Dec. 31.09: Loose Threads.

Hi folks …. have shoveled myself out. Went to the post office with mail that needed to be postmarked by Dec. 31. Ran some errands. Ready for tonight to ring in the new year.

Loose Threads

Loose Threads

It’s slow now, so I’m posting another Loose Threads. Share what’s on your mind, be it your New Year’s resolutions … comment about the Jets game Sunday night … talk of the bowl games … give me a movie review … your plans for the weekend … and, of course, anything about baseball. My plans for the weekend include watching the Jets on Sunday and Ohio State tomorrow.

I’ll put up posts tomorrow and throughout the weekend, and after that, of course, every day.

10 thoughts on “Dec. 31.09: Loose Threads.

  1. What’s your prediction for the Rose Bowl?

    A couple of the local newsies think it’s going to be a high scoring blowout.

    I’m on the fence about that.

  2. Hey Sam … I think it will be high scoring. Don’t think a blowout …. Rooting for OSU….Let’s say 28-24. That’s just a guess. Happy New Year and thanks for being on the blog. Hope to see you posting again in 2010.-JD

  3. It is good we are turning the page on this year.

    It looks like the USA is finally starting to rise from the wall street ashes, slowly but surely.

    The NJ Giants laid a big fat egg. A new defensive coordinator will be in store for the new year.

    The Mets have done their annual dance down the drain this year.

    The Knicks still suck after Ewing and Van Gundy left the building.

    The Big 3 auto makers are no more. There is the big 1 left standing with the former king of the auto world on govt life support.

  4. Thoughts on New Year’s Eve 2009 –
    For me, sports has always been a big part of my life, ever since my Dad took me to “The Stadium” when I was a toddler. He was the one who put a golf club in my hands at age 5, and also took me to Yale Football, baseball, hockey and basketball games. He bought me my first transistor radio so I could listen to night games with it under the pillow.

    He’s not around to see it, but I’ll bet he would not be surprised to see his daughter as ‘Annie Savoy’ on a Mets Blog – thanks to another man named John who has spent his life working as a sportswriter. John calls sports the Toy Department, but it really isn’t. The late Red Smith – a noted sportswriter for the New York Times – wrote that “the best writing is on the sports pages”. John proves that.

    I’ve made some good friends here at “John Delcos’ New York Mets Report” and hope that all of you have a Happy New Year in 2010 and that all your wishes and hopes for the future come true.

    Thanks for being here.

  5. Happy New Year John and everyone, hope the next decade works out well for everyone here, and of course for the NY Mets

  6. So the Giants are continuing their stellar play from last week with a touchdown against them by a former player.

  7. Dave (8) I’m switching back and forth between the Giants and “Bull Durham”.