Jan. 7.10: Very disappointed.

I’m extremely disappointed in my colleagues for not voting Roberto Alomar into the Hall of Fame. Part of the criteria is to dominate your position for an extended length of time, which is what Alomar did at second base in the American League.

Alomar was a player who could beat you in so many ways. He was a five-tool player. A perennial All-Star and Gold Glove winner, he was the standard for second basemen during his career.

The only blemish on his resume was the spitting incident with umpire John Hirschbeck. It was out of character and he paid for it. But, he shouldn’t have to pay for it any longer.

He got my vote. He’ll get it again.

21 thoughts on “Jan. 7.10: Very disappointed.

  1. Is he a first ballot player?

    From what I read he will get in.

    Was he a player that everyone knew about? That even people not in baseball cared about?

    The way Babe Ruth/ Lou Gerhig/ Joe Dimaggio/ Tiger Woods/ Michael Jordan.

    Athletes who transcend the sport.

  2. Dave (2) Thanks for remembering the four -legged athletes. There is one that you may not have known about – a filly named Ruffian, who in her time, was unbeaten even against males. Unfortunately she broke a leg while in the lead in a race at Belmont. She is buried at the base of the flag pole there with a suitable plaque. I cried real tears for her.

  3. Altho I was razzin James SC about Alomar, I do agree with him about Alomar not getting in, at least this time. Baseball, for whatever reason has develop a tradition where only truly super great players get in the first time. I just never saw him as one of the all time greatest. If it were a one time in or out I’d agree with you, but I don’t see him as one of the greatest. So a second round or 15th round is fine for Alomar.

  4. Andre Dawson, who narrowly beat out the Mets Steve Henderson for Rookie of the Year in 1977, is elected. Former Mets Todd Zeile doesn’t get a single vote. Kevin Appier does as did David Segui.
    Robin Ventura got seven votes.

  5. I think the spitting incident is nothing compared to his having unprotected sex with a woman knowing he was hiv positive. putting somebodys health and life at risk like that is far worse IMO.

  6. Blyleven missed by 5 votes. 287 strikeouts with a ton of strikeouts and complete games isnt enough. I think bert is the victim of pitching at the same time as Seaver, Carlton, Palmer and so many other greats that he cant be considered a dominant player of his time.

  7. Its too bad these guys dont have a George Steinbrenner to twist arms for them. Phil Rizzuto was an average ballplayer and a lousy announcer. I remember how he would gripe on air about how he still wasnt in the hall. Blyleven and Dale Murphy arent worthy but a slap hitting .250 hitter is.

  8. (11) JD: I think he got the vote because he was the first person known to have used steroids in baseball. :-)

  9. #6 I would completely agree if anything was ever founded about that. The lawsuit went away without incident and I never saw anything that showed Alomar as HIV positive himself. Without that I don’t see how you could blame anything on him for that.

  10. 14. You may be right, but people with lots of money can make things go away too.

  11. #15 you can’t assume that something happened because the guy had money. All we know is that some woman he slept with got HIV and figured to sue Alomar for compensation. There was no settlement, nothing it was just voluntarily pulled by the defendant.

  12. 16. James, and you dont think thats suspicious? come on man. settlements arent always over the table. If Alomar was innocent he should have put her on the stand to restore his name.

  13. #17 so what you are saying is someone said something against a person with means so since it went away it must be true? WHy would a defendent ever “force” a plaintiff to go forward with a lawsuit? I guess he could have countersuid, but who would want all of their medical records put out for public consumption (especially a ballplayer from the steriods era)

  14. I guess the vote I am most surprised about is Martinez, he should have received more than 36% of the vote. I am an NL guy and not at all a fan of the DH, but he is an amazing RH bat with a 312 average 418 OBP and 515 Slugging Percentage which is just insane. I don’t see him as a first ballot guy and have no problem with him waiting some time to get in, but he should be in the Hall IMO.

  15. 18. You are not helping Alomars case by saying he fears giving up his med records because he was a roider.

  16. 18. Agree 100% with you on this one James.
    19. Agree about Martinez. Could flat out hit and hit some more. Guys in the Hall like Killebrew would probably have spent most of their careers as DHs if they had played later. Killebrew did finish off as a part time DH but it was a new position when he left the game. I don’t think Harmon got one vote because of his glove.