Jan. 10.10: Loose Threads.

It’s really quiet this morning. There’s nothing new going on today with the Mets’ pursuit of pitching, so my attention is turning to the NFL playoffs. How about those Jets? At least for one more week, Rex Ryan is right.

I do like Mark Sanchez. Classy thing to see him chase down Marvin Lewis to shake his hand. You don’t see that too often.

If you want to post something about the NFL, go ahead. Have a thought on the Mets or something in MLB? Feel free.

Whatever you do, have a good day. I’ll be back later if there’s breaking news. And, I’ll have more baseball for you tomorrow morning.

Best, JD

43 thoughts on “Jan. 10.10: Loose Threads.

  1. I thought Andy Reid was a class act after the game. He said the boys outcoached and outplayed the birds and wouldn’t knock any of his guys. Just said it was a team effort. Could you see Jerry Manuel doing that? Nope. He’d have ripped guys one by one and never take an ounce of blame.

  2. I think that was a breakout game for Sanchez. They need to find him a reciever who doesnt drop touchdown passess all the time. With their defense and thier running attack they could be a dangerous team. Keep talking smack, Rex. Looks like you got the jets believing.

  3. JD,

    Thanks for posting this.

    It changes the boring topic that has been running this site for the past few days.

  4. I missed the Jet game yesterday. I understand it was not a bad game.

    Does anyone see the Jets getting to the next round?

  5. Vlad signs a one year for 5. I assume this sets the standard for Delgado.

    The pitchers report in about a month. Does this mean we will sign one of the 3 pitchers and possibly Molina before then?

    Do we get Wang/Sheets on a cheap 2 year deal?


  6. Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman has landed a $30M deal with an as yet unnamed NL team…

  7. I had to get away from the TV – the Patriots haven’t showed up yet. 21-0 not a pretty sight.

  8. Great day for the Jets and their fans.
    Will the Jets win next week, not likely but hey
    Arizona made the Super Bowl last year so anything is possible.

    Maybe the Jets finally have the right coach for the first time since Parcells.

    This time last year the Jets were mocked and ridiculed for the way they conducted their coaching search.

    Not holding my breath waiting, but quite a few members of the media as well as a few radio guys and a lot of Jet fans owe Woody and Mike an apology.

  9. Scott (13) I was watching Mike Francesa’s football show this morning when Joe Benigno called him up. Joe is a long time Jets fan and Mike is not – however, Mike said to Joe that he would pay his expenses to go out to the next game if WFAN would not. Guess Mike is coming back to earth.

  10. Annie (14)

    Joe Benigno is a huge Jet fan or as he refers to himself “A long suffering Jet fan”

    My favorite Joe Benigno story is when he used to do the overnight on WFAN.

    I don’t recall the year or the Jet loss.
    All I remember is that it was a really bad loss. Too many to remember.

    He began his show with the following comment.
    As best as I remember it was something like this.
    “Jet fans whatever you do, please do not let your kids grow up to be Jet fans. Let them root for another team. It is just not worth the pain.”

    I know it does not transfer very well to the blog, but if you were a Jet fan listening that day you would remember forever

  11. Scott (13) I too have been with WFAN since the beginning and remember Joe on the overnights – this story sounds so much like him – thanks for writing about it.

  12. Ray (2): Tremendous game by Sanchez. They let him throw and he came up big. It looks like they’ll be in San Diego next week. Warmer weather. I wonder if they’ll have the same game plan. … I do see them thinking they need to run to keep Rivers/Manning off the field.-JD

  13. (19) JD: The more I think about it, the more I want Omar to focus on Adam LaRoche for 1st base instead of Delgado. With Huff signing with the Giants that takes one more team out of the running for a first baseman. LaRoche can give the Mets excellent defense at 1b and also provide lefty pop as well. I think he would be perfect if he would accept a one year deal with a club option for 2011.

  14. So the Post Gazette says the Pirates ae sniffing around Church. Church in right and Milledge in left! Or a Milledge/Church platoon. Interesting destination for both.
    20. Adam LaRoche…. A guy who has chased off many teams with his demands. He has played well in Atlanta. His problem is he gets off to horrible starts, but then he plays the second half like he’s a star. He’ll eventually take a one year deal with hopes for a better market next year. I agree with you, I’d rather have a 20+ HR guy with a good glove than a 38 year ?.
    Then they wouldn’t have this need for a Molina at C who’s too old to be counted on behind the plate. But this all would necessitate thinking by the Met front office instead of their normal fixation on certain guys.

