Jan. 4.10: Mets still thinking about Delgado.

The Mets are still scouting Carlos Delgado, who is playing winter ball in Puerto Rico. They are looking to see if he can hold up for one more season. But, can they really get the answers they need over the long haul in a few short weeks?

Probably not.

I’ve thought for awhile now that it is time to move on from Delgado for several reasons, beginning with, 1) his age and injury history, and including 2) the money that could be spent elsewhere and 3) allowing the personality of the younger guys to emerge in the clubhouse.

The Mets had their window of opportunity with Delgado to win and it never materialized.

The Mets need to get younger, cheaper and more athletic and Delgado works against them in all these areas. Delgado has become the kind of veteran a teams trade for at the July deadline. If the Mets were a player away, then sure, bring him back. But, they are more than a player away.

29 thoughts on “Jan. 4.10: Mets still thinking about Delgado.

  1. I agree with you on all counts. Delgado had his chance to shine, but never quite made it.

  2. I don’t mind having Delgado back next year, but to me it comes down to whether or not the Mets are going to give Murphy a chance next year or not. If they are done with Murphy at 1b then Delgado makes sense, if not, then he does not.

    I think he will end up on an AL team which will be a much better fit for him. I don’t think the money will really be an issue one way or another, he will probably only make a million or two and incentives next year would be my guess.

    I doubt that any money spent on him would impact our budget one way or another.

  3. I have but one thing to say.
    Murphy at first.

    you all know how i felt about delgado and the preferred treatment he got and did nothing with..

  4. (1) Annie: Delgado carried the team on his back in 2008 and was probably the clutchest hitter on the 2006 team. How exactly did he not shine?

    (2) James SC: The problems with Murphy at 1st are these: Doesn’t hit for average, doesn’t hit for power, doesn’t get on base, mediocre in the field. His best role is utility man though it’s hard when you can’t play defense. I wouldn’t mind signing Delgado to a minor league deal, but I would not give him a major league deal.

  5. “The Mets had their window of opportunity with Delgado to win and it never materialized”

    I am sure glad for the Yankees that they didn’t trade A-Rod then. Phew!

  6. I like Delgado.

    My problem with him is how he affects the manager.

    Giving him playing time when he is not performing does not help the team.

    I think it is time to move on from him, but he does add power and avg and is a deadly hitter when healthy.

    That is the problem. He has not been healthy for the past 3 years.

  7. I would like to know when 1st base became the power hitter spot. that used to be the job of the outfield.
    maybe its my senility and the longing for old baseball to return.

  8. (6) He was really hurt LAST year. 2006: played in 144 games. 2007: 139, 2008: 159. To bring him back as a platoon guy is not the worst option.

  9. (7) Steve C: Uhh…since the dawn of baseball? Unless of course you have a tremendous glove.

  10. maybe i am used to the mets having a damned decent glove at first then 😉
    because honesly I cannot stand watching the guy at first watch the ball dribble by..

  11. (6) You mean he wasn’t healthy when he hit 38 homers and drove in 115 in 2008?

    Let’s put this into context: The Mets aren’t looking for Delgado to be their kingpin, their $13-million-per-year, middle-of-the-order slugger. Among Wright, Beltran and Bay, they should have enough power in the prime of their careers to make Delgado a complementary player at this point.

    And I think Delgado at 75 percent is going to be more productive than Murphy. If things really fall into place for Murphy, he’ll be the next John Olerud; more likely, he’ll be a guy who can’t hit enough to warrant a corner position and doesn’t have the glove for an interior spot. And, with Ike Davis on the way, one year of Delgado, especially on an incentive-laden deal, would allow the Mets to remain competitive while bridging to the future. Call me crazy, but I think the Mets would be far more competitive with Delgado at first than with Murphy.

  12. Every year now we have gone through this. everyone says give delgado one more year. and each year .. he leaves us in last.

    I saw better play at first with greene(sic?) than with delgado. and we let greene go.
    now murphy plays 1st better than left.
    so i say leave him at first the bat etc will come.
    I rather see a player dive for a ball and catch it .. then watching it bounce past first.
    Thats just me. continue the love affair with delgado. to me he is a selfish player..

  13. (13)Steve C: How on earth do you figure? He did get hurt in 2007, but that can happen to anyone and he still came back strong in 2008. Last year was the first year he was truly hurt, and when he went out the offense went out with him. We get it..you hate Delgado…but don’t make up stories about him.

  14. I believe he’s been hurt the whole time. different stages. and he was able to play “hurt” I watched him blow his load. and then he was useless after he did..
    I am just looking at it as you guys .. i watch the game and i see the difference.

  15. 11/8

    Let us see. One year he played most of the year after surgery. People were talking about batting him 9th. He played, but he was not Delgado.

    The year he hit 35 hr he took half the season off.

    What did he do last year? Oh yeah, he was hurt.

    I stand by my post at #6.

  16. in addition. all you see are the 38 homeruns.
    the question is .. did those 38 help us win?
    getting 38 hoemruns halfway through the season and being gone and playing terrible the second half doesnt help. as dave says it hurts the team.
    Beltran was man enough to say hey. I am hurt, beyond what the doctors said. and he sat out until he was better.
    to me that helps the team.

