Dec. 31.09: Forecasting the Mets roster.

As I sit here and watch the snow fall, I can’t help but think about how nice spring training sounds. The Mets need some work to do before finalizing their roster. Here’s what I have for the Mets right now regarding their 25-man roster.

1. Omir Santos
2. Henry Blanco
Comment: If they land Bengie Molina, they’d send out Santos.

3. 1B: Daniel Murphy
4. 2B: Luis Castillo
5. SS: Jose Reyes
6. 3B: David Wright
7. INF: Alex Cora
8. INF: TBA (first base platoon)
Comment: They need a RH bat to platoon with Murphy at first base. Ryan Garko would be perfect. They also need another utility infielder. A guy who could play both infield and outfield would be ideal.

10. LF: Jason Bay
11. CF: Carlos Beltran
12. RF: Jeff Francoeur
13. OF: Angel Pagan
Comment: They’d like somebody who could come off the bench with some power.

14. SP1: Johan Santana
15. SP2: Mike Pelfrey
16. SP3: John Maine
17. SP4: Oliver Perez
18. SP5: TBA
Comment: Yes, they might go short with the off-days in April, but they’ll need five eventually. In the interim, look at what they have now. I’m not thrilled.

19. Francisco Rodriguez
20. Kelvim Escobar
21. Bobby Parnell
22. Pedro Feliciano
23. Sean Green
24. Brian Stokes
25. Ryota Igarashi
Comment: If they could find a utility player to play both infield and outfield, they could add another reliever.

22 thoughts on “Dec. 31.09: Forecasting the Mets roster.

  1. You forgot to add Parnell to the bullpen possibilities. Also, Misch and Nieve as possible long men. I think you should pencil in for now Niese as the #5. I think Garko would be a good platoon guy as well, unless they can sign Adam LaRoche on the cheap. This team will need better than relying only on Daniel Murphy at 1b to be a serious contender. I suppose they could still resign Tatis as a UT player. Chris Carter is a possible 1bman/OF on the bench.

  2. Delcos: Did the Mets change managers? I didn’t think so. A 6 man bullpen with Manuel at the helm is not doable. Its also not doable with Maine/Perez in the rotation. Omar is in love with Anderson Hernandez, infielder # 2. You can’t go with 5 outfielders if you platoon at first. This is a horrid bullpen and a horrid rotation. The offense better score 7 a game.

  3. Harry (2): Sorry, but Maine and Perez are in the rotation. I didn’t want that either. That’s why I was so for using the money spent on Bay to go for pitching. You’re right about the five outfielders with the platoon at first. Brain freeze on my part. I’ve deleted the extra outfielder and added a reliever, Bobby Parnell.-JD

  4. Just wanted to wish everyone a healthy and happy new year!!! And Let’s Go Mets in 2010!!!

  5. #2, I actually think our bullpen is pretty good there, there are some question marks in there of course, but I can easily see Escobar providing Oliver type use in the pen and Pedro/Parnell/Stokes gives us some decent upside relievers to go with Igarashi who could be a nice plus especially in the first half as people try to figure him out.

    What we really need is an innings eater to let this pen get some rest. That SP is going to be a big key to this team, we need 210+ innings from that TBA, we can’t go in with Niese/Parnell duking it out for that spot.

  6. JamesSC (5): I’m more optimistic about the bullpen than the rotation. Hopefully, Escobar will pan out. … The pen has faltered the last three seasons because it was worn down. The need for the starters to give 200 innings plus each is imperative.-JD

  7. Steve (4) I’ll echo your thought for a Happy and Healthy New Year and if you live in the Northeast, drive carefully out there tonight.

  8. Happy New Year….. Last word…. you can’t count on a guy who hasn’t pitched in 2 years. All you can do with a guy like that is hope.

  9. Why does Tatis get such short shrift? As a Met, he’s hit .297 and .282, with 19 HR over almost 700 AB. He can platoon at 1B with Murphy, spell David on occasion, play either corner OF position, and even be an emergency fill-in at 2B or SS.

    He always hustles, hits the ball hard, and doesn’t embarrass himself anywhere on the field.