  15. (21) Harry: So true about the front office. Even though I think Omar has done a real good job this offseason, they certainly seem to fixate on some people without looking at the bigger picture. I also figured you’d enjoy the Church/Milledge Pirate outfield. lol

  16. Scott from Pelham (15) I’m listening to Benigno and Roberts right now – I’ll bet it’s going to be ‘all Jets’ on their show this week.

  17. 24. The Giants offered him 17 mil for 2 years and he said No. Then the Giants said screw you and signed someone else. He’s starting to look like the Abreu of ’10.

  18. John – I see you have Pedro Martinez in your poll. Yes he is still young enough to pitch, but he brings so much more to the game just by his presence. Is there any chance at all that we will see him in a Met uniform this season?

  19. (27) Annie: I hope to goodness that the answer is NO.

    (24) Dave: Harry explained it above. But now with the market drying out of teams needing first basemen, he should be able to be had on the cheap. If I was Omar i’d offer him a one year deal for 6 mil with a team option for another 6 mil for 2011.

  20. 22. Well, the dream outfield is official. Milledge and Church together. Don’t see Church being a regular. Only Omar saw him as that. If Jones is moved to first and Tabata isn’t deemed Pirate ready then he’ll play until Tabata comes up. Otherwise he’ll fight Milledge for time. Must have been his only offer.

  21. #30 I think Church had a chance to be a dependable guy if it wasn’t for the injuries that took a lot out of him. Not all star material, but I could have seen 280 20 80 from him with a 350 OBP and 450 SLG.

    Those head injuries and all the bouncing around has killed him though

  22. 31. Only Met fans saw a player with those numbers. He was, is, and always will be at best a 4th outfielder or a platoon guy. Man, you guys must’ve really hated Milledge.

  23. (31) Harry: It’s not fair. He was doing very well for the Mets when he got the concussion, so you can’t make a judgement on him. Not to mention even you yourself admitted last year how the Mets screwed with him when they signed Sheffield.

  24. Harry, Church put up those numbers as a 28 year old OF for the Nats the year before and was on pace to crush those numbers before the injuries. You are rather underrating him IMO.

  25. 34/35. Sure guys, the Mets screwed with him. But James you overlook the fact that the Nats used him as a part time player. The Braves used him as a part time player. Nobody in baseball thinks of him as anything but a part time player, except Omar once did. Numbers are always squewed in a part time role when not forced to play against guys you can’t possibly hit. And Steve the O. I did say he was mis used by the Mets which is fact, but I always said he was nothing close to a regular. This was from the day he became a Met, not after his injuries. Two months does not make a career. If a short term result was one Mike Jacobs would be the HR king based on the great month he had for the Mets. But he’s not, he’s a below average ballpalyer.

  26. #37. How is 144 games and 530 at bats using him as a part time player? He had been used in part time up until that point, but the numbers I stated is just what he did in a full season at age 28.

    The fact that you underrated him the day he came on and continued to afterwards does not make it true. He was a plus defender who could hit 280 with 15-20 hrs and a 350 OBP, that is not all star numbers but it is not “Nothing close to a regular”

  27. #36 atleast we seem to be moving in the right direction with a B for 2008. Can’t disagree at all with the picks for the other years though.

  28. Wait, that didn’t come out right, I meant the grades for the picks from those years not the picks themselves :)

  29. 38. Thanks for the entertaining post James. It seems one can yank the chain of Ryan Church fans seemingley forever. And two, what did Omar and the Church following see in him that nobody else in baseball ever saw? And never will see. Want to make a wager on Churchy seeing his 600 plate appearances to get his incentives fulfilled?

  30. 36. Dave, Thanks for the link. One good draft out of four is not acceptable. the 2009 draft looks like a stinker at this point as well. Keep beating the drum on church, Chiti. At least 2 good months is more than your boy milledge has been able to manage so far.