  17. #4, Murphy is 24 years old and outside of a bad May-July stretch last year has hit close to or over 300 in his year and a half we have given him. Considering all of the yanking back and forth in LF and those issues he did pretty well last year for a guy getting his feet on the ground.

    I will agree about the lack of walks, but we have seen stretches where he does that very well, he is worth another look at least IMO to see if he will grow from here or if that is all he has to offer. As for his defense, I must admit I kind of stopped watching a lot of games last year, but I heard his 1B defense was fairly respectable last year.

    If he can provide average defense a 300 average and 360 OBP for a minimum salary that is not a terrible option, it allows us to spend money in other areas and holds down the fort to see what Ike has to offer.

  18. 17. Did those 38 HRs help us win. Thanks for the entertainment.
    13. We let Greenie go? Lets see Greeny had so much tlaent left in his body that of all the other 29 MLB teams not one team, not one offered him a deal of any sort. So the Mets agreed with every other team that Greeny was finished. How can you criticize letting him go?
    I’m not saying to get Delgadoor not because I don’t have a clue if he can play or not, but to bash this guy for they way he ccarried this team in ’06 and ’08 is bullshit.
    6. You don’t bench your power hitter when he isn’t hitting. Many power hitters are subjected to long slumps. But when they break out they carry your club, something a guy who hits 10-15 HRs a year can never do. I remember Mantle having some huge slumps in the 50s. Id Stengel would have benched him he wouldn’t have his # retired in both NY stadiums today.
    Delgado was on of the best trades of the Minaya regime.

  19. Put me in the forget about Delgado column. Earlier I thought bringing back would be a good idea, but now we have Bay to supply the power. It would be nice to see at least one position get younger and more athletic.

  20. 19

    clearly delgado has had his issues the past few years. he had a 2 month stretch where he tore the cover off the ball. other than that he was hurt. it left a big whole in the lineup because either he was dl or he could not hit a fastball because he should have been on the dl.

    either way, your #4 hitter was essentially cora at the plate.

    like i said. i like delgado when he is healthy. but he has yet another serious injury he is trying to come back from in the twilight of his career where peds/roids/hgh is frowned upon by selig. these are not good odds to bring him back.

  21. (20) I think you get younger — but not better — with Murphy over Delgado at 1B.

    I’m all for getting younger and better, but I think the solution to that is Ike Davis as an everyday player in 2011. In the meantime, you sign Delgado for one year to be your #6 hitter. It only costs you money — and probably not too much of it, considering the current market for him.

    (18) If Murphy could post a .360 OBP, I’d entertain the thought of giving him the 1B job. However, outside of an ungodly stretch in both the minors and bigs in 2008, he hasn’t shown that upside. Indeed, his 2007 season at A ball looks eerily similar to what he did in the bigs in 2009.

  22. Delgado, whom I’d sign only if he’d take a low-guarantee deal with incentives, would be “insurance” for a year (or less). Murphy wouls still get playing time, because Carlos probably isn’t an everyday player.

    By July, Carlos could be dumped if he’s got nothing left, or traded for pitching if Davis or Murphy is ready to take over. Or Murphy could be traded then if Carlos shares the spot with Davis.

    Win-win, IMO, as long as it’s low-guarantee.

  23. 22. What about defense? assuming he is healthy enough to play 140 games, that side of the infield would be like a sieve. Murphy deserves another chance. He started out hot then when his fielding in lf got him moved to first he went into a deep funk for about 2 months then he picked it up at the end to put up decent numbers for a first year player. He also showed some nice glovework over there, especially for a novice.

  24. Murph has slightly more range, but Delgado has saved many an E by David and Jose with his hands—digging throws from the dirt, coming off the bag to make the tag play, etc.

    But again, I see Delgado as “insurance” and short-term. I like Murph and want him to get a chance to play. Which he will, Carlos or no Carlos.

  25. I don’t see how you get Delgado as insurance. He isn’t signing to sit on the bench. He belongs on an AL team at this point and we really should have other priorities at this point.

    #22, or you could say that all of his 2008 and half of last year shows that 2007 and the other half of 2008 were a fluke.

    To me he is a young kid who has shown he has some talent and room for growth. Having a Garko type gives you some insurance if he can’t cut it, but I would prefer not to give up on Murphy entirely at this point.

  26. to those who want Delgado back you will be glad to know that newsday is reporting the mets are “very interested” in retaining his services.

  27. (27) Ray: I was listening to Francessa this afternoon and he guaranteed the Mets are giving Delgado a shot at winning the job. I know you want to move on, I can understand it, but I don’t agree. I think some people forget also that he was hitting the ball very very well last year before he got injured. I think his OPS was .914 or so which is excellent.

    (26) James: I don’t see much growth in Murphy. I think with work he could become an adequate first baseman, but I don’t believe at his age his power will increase, and his eye at the plate will all of a sudden get so good that he starts taking a walk now and then. He is not a starting first baseman in this league, IMO.

  28. #28 his eye at the plate is pretty good, he makes contact a lot, but he needs to take more pitches. That being said I can see your arguement, but I think Murphy can grow into something a bit more substantial.