Jan. 13.10: What’s left isn’t good, but ….

Who’s remaining in the free-agent pitching market isn’t good, and it seems as if the Mets are thinking who they currently have is better.

The Cubs want Ben Sheets and appear willing to spend the $12 million or so it would take to get him. He’s good when he’s healthy, worth the coin, but there’s no guarantees he’ll hold up. Ditto with Mark Mulder, who’s talking with Milwaukee.

The Mets waited for the market to come back to them on Joel Pineiro and the pricing might well have. So has the competition to get him: Los Angeles, St. Louis and Washington are linked to him as well as the Mets. Washington also has interest in Doug Davis. Can’t imagine the Nationals getting both, but what if?

That leaves us Jon Garland, Erik Bedard, Jarrod Washburn, John Smoltz, Mike Hampton (been there done that), and Chien-Ming Wang.

There are flaws with all of them, just there are flaws with the Mets rotation, which now has four arms, three of them coming off surgery (Santana, Perez, Maine). They’ll liable to get Garland as their No. 5 and call it an offseason.

18 thoughts on “Jan. 13.10: What’s left isn’t good, but ….

  1. I would think Piniero is more likely than Garland who really wants to stay out west. I actually like the idea of Washburn out of that group although I am not sure he wants to play in this type of media market.

    I hope we also pick up someone like Wang or Bedard to have a high upside to go with Washburn/Piniero.

  2. Upside? When does this upside go away. How about when the guy will start the season at 31 years old, and has never pitched 200 innings, has won more than 6 games all of twice in his career. Hmm, sounds like Bedard to me. LOL…

  3. (4) Gil: Why? What makes him so essential to you? He is coming off a good year, yes…but the year before he had a 5.15 ERA, not to mention his awful ERA’s for Seattle the few years previous to it. I won’t be crying if they don’t sign the guy.

  4. Garland’s about as good as Pineiro. Pineiro may have pitched a little bit over his head last year, he was never as good before.

  5. Beltran’s osteoarthritis in his right knee got worse over the winter and he had the operation done without the Mets blessing and they are threatening some kind of action.

  6. The updates are on metsblog.com. I remember during the season last year when I posted the microfrater news from lisa i forget last name on the fan. Omar and med staff are to blame once again 12 weeks recovery at best. I cant take this anymore. Mets are mad because he made this decision without mets approval. Now how does next year look? better wake up blog administator before you are a day late and a dollar short once again.

  7. i cant believe this. i really cant. how do the mets always come off as disfunctional…..i dont know if its worth investing more money and clogging payroll on the team for this yr…(maybe pitching)..maybe let the team come out and play and see what we have this yr while waiting for a the good free agent class next yr.

    I hope carlos surgery was successful and that he doesnt miss much of the regular season, if they know he’ll be back then invest until then stand pat and look not just to the season but to the future

  8. I hope somebody will wake up our fearless leader who likes to delete posts that may upstet children with breaking news. Maybe we will see a post tomorrow by noon.

  9. This surgury could have been done six months ago. Omar must go. Wilpons must go. Sign molina now you idiots. the year is already done. Its boycott time.

  10. 15. Sorry you think its a cheap shot, you know I am the watchdog around here. I am glad that you are here. What comments would you like to share. I brought a comment from a wfan annoucer exactly what has just happend when the season was still on rubinstein was her name I am pretty sure. Maybe is time to start a new thread.

  11. 15. btw. I may be wrong but I am sure that my little barbs have gotten you here more than you used to be. I hope you can call it constructive criticism