19 thoughts on “Jan. 4.10: Bay gets physical today.

  1. Mets Medical Staff : hey Bay. looks like your knee is sore. here’s an aspirin.
    Omar, he’s good to go. let him be a met..

    People I give you our savior at 66 million dollars. jason bay.
    Week 1: hits a home run trips over 3rd base. because of a sore knee. out for the next 4 years.

    yes do we need a hitter yes. But i wouldnt trust anything the current med staff or Omar says .. not ever…

  2. (1) Steve .. I have to agree with JDs negativity. we have never been told the true health of a single met unless it came from the mouth. Beltran and david wright and a few others .. stood up and said yeah i am hurt.
    everyone else let Omar spin it..

  3. Steve C (3)

    I agree with you – I’d rather have the old MASH unit with Captain Pierce and Major Houlihan in charge of the health of this team than the Mets docs.

    I don’t call it ‘being negative’ I call it being truthful and the health of the team is not the only issue that is never explained.

  4. 4. Too bad the person in charge of the mets medical staff seem to be run by Corporal Klinger. What the heck, may as well have some fun with it. 😀

  5. (3) Steve C: I’m talking about JD’s overall negativity on his blog. And by the way…He PASSED the physical.

  6. Annie,

    For all the goofballs that the MASH unit was and the headaches they caused, they were a fine medical unit.

    I wish the Mets had a medical unit that was as dedicated as that MASH unit.

  7. JD

    Brings up a long standing issue with this team.

    The fact that the medical staff seems to give the green light for a player to hit the field only to find out later that they should have been treated.

    Reyes – all last year
    Church – concussion and they let him fly and get back on the field
    Zambrano – the pitcher we got for Kazmir.


  8. Klinger was the go to guy after Radar and he did a damned good job!
    We only wish klinger or radar were running it 😉

  9. 6. Steve. I know. I have brought it up before. The best example is ” Mets make offer to Bay, why bother?”.

  10. (6) SteveO – as i said. they gave him an aspirin asked him he he liked baseball and hotdogs and he passed.

  11. thanks harry(14)

    nothing much in the list stands out other than 2 years later i still like the santana trade.

  12. #16, IMO Omar’s trades in the offseason of 05 were some of the best moves in our club history. He brought in Nady, Delgado, Maine, El Duque, and Lo Doca for Cameron, Jacobs and Benson and made 2006 what it was. His trade for Mota and Perez were also key to that season.

    Obviously Santana was not a terrible move either :) I also am a big fan of the Church for Francoeur.

  13. 17. Agree about the early Omar James. He also made a fine trade in trading Jae So for Sanchez which really solidified the bullpen in’06. The new Omar regime starts with the panic deal of 31 July 06 where he dumped Nady for no reason, since he could have had OP for a low A prospect and where he didn’t see Hernandez was no longer a good reliever. He has failed to have a strong minor league feeder system and he has failed to make pennant helping moves in July of 07 and 08.
    What is amazing about the list to me is the amount of nothing trades these GMs all make.

  14. I was going to re-post about Sanchez after I submitted that but decided against it to wait for another post :)