Jan. 5.10: Delgado update.

Carlos Delgado is playing in the Puerto Rican Winter Leagues and is reporting no pain or difficulty with his right hip. He’ll play as a DH until the middle of the month then return to first base.

If there’s no problems with Delgado I can see Omar Minaya bringing him back for one year in an incentive-laden contract.

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  1. I said under the Delgado post below that Francessa guaranteed the Mets are giving him a shot to win the 1b job. And since Francessa seemingly has a pulse on what is going on this offseason, i’d take his word on it. He also said that he expects Molina to sign this week with the Mets.

  2. The biggest downside to bringing back Delgado is hearing the Delgado bashing for another year and another winter. But one gane as a DH and he’s reporting no pain. wow! If that’s what it takes for Minaya to make his decision then he’s taking something illegal.

  3. John – Let’s see what Omar says later this afternoon when Mike is sure to ask him about Delgado.

  4. (3) Annie: See my Francessa commment above

    (2) Harry: LOL! I won’t be bashing Delgado for sure, but I know Steve C will…lol

  5. Steve (4) Francesa sure is a different guy without MadDog around – for the better I mean – whatever happened to Chris?

    I hope Omar gets Molina before he starts messing around with Delgado…

  6. Harry (2) “If that’s what it takes for Minaya to make his decision then he’s taking something illegal”

    Let’s see, Delgado is playing in the Puerto Rican Winter League – perhaps they have different rules about legal/illegal substances than we do here in the states.

  7. #2 I highly doubt Delgado will be signed until after winter baseball is over, and if he does sign it will be for a low guarantee high incentives contract.

    I am still not completely sold on bringing Delgado back, but I am warming up to the idea. The idea of him batting 6th in the lineup does appeal to me and balances the team’s power left/right quite nicely. Assuming he plays through Winter Ball okay and shows he can play the field and hit day after day down there, I could be open to having him there.

  8. Happy New Year to everyone.

    Bringing Delgado back at any cost is a mistake. The idea of having Castillo and Delgado on the right side of the infield together is a defensive disaster zone.

    I guess everyone has already forgotten how Delgado would wave at ground balls hit down the line.

    Signing Delgado will just prove that the Mets have learned nothing.

    Just the Mets being the same old Mets.

  9. #11, Delgado has poor range but solid hands, Murphy has better range but lesser hands. I think Murphy could improve defensively, but the difference in defense between the two is not great. We bring him back for a 1 year deal on insentives that is not a problem, if we dont that is fine too.

    And the difference for the Mets this time and in the past with say Alou is that we are not counting on Delgado’s offense. If we have Reyes-Castillo-Wright-Beltran-Bay-Francouer-Molina, Delgado is a nice additional threat to extend the lineup, not the key to the whole thing.

  10. Last year, the Mets were looking to add a RH power bat. This year, the team is tilted the other way. Aside from Beltran (SH), the power is Bay, Wright, Francoeur, and (presumably) Molina. If healthy, and willing to take a low-guarantee contract, Delgado can be the pefect balance.

    He doesn’t have to play every day, allowing Murphy to get ABs too. And if both play well, one can be traded in July to an AL team looking for a DH, possibly opening a spot for Davis if he’s ready.

    As long as he doesn’t get a high guarantee, what’ve we got to lose?

  11. Amazing, everybody is deciding how he can do when he hasn’t even put on a glove, well, not a fielding glove.

  12. #15 obviously we are basing this on what he has done not what we know he can do now. What else can we discuss it is only January 6th afterall :)

  13. 1. Original, It was funny listening to francessa yesterday just tearing Murphy apart. “Cant run, Cant hit, Cant field.” Mike forgot about how he was comparing Murph to Donnie Baseball last spring.

  14. 16. Well, if you want a guy based on what he’s done then please bring us Willie, Mickey and the Duke. The only one who made any sense about this guy was amazingly Delcos who said if there’s no problem with Delgado…..

  15. (17) Yes, that was hillarious. I can’t believe he ever compared him to Mattingly though.

  16. #18 Come on now you are just being petulant. You ask how people are judging what Delgado may be able to offer after an injury and they answered, I guess we have zero idea of what Reyes will offer next year either? Or Beltran? I mean of course we don’t know if they will be fully recovered, and we don’t know if Delgado will be, but we do have an idea of what we could expect from them if they are healthy and we do with Delgado too.

  17. 20. Chill James, you said you are warming up to the idea of suigning Delgado when he has had one game as a DH. You can’t have any basis for a change in attitude forhim. As for the other guys youmention, thereis no relevance to bring them up since they are under contract.

  18. #21, Sorry Harry, that was meant entirely tongue in cheek but I know mood is not translatable over the internet.

    My warming up on him has nothing to do with his couple games as DH in the Winter, I have no interest in him if he is not healthy, but I am warming up to him if he can show he is reasonably healthy. I don’t know if he will show that or not this Winter, but if he does I am beginning to like the idea of bringing him back. Going into this offseason I had no interest in bringing him back no matter how “healthy” he showed he was.