Jan. 11.10: A call to arms.

I had a Poll request over the weekend as to whom should the Mets target to improve their pitching. There are some decent arms, and some risks out there. There’s nobody, however, that cries out, “Sign me, sign me.”

Here’s the main names on the list: Joel Pineiro, Jon Garland, Doug Davis, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz, Ben Sheets, Chien-Ming Wang and Erik Bedard.

The Mets are talking with Smoltz and still are considering Pineiro.

So, who do you want?

Post your comments here and vote in the poll.

31 thoughts on “Jan. 11.10: A call to arms.

  1. I like Arroyo too, but there isn’t much difference IMO between him and Jon Garland especially for the $$$ differential. So I like Garland and Smoltz. I love the idea of a flyer on Sheets or Bedard , but I don’t know if Bedard is a fit in NY

  2. John – I’d like to see both Chien-Ming Wang and Jon Niese, but I’ve heard that they are not physically ready – what’s wrong with them?

  3. (3) Annie: Niese blew out his hamstring in a start last year. But he is expected to be ready for Spring Training. As far as Wang goes, he has surgery on his shoulder in July and i’m pretty sure those things take close to a year before a pitcher is ready to get back on the hill. Last I heard though was that he was supposed to be ready sometime in May.

  4. In a perfect world i would get Piniero and Garland while signing Wang/Sheets for the future.

    If Piniero sticks with his demands get Garland.

    Then try and get Wang/Sheets on a two year deal so they have 1/2 to 1 year to heal and either the back half of the year or next to be useful.

  5. Steve (4) Thanks for the information – I thought Wang was further along in his recovery. I’ve always liked him as a pitcher for his presence on the mound and in the clubhouse.

    Had no idea about Niese’s injury – last game I saw him in was in Florida on a sunny Sunday, where he pitched a complete game to a very small crowd.

  6. bronson arroyo is an interesting name….harry who do you think we would have to give up to get him from the reds…with them droppin 30 mil on chaoman they need to dump arroyo and/or harang

    i like pineiro but at around 8 mil a yr so i dunno if we can grab him

    jon heyman says mets are interested in washburn…dont love him but if the mets are simply looking for an innings eater with solid stuff i guess he could work (although he has had his fair share of injuries)

  7. with johan, maine, pelf, perez…that is 4 locked in starters…now id rather see them sign someone w/ hugh upside (bedard etc) and an innings eater (pineiro, who has good stuff) but it seems 4 are locked in

  8. jim(9)

    Please explain how johan,maine,pelf,perez are 4 locked in starters?

    Yes, I am sure those 4 ( not in that order ) will be lined up opening day.

    Will the same be true 2 months later?



  9. 8. Why would signing Chapman require them to dump Arroyo/Harang? They are paying him 3 mil a year for 10 years. Hardly the need to dump 10-15 mil. As far as who to deal for Arroyo. Where do the Reds need kids? I know nothing about their farm but I know it wouldn’t be Castillo or Murphy!

  10. 2. I like your idea, original. Garland is not great, but a solid innings eater and his demands seem more in touch with reality than pieneros. Sign him for the five spot. Add smoltz for bullpen help and possible insurace if a starter goes down. I will vote garland for now.

  11. 10 dave- thats what i meant by locked in…i meant opening day…the mets wont sign several starting pitchers bc of the fact they have those 4

  12. 12. harry- from what i have read the reds have wanted to dump harang or arroyo all offseason and drop some payroll…adding chapman cant help that situation any.

  13. 10 dave- 2 months into the season you could easily argue that the only starter standing could be johan….but i think perez bounces back to 10+ wins. Pelfrey NEEDS to get off to a good start for his confidence and well john maine, i dunno what to say other than i hope.

    its always a worry when you have no number 3 pitcher let alone a #2…johan and three #4s as of now IMO

  14. 17. The Pirates hired a mental coach. Maybe they can loan him to the Mets starting pitchers.

  15. jim (17)

    why do you have confidence in ollie and not maine?

    they have different issues, but both are unproductive.

    I think if Maine is healthy that he is more likely to help than Ollie who from pitch to pitch you don’t know where he is.

  16. 18. harry- haha i was unaware of that….wasnt rick petersen both of those things?

    19 dave- i like maine and his rising fastball but i dont feel he has shown even a 2nd pitch in the majors consistently…if he can harness a 2nd pitch i think his sneaky fastball would obviously be more effective…also his 2 yrs of injuries

  17. steve(22)

    Dillon Gee was someone to watch. He didnt do well last year. It is early to look at their lineup. There will be new players in AA this year.

  18. Actually, if you look at the farm today it is better than in the past 2.

    We have Niese and FMart who could play today baring injuries. Ike Davis and Thole who can help soon.

    there is a guy niewenhous or something like that who is making noise. he is a cf who they say can do 20hr and hit doubles who might be able to play soonish. there are some young guys who are moving up.

    still not deep. but it is better. we have no one in the top 30 though.

  19. #17 I think it is as unlikely for all three of Pelfrey, Maine, Perez to completely falter as it is for all three to have outstanding years. It is much more likely that 1-2 of them falter significantly and 1 seperates himself and has a standout year. (Even if that one is half one player and half another :)). Which is why I think our biggest target this offseason should be a solid dependable 210+ inning 3rd starter. I think we will get a number 2 from one of those three and the other two will fluctuate around in 4/5 holes which won’t kill us. If we have a dependable 3rd starter we can hand the ball to every fifth day and keep us in the game for 6-7 innings and eat some innings and win some games the rotation is much more managable. Of course, if you told me last year we would have all the injuries we would have I would have told you that was impossible too.

    Lets face it, if Pelfrey wins 6 games next year, Maine is injured and Perez is impersonating Ankiel again then next season will be lost no matter what we bring in as we can’t rebuild our rotation this offseason.

  20. it isnt can’t they won’t rebuild.
    I said it before the only way to rebuild is to show M&M the door.
    (minaya & manuel – in case no one got that )

  21. 26

    none of the pitchers you mention is a #2. a #2 is dependable.

    none of them has ever been dependable. until they can show otherwise they are all 4/5 type pitchers.

    as far as injuries the following players have shown to be injury prone


    basically the top half of your lineup is a friend of the dl.

    why is it a surprise that they embrace their friend?
    the fact that they all do it at the same time is just bad luck.

    i would not call it impossible.

    this is the roster that the gm built.

    before that we had alou.

  22. Alou added a spark and people stepped up. but then our friend DL showed up.
    This is the hand the mets have been dealt until we get a new dealer this is our team.

  23. steve

    yes, but my point with this team is our GM goes out and gets players who like to sit on the pine because they cannot play full time.

    then the fans, the managers and the gm complain that the team is hurt so they could not perform up to expectations.

  24. agreed. its NO Vaughn all over again. didnt we get rid of a GM for that move?

    Also seems like we lost a manager for less than what has happened the last year and a half.

    We have become the sunset team. when players need a break from playing they join the team when they are ready to play they leave and get back on target.