Jan. 13.10: Delgado update.

Word is Carlos Delgado is hitting the ball in Puerto Rico, but not running the bases. He was replaced by a pinch-runner the other day. Can bringing him back really turn out good? I’ve said they shouldn’t, but over the past week have been waffling on whether they would.

I think they should say thanks Carlos and good luck in Baltimore or Toronto.

3 thoughts on “Jan. 13.10: Delgado update.

  1. if he cant run then he is injured.

    not much different than the past 3 years.

    i think we sign him.

    note i did not say we should.

  2. If he can’t run well, he should cost less to sign. Maybe a MnL deal, starting off in rehab/EXST, making a decision later.

    If he makes it back, great. If not, nothing lost.

  3. If he cant run he should go to a team with a DH, I would agree with John on this, but the question is do we know he can’t run well or are we hearing that from somewhere. We will pinch run for Delgado late in the game for an important run, it is very different if he CAN’T run the bases and the team is just deciding to run for him because of the situation.