Jan. 3.10: Getting off the Pineiro bandwagon.

PINEIRO: Asking too much.

PINEIRO: Asking too much.

I started the Hot Stove Season believing the Mets should address pitching first and foremost. I feel the same way today.

One I touted was Joel Pineiro.

But, it was a surface infatuation. I looked at Pineiro’s 15 wins and thought they’d look good in the Mets’ rotation. They would.

But, after looking deeper, I’m off the Pineiro bandwagon. Those 15 wins marked the first time he won double-digit wins since going 16-11 in 2003 with Seattle. He’s 87-79 during his ten year career, which averages out to 9-8. He threw 214 innings last year, which was only the second time he threw at much as 200. Three times he’s thrown as many as 190.

There’s no way this should translate into Pineiro getting $10 million a year for four years. No way. But, would it surprise anybody if he did? Not me. When it comes to crazy contracts, somebody is always willing to pay. There’s always a GM waiting to take the plunge.

I’m hoping it isn’t Omar Minaya.

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  1. Thanks.

    I have not really paid attention.

    I just looked him up. His record is littered with inconsistency. His ERA is quite high and it seems he has recently been bounced to the pen due to inconsistency. He is a 10 year vet.

    This sounds an awful lot like a pitcher we have that we all love. I do not think this translates to a pitcher you want to lock up for 4 years at 10 per. I say a one year contract with an option.

  2. I’m with you, John. If Omar were to give a multi-year deal (or trade for someone who already has one) to a SP, it should be someone clearly superior to what we’ve got behing Johan. Someone like Lackey, Wolf,or Oswalt would qualify.

    If healthy, IMO Maine/Pelf/Perez could do as well as Piniero. Others in camp (Niese, Nieve, Figgy, Misch) can compete for #5, or higher if one or more of the 2-3-4 falter.

    I’d rather wait to see what materializes in the July trade market than lock Piniero in for more than 1 year. And if we’re talking 1 year, I’d look to Sheets and Bedard if their asking price drops.

  3. This is what makes me think the ny writers have it out for the mets. The typical story after they got bay was “Mets get slugger, but miss out on arms.” The daily news still has harpers story up. What arms? Lackey was the only pitcher above average. I like wolf buy not for what the brewers gave him. The rest like Garland and Pineiro are mediocre pitchers looking for big contracts. I agree with Metsiac that unless prices come down, Its better to wait till the summer.

  4. Ray,

    The question is can the Mets afford to stand pat with their rotation?

    No one is arguing that the quality of FA pitchers is any good.

    This is the state of the mets rotation

    1. Santana – coming off surgery for second year in a row
    2. Pelfrey – Who is he? Is he a dominant pitcher with a nasty sinker or a sinker ball pitcher who gets the ball up and does not trust his stuff?
    3. Ollie – His whole career has been a question mark. His tenure with the Mets has been the team trying to keep him focused from one pitch to the next.
    4. Maine – Oft injured middle of the rotation type. Can he last a season?
    5. TBA

    Garland would help here. As would the other journeyman pitchers.

  5. 4. Dave, What people forget is that the current starters took the team to the last day of the year in 08 and most of them were there in 07. Im sure they will get Garland or somebody when the asking price comes down. Way down.

  6. To me Piniero and Marquis were always very interchangable, no way I would pay twice as much for Piniero as the Nats paid for Marquis. I think this is why Omar is focusing on trades for pitching, the FA market stinks.

    #4, our rotation is a big question mark now, but we can’t ruin our budget for 3-4 years with Piniero for too much money. If we can sign him to a 2 year deal, he is a good sign, anything longer would be rough.

    This is why the only signing I was upset with this off season from a Mets perspective was Marquis, that was the only player that has signed so far where I thought the Mets should have done that. He isn’t fantastical or anything, and Omar may still provide better, but if he ends up overpaying for Piniero or doing nothing to the rotation Marquis will be the mistake of this off-season.

  7. First off. John Happy NEW YEAR!
    Secondly the mets need the following:
    replace Omar, replace Manuel
    replace the medical staff.
    work on the farm system.

