5 thoughts on “Jan. 6.10: Awwwww-inspiring …..

  1. That’s the 30-second spot. In the longer one, one of the players asserts, “We believe in the pulled hamstring,” and Jerry Manuel says, “We believe in ‘day to day.'”

  2. ya gotta believe

    mets fans need to get back to that…some sharp decision making from the the Gm and manager would be nice

  3. Pretty lame.

    This is NY. This is the advertising capital of the world. This is what they come up with?

    We believe
    We believe in comebacks.

    Perhaps they cut the budget for advertising and had the janitor build their campaign.

  4. Its hard when you have to compete with the World Champions. That’s a heck of a lot better selling point than any slogan and video.