Jan. 8.10: Same old, same old.

DELGADO: Reheating a souffle?

DELGADO: Reheating a souffle?

The more I read and the more I hear, the Mets and Carlos Delgado are about to hook up again. The Mets are scouting Delgado and will look at him again this weekend in Puerto Rico.

Delgado posted good numbers in 2008 and was hitting well before he was injured last year. He’s an injury risk, but if the Mets believe they can be competitive it’s worth a shot to sign him to an incentive-laden deal. But, are they competitive?

If they like what they see, they could wrap things up quickly. Still, I believe their attention is better spent on pitching. There are too many questions in the rotation that can’t be willed away. They could score a pile of runs this year, but give up mountain, also.

Delgado is a better fit in the AL as a DH, or with a team that is a contender. I just don’t believe the Mets are a good fit. If healthy, Delgado will add some offense, but not enough to put them over the top.

I’m content with the Mets moving on and seeing what Daniel Murphy can do.

11 thoughts on “Jan. 8.10: Same old, same old.

  1. The Mets will add another arm to the rotation for next year, signing or not signing Delgado has nothing to do with that. They will sign Delgado if he wants to return and will take an incentive laden deal like Troy Glaus. If not they won’t.

    I have no problem with that, but then I don’t see this team as a 4th place team as you do.

  2. JamesSC (1): I don’t necessarily think they are a fourth place team. I just don’t see them as a contender right now. They’ll be better, but by how much? My take on Delgado is that he’s a better fit for a team on the verge of contending and I don’t see that in the Mets right now.-JD

  3. I agree on both counts

    the mets most likely will return the other delgado who if healthy improves the lineup.

    they also desperately need to add quality arms to the rotation.

  4. Delgado is still playing at DH. How can any NL team sign a DH? Until he has played at first, which can’t be for many games, since the playoffs are starting in the islands, how can he be signed with any sense of intelligence by anyone other than an AL club? I like his bat, and I don’t give a hoot about what kind of contract he gets as long as the years are ONE, but to sign him when he’s not playing the field, WOW!!!

  5. #4, the playoffs have already started down there? I thought he was going to play the field for a couple weeks or something, but they were letting him get back into it.

    I agree that he needs to play the field before you can sign him for real money. Unless they are going to give him a minor league deal which I don’t see happening he has to have some actual play time down there.

  6. Are they a better team with Murphy or with Delgado?

    The other thing is, I don’t see how signing Delgado necessarily precludes them from adding another arm or two for the staff, unless they plan on giving him a huge contract at a time when he has virtually no market value.

  7. 5. The Puerto Rican League season ends on the 13th of this month. I was off a week. Sorry. (The Dominican has started playoffs already not Puerto Rico). Delgado has 11 ABs with 4 hits and one HR and has played only DH.
    6. Based on your prime criteria of what the guy has done in the past obviously Delgado. Based on what anybody knows about what Delgado has in the tank there is no answer. I do agree with your last paragraph.

  8. (7) Harry: What does it matter? They are better off bringing him to spring training and then finding out what he has left.

  9. (6) They are a better team without Murphy period. I’d love to see them sign LaRoche for a year and an option. Then you have a guy who is excellent defensively and can provide lefty power, and gives you a backup in case Davis isn’t ready next year.

  10. Delgado is scheduled (based on a quote from him in a PR paper) to DH until Wednesday, when he will play 1B for the 1st time, That’s the last day of the regular season, and he can play in the playoffs and Caribbean WS after that.

    IMO the longer he takes to go all out, the smaller the chance he’ll re-injure himself by trying “too much too soon”. This could play out well for the Mets, since AL teams looking for a DH may sign others rather than wait, and Carlos may be more willing to sign a low-guarantee deal.

    He’s running well so far, though he hasn’t gone “all-out” to take an extra base, beat out an GB, etc. He doesn’t appear to be experiencing any pain or discomfort.

  11. 8. It would or wouldn’t matter based on what kind of deal Omar the lover of older players would give him. If he get a guaranteed deal for any amount, he will be on the team for at least half a season. See Marlon anderson, Julio Franco etc. All kept while hurting the chance to win games. If he gets a deal gauaranteed for 5 mil he spends the year in NY no matter what. If he comes on a minor league deal with guarantees based on making the club and performance it doesn’t matter. That only happens if no AL team has interest in him as a DH, and then you have to suspect he’s done.
    9. I agree with you on that. This guy apparently still has dreams for a 3 year deal and it ain’t gonna happen. Ithink Murphy can become a Wigginton type player. Get you some hits and play poorly to fairly at many positions.
    10. your review indicates a guy who is not ready or able to play ml ball, at least in the nl.