Jan. 12.10: Mets and Molina getting closer.

With reports catcher Bengie Molina is willing to take a two year deal (FOX Sports made the report), it enhances his chances of being signed by the Mets. If signed, he’ll share time with Henry Blanco which would enable Josh Thole to play at Triple-A.

If signed, the Mets have upgraded their offense with Molina, Jason Bay and Jeff Francoeur. However, they still have not upgraded their rotation.

3 thoughts on “Jan. 12.10: Mets and Molina getting closer.

  1. Thole needs at least 2 years in the minors.

    I think getting Benjie is really a minor thing. They said Schneider was really going to help the pitchers. Most had good quotes of him, but they had bigger issues than the catcher. We still do.

  2. give thole time in AAA

    molina hits for power but his numbers are actually rather similar to what our catchers provided last yr

    i believe i said at the end of the season that molina would sign with us with minaya doing his best to sign another veteran 4 years too late…i like “that he handles a staff great” but not being to get on base and being possibly the worst baserunner in baseball is not very appealing….2 yrs MAXIMUM for him and im still a bit leery of a team with injury problems signing an again catcher

  3. FYI – David Wright will be on YES/WFAN in studio with Mike Francesa this afternoon at 2:15PM.