    If they do this now we may be able to salvage the year.
    just my 3 cents

  8. Ray(5)

    What I remember for the past 4 years is that the team was either just good enough not to get in or completely blew a gasket and were out of it by mid season.

  9. 6. “This is why the only signing I was upset with this off season from a Mets perspective was Marquis, that was the only player that has signed so far where I thought the Mets should have done that. He isn’t fantastical or anything, and Omar may still provide better, but if he ends up overpaying for Piniero or doing nothing to the rotation Marquis will be the mistake of this off-season.”
    JamesSC… Thank you for expressing prefectly that which I failed to convey well to the board!!!!!

  10. Jim(6)

    I agree. We should not overpay. Get the journeymen for a one or 2 year deal at whatever the going rate is and move on. As JD says above Pineiro is not worth a 4 year deal.

    All these guys are interchangeable.

    What I do know is if we go in to the season with essentially our current staff or like last year Redding/Hernandez I would not be surprised.

  11. Omar hasn’t overpaid for anyone this year except the crazy contract to Cora. I don’t expect he’ll overpay for such dreck like Piniero and Garland and the like.

    (10) Harry: No, you expressed it clearly. It’s just that I disagreed with you. Happy New Year. LOL!

  12. (12) overpaid this year. ok how about in December of 09. did he over pay for bay?

    happy New Year ..

  13. 13. Steve, that we wont know for several years.
    12. Original, When I see what these pitchers are asking for I am ready to give Redding another go.

  14. (15) Ray: Redding pitched pretty well once he got healthy towards the end of the season. I’d give him another go round…it has to be a minor league deal though.

  15. Francessa says there will be some mets news later this week. Lets hope its a trade for a good pitcher.

  16. 15/16: Can I have some of whatever you two are drinking? You want Redding, I’ll take the booze and still take the chance on Niese.

  17. What happened Chiti? you liked Redding last year. I was joking. but not really. Pineiro wants a contract for four years and more annually than Wolfie got. I would rather risk 1 mil for 1 year on redding than give pinhead what hes demanding.

  18. 19. Last year there was nobody in the minors ready. Then Niese showed he was ready in Buffalo. If you’re gonna hold Niese back it better be for someone who did something. Redding was a dismal failure until the season was long gone.
    I agree Piniero is not a 4 year pitcher. But I’d much rather have somoen with some potential rather than a Rdding who proved to be worthless here. I’d rather give Nieve another shot then Redding if he’s still a Met.

  19. #21, sorry I would rather go with what we have then give Piniero 4 years at 10-13 million. I also would have no problem with Redding in a minor league deal, we could use some ML capable depth in the minors and if Redding will take a Minor League deal I have no problem with that. In fact I would consider a deal like that pretty important as we will definitely be going to the minors for another starter frequently next year if we do not add at least 1 dependable starter.

  20. I am sure Omar will do the annual slew of minor league signing for washed up players to fill the roster at AAA.

    This is to hid the fact that there are few players in the minors to develop.

    This year our minors are starting to show promise. We have a CF that might help soon, FMart is on the annual quest to show he can play a full season, Niese is coming back from surgery, Ike needs to show he is still on track.

  21. (21) Harry: I don’t think Ray or I want Niese held back. If he could win the 5th man that would be awesome. I was talking about Redding as a low cost depth acquisition.

  22. 24. Original yes, of course you cant hand a starting spot to a pitcher who is unproven and coming off injury yet.

  23. 25. Sadecki: Every pitcher except Pelfrey is coming off physical injury, and I think Pelfrey is coming off mental injury as he never recovered from those balks in Frisco. And really, except for Santana the rest are all unproven, well maybe I meant unsuccessful! That leaves a one man staff, and that one had surgery or something bad done to his body.. As for unproven, Niese hurt his leg not his arm, so he probably still has his curve ball. If he isn’t better than Redding than we might as well bring back Lima/Lawrence/Gonzalez (whoops I think Geremi died).

    This post is a lot more fun than another Jason Bay post!!!!!

  24. Harry, Redding is for AAA and the likely call up along the lines of Nieve and Figgy, not truly competing for a 5th spot. Course I think Niese should be in AAA with another pitcher filling out our rotation until one of the three ??? inevitably needs a call up.