Jan. 6.10: Your confidence level in the Mets is ….

Spring training is still six weeks away and the Mets have done nothing to remedy the holes in their rotation. However, they quenched their thirst for right-handed power with the acquisitions of Jason Bay over the holidays and Jeff Francoeur. The team is still optimistic David Wright will regain his power stroke.

However, the Mets, save Carlos Beltran, are void of any significant power from the left side, which is why there’s this interest in bringing back Carlos Delgado.

Let’s assume Delgado signs. There’s still questions in the rotation. Would signing Jon Garland or Joel Pineiro boost your confidence level in this team?

17 thoughts on “Jan. 6.10: Your confidence level in the Mets is ….

  1. yes.

    I heard an interview with our GM. His comment on pitchers was that last year our rotation was predicted to bring us to the WS.

    I hope he does not believe his hype.


  2. In the same program I heard Bay for the first time.

    If he is what he says I like him.

    When asked if he had concerns about his new home and how it would affect his home run stroke his reply was his job is to drive in runs. He went on to talk about Jose, David, Carlos, Luis. How they have speed and get on base which will help the team to score runs.

    He also said he doesn’t care where he hits. If they want him to bat 9th he is fine with that.


  3. Omar had better be ready to sign a pitcher soon and forget about Delgado until later.

    Incidentally, I don’t get SNY and only heard the Jason Bay press conference. Were any Mets players there? I know he got a Rangers jersey from Rod Gilbert, but which Mets welcomed him to the team?

  4. I am feeling pretty good about our general direction so far, I don’t think we have made any big mistakes yet and the options to upgrade our rotation that made sense are mostly still there from the beginning of the off season (I never saw Lackey at that contract as all that viable). I would feel a bit better if we had signed Marquis, but that isn’t the direction Omar wanted to go so he will have to show that his direction will work better for the team.

    if we were done for the offseason I would be worried and upset about this offseason, but Omar made it fairly clear that we were not done yet and I will wait and see.

    #1, I listened to the interview as well and thought the exact same thing. I know he has to say that he likes his team as is “but we are always looking to improve” for lots of reasons, but I was still thinking the same thing that this better just be bs he is spewing.

    Part of the problem is that it is highly unlikely that the core 3 is going to change (Pelfrey/Maine/Perez) going into next year, so he has to mention their potential for growth and improvement from last year in these conversations. Which is why it is so important to provide another solid arm to the rotation that gives us the flexibility to find out which of those pieces will work next year and which won’t.

    #3, I don’t care if the pitcher comes soon or not, so long as we get the upgrade that we need. I also don’t care if we end up signing Delgado/Molina before the pitcher, it only matters that it happens not when :)

  5. My confidence is….growing. Obviously, its not a done deal yet. Im not sold on Delgado, but if he should prove healthy, that would be a lineup to compare with anyones. Molina was a cleanup hitter with SF and is being projected as and 8th place hitter on the Mets. That tells you something. As far as pitching goes, Molina should help with that too. Hopefully they can bring in a solid 2 via trade otherwise it will probably be Garland or Davis, no great shakes but a dependable innings eater like Trax used to be.

  6. Capps just signed with the Nats for 3.5 million. I would have liked to have picked him up for a more incentive laden contract as we could have used his arm in our pen. But I am sure he prefered a situation where closing would be more likely.

  7. 7. Tiffany, thats the first good zinger youve gotten off in awhile. I got a feeling he wont be wearing an oriole cap either.

  8. I am glad Alomar missed the hall in his vote but I am more than a little surprised that Dawson gets in. I think Alomar likely deserves to get in but I didn’t see him as a “first ballot” type guy, but Dawson I always saw as more of a compiler of stats than a truely dominant HoF player.

  9. 9. My gosh, now we have to take Hank Aaron out of the Hall becuase he was the great compiler. The new generation of excuses for or against anyone. A guy can’t be a compiler today especially a pitcher because he’s treated like he’s three yers old, can’t pitch too often, can’t pitch too long, can’t blame him for not getting wins, can’t blame him for losses, can’t blame him for not hitting HRs can’t blame him for not driving in runs, for not scoring runs. When Aaron broke Ruth’s record we heard the same bullshit, he played longer, had more ABs blah blah blah (the only difference is that the term compiler wasn’t invented yet by some fantasy geek). I just heard that in the next 5 years MLB standings will be eliminated because afterall wins and losses are only an accident since no ballpalyer except for the bums will be responsible for anything they do or don’t do.
    As for Jason Bay’s press conference, anybody who takes seriously what any player, manager or GM says after signing with a new team needs to just stop listening. When a guy steps up to the mike and says the only reason I signed with this club was because of the $$$ they just stupidly gave me, then I’ll listen to him, until then its all part of a game.
    And why the glee over a guy not getting into the Hall, unless he did something personal to you. He didn’t spit on you and he wasn’t the first nor will he be the last to suck in Queens.

  10. (10)Harry: I hate the compiler argument as well. I mean, if you’re going to play a long time in the league and have success, aren’t you going to “compile” stats? You used to hear the argument about Don Sutton about him “compiling,” before he finally got elected. The guy won 324 games which is something not a lot of pitchers do. Why should it be a problem if it took him over 20 years to do it.

    Regarding Alomar, I know he didn’t do well for the Mets, but it’s not like after he left he excelled. As a matter of fact he was out of baseball two years after he was traded. Now Tony Fernandez…THAT guy was the bum of all bums who obviously tanked it while he was a Met.

  11. Oh yeah..back to the question. On a scale of 1 to 10 i’m about a 6 on the confidence meter. Piniero, Garland, Marquis, Davis, etc…aren’t going to be difference makers. What would make me happy is if I see Ollie in shape come spring training.

  12. (10) You’re right — Alomar didn’t spit on me. But I’m guessing Brett Myers didn’t beat up your wife, either, yet that hasn’t stopped you from condemning him.

  13. UhOH…this is going to get uggggggly. Can’t wait to see Harry’s salvo!

  14. #10, I didn’t say there was glee involved, I just feel that he wasn’t a first ballot hall of famer, so I don’t feel like he got “snubbed” is all. I will readily admit (and I think I have already on here) that his stint at Shea is heavily involved in that feeling, but I just feel that first ballot guys should be guys that you have zero doubt and knew they were HoF throughout their career. Alomar wasn’t that for me /shrug

    Nothing to do with the spitting incident or the AIDS scandal that cropped up.

  15. So Holliday gets 120.

    It looks like in this year’s market we did well in value terms for a slugger.