  10. 10. I think Tatis became a fan victim of the horrid managing of Manuel. When the team was buried and their were only a couple of kids on the roster, Manuel kept playing Tatis over Murphy and Evans. No fault to Tatis, but he should have been no more than a PH late in the season.

  11. metsiac (10): I always thought Tatis was serviceable, but I always expected more from him than he produced. He grounded into nearly 20 DPs last year. … I also agree with Harry to some degree. Tatis represented the Mets in disarray, although it was no fault of his own.-JD

  12. you can do worse than tatis as a bench guy, but all i keep thinking of his the DP after Dp
    wouldnt mind him back as a VERY limited role

  13. DPs happen, but usually only if you hit the ball hard on the ground. IIRC, Joe Torre had horrendous amounts of DPs on the way to the HOF.

    I’d rather have a guy who makes solid contact with runners on base, even if some of the balls he hits turn into DPs, than a guy like Adam Dunn who gets paid a ton of $$$ to lead the league in Ks (or come close) buts hits a ton of bases-empty HRs.

    Tatis led the team in BA with RISP (.392!)in ’08, and was still respectable with .269 with RISP in ’09. What more can you ask from a reserve as versatile as him?

  14. 14. You wouldn’t want Dunn???? A guy who hits 40 HRs, drives in 100+ and has an OBP of around .400 every year. WOW. And he makes about 60% of Bay. So I guess you wouldn’t want that bum like Ryan Howard either. He does whiff a ton.
    And Torre isn’t in the Hall.

  15. As far as I’m concerned, Adam Done is Dave Kingman with more walks. He’s awful with runners on base, worse with RISP, and he cannot play any position adequately. At Citi, he’d be a disaster in LF. He’s got the worst RBI/HR ratio of any power hitter I know. If men are on, he either Ks or walks instead of driving them in.

    Howard actually hits better with runners on and RISP than with bases empty, is terrific in the clutch, and has become a decent 1Bman.

  16. i dont have a problem with tatis. he is a good one to have on the team, but he shouldnt start over murphy. murphy still may turn into a decent player. they shouldnt bury him for tatis.

  17. I agree, Dave. The edge Tatis gives over Garko is his versatility—he can get his ABs playing 3B or corner OF, while Murphy gets as much playing time as he earns. In any case, most SPs are RH, giving the LH Murphy most of the playing regardless of whom he platoons with.

    It’s interesting that last year we were looking for RH bats, and now (with the addition of Bay, Frenchy and possibly Molina) we’re overloaded from that side and looking for LH power. Carlos D could be that guy, and Murphy could be trade bait at mid-season for pitching help.

  18. I also like Tatis. Why look outside when you have your guy right in front of you. Tatis versitality gives him the edge over the others being mentioned. Dont think Delgado is coming back. I read he had another setback recently. He needs to go to the AL if anywhere.

  19. #15 Dunn is the perfect argument of sabremetrics vs old school baseball arguement. IMO he is over-rated by sabres and underrated by folks who focus too much on his Ks and poor average. While I would like to have Dunn on the team to compare him to Howard or Bay is just not right, he is not as good as either of them.

    The problem with Dunn is that he makes outs when they count, has a poor average and a really bad rep with RISP. The 40 HRs end up a tad overrated when it is all said and done, as does his big BB numbers. Good guy to have in the lineup for sure, but I will definitely take Bay.

    And that’s not even talking about his defense which is on the comical side of things.

  20. 21. The response was to the guy who said he’d prefer Tatis to Dunn. His point was the Ks. That’s why I added guys like Howard to the comparison. Dunn proved he was great protection for others as Zimmerman exploded with his bat behind him, If the Mets had signed Dunn for the two years he signed for, they would have had pop in the lineup in left to start the year and would have had a guy to replace Delgado when he went down for the two years everyone thinks it will take to have Davis MLB ready, Look at where he played and who had behind him his career before you criticize his numbers in the clutch.
    14. You original complaint against Dunn was his whiffs. Then you change your tune to clutch hitting… How much clutch hitting would Howard do with the guys behind him Dunn has had? He’d be better but not much better. At least with Dunn David Wright would have had a teammate to show him that he didn’t have to learn to hit like Castillo in Citi Field.