Jan. 2.10: Your Mets batting order.

Last night was one of those when I couldn’t fall asleep. Tossed and turned. The mind races at 2:30 in the morning, and for awhile last night it stopped at the Mets’ batting order.

What should it be?

Here’s what I came up with for now:

SS Jose Reyes: I’ve heard people say he should bat third, but I don’t see it now as nothing more than a waste of his speed.

2B Luis Castillo: He’s at his best taking pitches and advancing the runners.

3B: David Wright: He’ll hit for an average and hopefully regain his power stroke.

CF Carlos Beltran: He could bat third, too, but I wanted a lefty to separate him and Jason Bay.

LF: Jason Bay: Offers protection for Beltran.

RF Jeff Francoeur: Tempted to drop him down and flip with Murphy to go right-left-right-left, but opted to put two power guys back-to-back. Unfortunately, I have two strikeout guys in a row.

1B Daniel Murphy: With three guys ahead of him who’ll get on base he should have some RBI opportunities.

C: Santos/Blanco platoon: Somebody has to hit eighth and I don’t want it to be Castillo.

P: Pitcher’s slot.

Of course, this changes if they get Bengie Molina or somehow find a taker for Castillo.

Your thoughts?

21 thoughts on “Jan. 2.10: Your Mets batting order.

  1. Sounds reasonable.

    you could also drop david to 5th and move everyone up.

    i guess the big question is if jose is still hurt or has issues with his leg what is your lineup?

    you dont want castillo 1st. for all his speed and all, he doesnt really run. and if you put him 1 who is behind him?

  2. I believe Castillo had the highest OBP of any table-setter in the NL last year. That said, if Reyes was unavailable, you could feasibly hit Castillo first and then move Wright or Beltran up to the number-two hole.

    I think Omar solves the 1B dilemma by signing Delgado to a one-year, incentive-laden deal. Even if he’s only functioning at 75%, Delgado is likely to be more productive than Murphy, who then, in turn, becomes the inf-of utility guy off the bench. Moreover, this allows the team to be competitive this year without surrendering anything but money and, more important, leaves 1B open for Ike Davis in 2011.

    I have to think a lineup of Reyes/Castillo/Wright/Beltran/Bay/Delgado/Francouer/Molina will take a _ton_ of pressure off the pitching staff.

  3. I am worried about you Delcos. Its January and you’re losing sleep over the Mets lineup!?!?! Jerry Manuel only thinks about his lineup for a second or two.

  4. dave (1): If not Reyes leading off, I would go with Castillo. Tiffany is right about Castillo’s OBP, so I would go with him. If that is the case I might put Wright second.-JD

  5. Tiffany (2): If the Mets believe they can be competitive this season – and I don’t know how they could think that with their pitching – then bring Delgado back. If they don’t have the pitching, they might have to bring him back anyway as to out slug the opposition. They won’t win that way, but they could make a run.-JD

  6. Harry (6): I worry about me, too. Are you sure it is only a second or two that the line-up is considered? Sometimes, it seems like the Mets use those machines that determine the lottery winners to figure out their batting order.-JD

  7. JD- like your lineup

    castillo is wasted in the 8 spots…he has to bat 2nd or 9th…i dont hate 9th
    i think the mets find a taker for him tho and sign the O Dawg….i also see them signing molina (sigh, him and frenchy will have a combinded .620 OBP)

    as is
    Reyes, Castillo, Wright, Beltran, Bay, Francoeur, Murphy, Santos, P

    hoping it will be

    Reyes, Murphy, Wright, Beltran, Bay, Francoer, Hudson, Molina, P
    having molina in the 8 hole scares me too much os maybe

    reyes, hudson, wright, beltran, bay, francoeur, molina, murphy, P
    molina and frenchy back to back is eh too….their OBP is so bad,, i just dunno about francoeur as the RF permanently

  8. id like to see them move on from delgado and let others step up as leaders…that being said Tiffany’s lineup is a very good one with him in there

    i wouldnt mind the mets signing nady (injured but may be back by May)…to platoon with murphy and play OF when necessary

    i have serious reservations about franceour and his awful batting eye

  9. I would go with Beltran-Bay-Wright myself, or Wright-Bay-Beltran, but either way that is a nice core to the order.

    Francore really isn’t a strike out machine, he just can’t take a walk for his life.

