Jan. 9.10: Mets looking at pitching.

The Mets are interested in bolstering their rotation. Better late than never. Among the names left in the market are Joel Pineiro, Jon Garland, Doug Davis, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz, Ben Sheets, Chien-Ming Wang and Erik Bedard.

The Mets are talking with Smoltz which does nothing in terms of making them younger, but if he’s on – at this stage he’s a four or five – he could be valuable. He did pitch well down the stretch last year. Yeah, I’d like a young stud, but there aren’t any out there.

Sheets, Wang and Bedard, coming off injuries, represent the biggest risk.

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    This is from a post from a guy named Delcos in July 31 2007 while waiting for minaya to make a deadline deal:
    “Five Worst Mets Trades

    Tom Seaver: On June 15, 1977, the Mets traded “The Franchise,’’ a future Hall of Famer and 300-game winner to Cincinnati for a handful of trivia question answers: Pat Zachry, Doug Flynn, Steve Henderson and Dan Norman. Enough said.

    Nolan Ryan: On December 10, 1971, Ryan was traded by the Mets, along with Frank Estrada, Don Rose and Leroy Stanton for Jim Fregosi. In theory, the deal made sense because the Mets needed a third baseman and Ryan was erratic and uncomfortable in New York. But, who is to say Ryan couldn’t have found himself? He did find his control and a way to win over 300 games.

    Mike Scott: On December 10, 1982, Scott was traded to Houston for outfielder Danny Heep. Scott became a three-time All-Star and won at least 16 games four times for the Astros.

    David Cone: On August 27, 1992, the Mets sent Cone to Toronto for Ryan Thompson and Jeff Kent. The Mets then compounded that mistake by trading Kent, who has hit over 360 homers, to Cleveland for Carlos Baerga.

    Scott Kazmir: On July 30, 2004, the Mets sent this first-round pick along with Jose Diaz to Tampa Bay for Bartolome Fortunato and Victor Zambrano. Kazmir’s career is a work in progress, but he’s already been an All-Star and Zambrano’s Met career is over.

  2. Nothing to get excited about here.

    I would take a look at Wang. see where he is. If he is over the injuries he would be a nice addition.

    else get one of the retreads who doesnt break down.

    we have nothing to trade so we cannot go that route.

  3. 4. Yeah I’d have the Kent and Vizcaino for Baerga trade in the worst 5 and take out the Kazmir trade. Kazmir ain’t going to the Hall.
    3. It was an accident. I googled worst met trades and this thing from Delcos’ old paper popped up.

  4. I wonder if Vlad’s 5 million dollar deal sets the price for Delgado.

    So I just read another article on the remaining pitchers: Pineiro, Garland, Davis.

    It seems as if Piniero can be had for Marquis’s money we should take him, but it seems Garland is essentially the same. He reportedly wants to be on the other coast.

    Davis has durability and lefty going for him. He is 4.41 in past 4 years.

    Overall nothing to get excited about. Hopefully we get one of the 3.

    it also talked about Wang/Sheets. Wang comes off a shoulder and Sheets the elbow.

    Nothing most here don’t know about, but I would go for one of these guys assuming the right price. I would not count on them this year, but if they progress might be helpful in the back half of the year or next.

  5. Cone for Kent/Thompson was FAR from terrible. They had no intention of re-signing Cone, and got two of Toronto’s top prospects for a 1-month rental (whom they could’ve re-signed in November and kept the prospects).

    Any time you get a future HOFer for a rental, it’s a GREAT deal. As Harry said, the trade of Kent to Cleveland was awful.