe Bengie can play center field. Signing anold fat has been when you lost your best player is a waste of time. So if tis team is ever healthy what will the lorons in the front office be doing. Gee, they’ll be looking for a catcher because the morons in charge have been in love with this guy for too long and can’t see past his oversized body. His catching skills are deteriorating, his offense is mediocre except for a few hRs and he’s gojn g to be given a bad contract. Pagan in CF for an extended period is going to be bad.

  6. These are the chickens coming home to roost. You can’t fly guys with concussions across the country; you can’t give guys cortisone shots for muscle tears; and you can’t simply defer to your medical staff when telling a player his knee doesn’t require surgery.

    The Mets’ medical staff continues to be a source of chaos, and hiring an administrative assistant for Ray Ramirez isn’t going to change that. Beltran’s decision here was more than an unexpected impact on the team’s W-L record — it was an embarrassment to the organization on the whole.

  7. Ray (1): The photo was taken at Washington. The symbolism is two-fold. This keeps on like this and Citi Field will be empty and, 2) the Mets won’t be any better than the Nationals. … The surgery makes it clear the players don’t trust the medical staff.-JD

  8. Scott (3): Boras will be dragged into this, but what’s in it for him if his client has surgery and misses part of the season. That’s not going to help with any extension. This should have been done last season instead of bringing him back.-JD

  9. I am more than a little flabbergasted at this and very down on the team as a whole here. I am not quite cliff jump ready as Ray seems to be, but this episode speaks volumes about Beltran, the Mets and the way Beltran feels about Mets management. This is going to make some waves.

    My guess is Fatcessa will be pulling off the kids gloves this afternoon, he has to be chomping at the bits to rip into this one. By the end of his show the pitchforks will be out in full force.

  10. JamesSC (12): Boras told the AP this was necessary surgery. From what I can make of it so far, the Mets were kept in the dark on some aspects and that’s on Beltran and Boras. …. The Mets shouldn’t have forced the issue and should have been more proactive in having their doctors look at Beltran during the offseason.-JD

  11. And the nightmare continues. With the D-Backs stealing Adam LaRoche for $4 million, this guarantees that Delgado is coming back. It also guarantees that Manuel will get more leash if the Mets get off to a bad start because they have a built in excuse. Also, if anyone thinks this surgery is going to automatically cure Beltran, you got another thing coming. With the Mets luck, he’s going to need the microfracture surgery too. If I was the Mets, I would be looking at a longer term solution. Offer Ankiel $2 million to play CF, at least he can handle it defensively.

  12. Comments on Delcos’ questions….
    1. You ask why wasn’t suregery performed sooner? The question is why doesn’t the Mets still think surgery was needed? Was it needed? He’s in pain for over half a year but the Mets still oppsed surgery. Isn’t that the problem?
    2. From what’s being written Beltran did keep th Mets informedof his pain.
    3. See one. You are assuming it took too long yet the Mets are pised that it was done at all…
    5. What can one say?

    Delcos’ # 9. If Beltran had given up on rehabbing the knee and the Dr in Colorado gave him odds on recovery with or without surgery, and he picked surgery hoping to be able to play 100% eventually then it was best for Boras and Beltran to have Beltran become 100% some time before his contract expired. What value does he get on next contract if he playes ’10 hurt and ’11 rehabbing from surgery. There is no beneficiary to having him play hurt and then being disabled againin’10. Apparently the Mets disagree. Nobody can prove the other wrong or self serving. But Beltran’s history with this injury gives solid reason why he’d give up on rehabbing and go the surgery route.

  13. 14. Laroche took 4 mil? Either the Giants offer was just a bad rumor or he has the worst agent in baseball. I would be as surprised as you if Delgado doesn’t return. So there will be a 1B who can’t move with bum legs, a CF who is a backup or one who can’t run well and a new catcher who can’t run as fast as most people walk. Then if not hurt, FMART will be rushed again this year, so he can’t develop properly, Thole will be brought up when one of the old catchers gets hurt so he doesn’t develop….. and the Mets stay the same mess again.

  14. 14 Steve
    LaRoche turned down bigger contracts from the Giants (2 yrs 17 mil )and Orioles. Maybe even the Braves back in November.
    How is this a nightmare to the Mets.

    btw the rumor earlier this winter was Jason Bay wanted no part of the Giants

    It seems no one want to play for the Giants.

    I guess the Mets are not the only team with a problem.

  15. 3. Scott, Its great that altchek is a great shoulder guy. Beltrans problem is his knee. What other team uses an arm specialist to diagnose leg injuries? Reyes now Beltran. OMAR MUST GO!! what a freaking moron he is. I bet they used this arm doctor to diagnose Churchs concussion too.

  16. 9 JD
    I will never trust Boras.
    He should be questioned about his motives.

    If the surgery was necessary why did Boras wait until after he signed Holliday with the Cardinals.

    Very simple.
    The Beltran situation would have weakened Boras ability to get the length of contract he was able to obtain for Holliday from the Cardinals.

    It is easy to pick on the Mets but no one want to pick on Boras.

    If you pick on Boras you may never get access to the players he represents.
    If you are a sportswriter this would severely curtail your ability to do your job.

  17. 18 Ray
    The point I was making is that the Mets medical staff has a very well qualified doctor at the top.
    I have no idea and neither do you who Altchek
    may have consulted about Beltran’s knee injury.
    To say he did not consult anyone is just not fair.

    For all you know he did consult Steadman.

    And to assume the Mets do not have a excellent knee specialist on their staff is also not fair.

    Steadman is best in the world.

    I have no problem with his choice of doctors just the way Boras and Beltran handled the situation.

