Jan. 12.10: Pineiro market falling.

At one time, Joel Pineiro was seeking three years at $10 million a season. One published report had the Mets in it for $15 million over two years – with an inevitable option – which is far more palatable. Considering Pineiro’s history – don’t forget, he’s only a handful of games over .500 for his career – this is a more realistic starting point.

Meanwhile, Ben Sheets, a reclamation project, is thinking about a one year deal for $12 million, with the Cubs interested. Sheets might turn out all right, but he might not, also, and he’s too big a risk for the Mets.

12 thoughts on “Jan. 12.10: Pineiro market falling.

  1. I’d still prefer Garland over Piniero. Garland is a horse and still might come cheaper. But if what I read is correct and he wants to play on the West Coast, then Piniero I guess would be better than nothing. IF the Mets can sign Garland or Piniero, then Sheets becomes much less of a risk to take for the Mets.

  2. This feels like the Steve Phillips era all over again. only getting the dregs and when a player does shine he’s sold to the highest bidder or played out to the point he starts sucking like the rest of the team. leaves and becomes a star again because he is no longer dealing with imbeciles.
    I am venting.. so don’t start quoting numbers or inaccuracies.
    Thanx ..

  3. trust me if i was still living in brooklyn. i would have to be out of the country to miss a cyclones game. 😉
    smart – @ss

  4. I am glad his numbers are dropping. Garland or Piniero is fine although it seems as if Piniero might be a bit better.

    If one of those is signed I would like to get Wang/Sheets on a 2 year deal for next year.

  5. SteveC

    The FA market for pitchers is slim. Just like the past 4 years.

    You get what you need(tm). These guys are the best of the lot.

    We have no minor league guys to bring up, and we have no one to trade to get something better.


  6. dave- i said i was venting. i know. i checked the farm remember thats why i am upset.
    but some of the cyclone kids. man if they could just get some seasoning.. 😉

  7. 7. Steve C. Do you realize how far from the big leagues Brooklyn is. They are the third level of A ball. They are lower than Buffalo, Binghamton, St. Lucie and Savannah. In addition the Mets, since creating the Freddy fantasy in Brooklyn, have always put some guys at a lower level then they should be at to make old Freddy happy he has a winning team in Brooklyn. To take the stats of Brooklyn players and think they are the saving grace to the Mets is really wishful dreaming. Maybe a few will see the show but if more than one or two become solid big league players would be really outstanding.

  8. (9) Harry: “Maybe a few will see the show but if more than one or two become solid big league players would be really outstanding”

    You described almost every farm system on every major league team

  9. 10. Corrct Steve the O. Even tho the Mets are forced to misplace guys to make the owner happy, guys from half season A ball don’t regularly make it from anywhere. I guess my criticism of ole Freddy made it seem the Mets are unique. Not the intent.