Jan. 9.10: Please ….

We had a pretty good post the other night on the Mets’ prospects. A lot of good exchanges. Then the smack started flying and it wasn’t pretty. I’m no prude, but when I get emails from people complaining about the tone of conversations going on then I have to say something.

I certainly don’t want to censure comments, but I can’t have that kind of talk on here. It’s offensive to others and I don’t want to lose them as readers, either. So, please keep it clean. If somebody says something that ticks you off, just take the high ground. If somebody is getting on your case, email me: jdelcos@yahoo.com.

And, it’s not just being crude. It’s the insults, too, and perhaps that’s even worse. This is supposed to be a debate and different opinions are encouraged. I really mean that. But, if somebody doesn’t agree with you, there’s no need to attack that person.

There are kids on this blog and I’m sending editors to this site for evaluation. I don’t want them to be exposed to that. I respect your input and I’ve talked with several of you via email when comments got cut before. I don’t want to cut, but fair warning it is crude and vulgar and insulting, I’ll have no other choice.

Please respect what I’m trying to do and keep it clean. When you guys are on your game I’m proud of this blog, but I can’t have what happened the other night.

Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Jan. 9.10: Please ….

  1. John – You set a high standard with your own writing here and I try to do that as well.
    Thanks for removing the bad language – your help is much appreciated.

  2. its all good, delcos. But when somebody suggests i should get a room with another man, I am not going to take that. I didnt use any bad language either. just a lyric from jumpin jack flash.

  3. 4. I told you I’d stick to baseball and I did until sexual persuasions were brought into the mold, so that was the end of the deal. Now we have a new deal?!?!?!? OK.. One more time.

  4. 4. Yeah, one more time. It wouldnt have gone on so long if somebody was monitering thier site.
    3. Delcos, I dont know why you say it works both ways I only reacted to an overt provocation. seems like there is only one way that needs to be blamed for this.