  18. 19. You really are off base by 100% by blaming Boras for delaying surgery to Beltran when if you would read what is being said you would know that the team that pays Beltran’s salary was and is still AGAINST the surgery. Why don’t you ask your beloved Met front office why they have screwed with this guy’s leg for almost a year and have the same failed answer still. Boaras works for Beltran. Why does he need to help the Wilpons anyway. Does it hurt that much to have a guy be succesful making workers wealthy instead of keeping leeches like Jeffy Wilpon too wealthy?

  19. 20. Scott, I disagree. It is fair to assume the medical staff dont know what they are doing when every injury is misdiagnosed. The other explanation is that the docs are giving the organization the correct info, but mutt and jeff dont want to hear it and would rather push the players out there to break down like an old car. As for steadman, the reports i am seeing say beltran went there on his own and thats why the mets front office are miffed. What players are going to want to come play for this dysfunctional team?

  20. 21 Harry
    Boras only cares about one thing with Beltran.
    His next contract.
    The fact is if Beltran were to miss all of 2010 and be completely healthy for 2011 this would fit Boras agenda perfectly. Since he would be healthy for his walk year.

    Regarding Beltran what would you have done.

    If this is season ending surgery it would not have mattered if he had done it October or January. He would be missing the whole season.

    All I will say is better now than in May.
    At least the Mets still have some options available in the free agent market.

  21. 22 Ray
    My last thought on the subject of the medical staff.

    I believe the doctors are not the problem.

    It could be the trainers it is also possible that players don’t take the advice given to them by the team.

    Most players have their own personal trainers or doctors who could be giving advice that is different then what the team gives.
    This advice may cause more harm.

    Do you really believe we will ever know the real truth.

  22. 23. Well Scott, you have described a guy who is doing his job! What do you want for an employee…. a guy working for someone else’s best interests?

  23. (17) Scott: The Nightmare…are the Mets in general. LOL. My reference to LaRoche is that he would be the perfect fit for the team and he was had at a very reasonable price.

  24. I truly believe that Beltran tried doing it the Met way, and when it failed (as usual,) it was the last straw for him. I don’t blame him at all for having the surgery. B.T.W…the Phills announced that Brad Lidge had knee surgery the other day. How dare they wait that long?

  25. Also, you can say what you want about Boras looking at Beltran’s next contract, well even with surgery that knee isn’t going to be able to handle the rigors of everyday wear and tear in CF as he gets older. Without him being a CF I think his value drops quite a bit.

  26. There are new reports out there that say not only were the Mets on board with the surgery, but they consented to PAY for it too. And the circus continues.

  27. “Ricco said the team told Scott Boras they would like to discuss Steadman’s diagnosis and have a third opinion, but Beltran had the surgery before the Mets had a chance toget that third opinion, and that is the only thing the team has an issue with.”

    It’s very hard rooting for this team. I’m sure if they got a 3rd opinion and that one said for him to have surgery, they would have been upset that they didn’t get a chance to have Beltran get a 4th opinion. They make me sooo friggen mad.

  28. It shouldn’t have been that difficult for Boras/Beltran to give the Mets the time for a third opinion. …. The Mets say they had been monitoring Beltran’s progress during the offseason.-JD

  29. 31. Delocs.. The Mets have a bogus beef and you are falling for it. The Mets didn’t send him anywhere for a second opinion. They knew his kknee was bad since way before Christmas and they didn’t send him for another opinion. It was fine with them for him to exercise it forever. But then they suddenly wanted a third opinion when Beltran got the shits of their crap. Its pure BS.
    Maybe the Mets can do a good job and have the contract nullified. good luck signing guys for now on Wilpon. Jeff Wilpons Mets continue to be the laughing stock of baseball.

  30. (31) JD: From owneership down, the team has ZERO credibility. Like I said I just can’t put it past them that they wanted to get other opinions until they found the one that suited their feelings.

  31. 34. Got it. It wasn’t there when I started banging the keyboard!!! Delete 31 like our bad posts LOL!

  32. 38. Dave,So Mets dont trust minaya to do press conferences now? What an embarrassment. What value does he bring? Signing free agents? It looks like one of best ones he made is gone sour now. tick tock indeed.

  33. Ray,

    That was the comment on that link and yes, it is surprising that the face of the team is not making the public comments about the Mets premier player.

    Last year his PR appearances were pretty bad. They could have had Horowitz do it but chose the asst gm instead.

  34. 42. You mean the next GM, and on it goes..
    I hope the Dbags have a good year cause im really getting tired of this.

  35. Total screwup on everyone’s part, no doubt.
    But — and I can’t believe I’m saying this — look on the bright side:
    1) Delgado now almost certainly will be brought back to compensate for the loss of Beltran’s power
    2) The Mets didn’t trade away the very capable No. 2 hitter and backup CF, Angel Pagan and now figure to use him in center until Beltran can play.
    3) That this worsening of an existing injury didn’t happen to Johan Santana, K-Rod or any other pitcher the Mets are counting on, given the weak state of the pitching staff.

  36. Ray (41): Both Minaya and Wilpon should have been available for conference calls. It doesn’t matter where they are. It was a conference call. They should have been on. … Minaya doesn’t carry himself well all the times when he speaks and it would have made a bad situation worse.-JD

  37. 40. That’s right Dave. The Marlins signed Josh Johnson to a 4 year deal today. All those guys citing the list of great free agents next year can start shortening the list.
    46. You mean the press conference that never hsould have been. I used to thin the it was the managaer that likes to throw their guys under the bus in public. I was wrong. It must be a directive from the top. There was no other purpose to today than try to embarrass the player. Too bad, the Mets only embarrassed the Mets.

  38. 47

    yep read that just now. too bad. we could have swapped him for the guy we drafted last year.