    #5, I don’t agree that this team is non-competitive right now. Yes our rotation will hold us back significantly, but this is a competitive team as is, we really need another starter, I think if we got a quality #2 guy we could be back to pushing for a WS, if we get a more likely quality #3 guy we will be back to being competitive for the playoffs at least.

    On Molina, as long as he is in the 8th spot he can do a good job with productive outs and some nice pop to scare the pitchers. I have a feeling the OBP will go up a little bit as pitchers will pitch around him to get to the pitcher.

  10. (5) I disagree regarding the pitching. Perez, Maine and Pelfrey have all put up solid seasons in the past; so, the ability is there, it’s a matter of accessing it (and health is always a factor there).

    Have you looked at the Phillies’ rotation the last three years? Each year, they’ve had one stud starter and one other guy who has an above-average season (e.g., Kendrick, Moyer, Happ). Beyond that, the rest of their rotation has been nothing to write home about. Yet, they’ve won three straight division titles.

  11. 12. Interesting point of view. Met pitchers have had a solid season so the ability is there, but the Philliy pitchers have above average seasons when they pitch well. It is of course impossible that the Met pitchers pitched above average, and it is of course impossible that Philly pitchers have ability. Especially their rookie who had a season that Maine/Perez/Pelfrey can only dream about.
    Met pitchers have ability? Maine is living on one great month in 2007 , Pelfrey on half a great season and Perez two good years surrounded by hideous ones. And with a pitching coach who watched as staff walked too many batters but decided it was ok to blame his ex-catchers, who was advertised as a great catcher working with the pitcherd when brought./ Yes, there are 24 good reasons to have faith in these Met pitchers…. Its called a case of Magic Hat Winter Sampler…..

  12. (13) I think both rotations have question marks, yet Delcos seems to disparage only the Mets.

    As for Warthen, you’ll get no argument from me. He is perhaps a huge contributor to the inconsistent performances of Perez, Maine and Pelfrey.

  13. funny how warthen was getting the credit for perez consistency two yrs ago and the blame now…i think ollie is just immature and brain dead most of the time…hope that changes this yr

  14. john/tiffany

    perhaps castillo is the best option to put at 1. i dont like moving david or carlos to 2. that weakens the lineup.

    perhaps cora goes at 2, but he is a poor hitter and murphy cant bunt so you dont want him there.

    i think john is right, we need to get another pitcher. even if the pitcher is only good to run out every 5th day and do 6/7 innings. pelfrey/maine/ollie needs to prove they can pitch.

    if everyone is healthy this will be a much improved team. but make no mistake, our problems the past 5 years has always been the rotation. even 06 was a problem. ollie came over and had a few good months. they patched up the back end with a steady stream of rejects that the hitters covered for.

    this thread reminded me we still have the idiot coaches from last year.

  15. I like John’s original line-up, but I wonder why Molina’s addition would change things. I’d bat him 7th or 8th, just like the other Cs, preferably 7th. I like a #8 with a higher OBP to clear the P when he bats with 2 out, and one who is less likely to be thrown out at 2B if he’s on 1st and the P bunts.

    As for the top of the order, I could see Luis leading off even with Reyes healthy. He wouldn’t steal as many bases as Jose, but wouldn’t clog the bases if Jose gets a 2B or 3B. Luis has the higher OBP, Jose the extra-base ability.

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  17. Great to see you are getting linked!

    There is a link on the trackback link that talks about the mob links to companies that were part of building taxpayer field.

  18. #13, Just as I think it is highly unlikely that all of our ??? come out positively next season (which is what the current rotation would need), I find it equally unlikely that the big 3 question marks will all come out negatively next year. One of them will be an excellent secondary pitcher to go with Santana next year, one will likely wash out and one will be all over the place and/or injured. Which is why I think we can live with a solid #3 acquisition and not overspend to get another “the” guy for #2.

  19. Sounds just about right to me. I’m still hoping that they sign a platoon bat for 1b.