Dec. 29.09: Moments and memories of the decade.

The end of the year always brings moments and memories to mind. What was important during the year? What will I take with me into the new year? It’s a time for reflection, but this year also is the passing of a decade.

So, I ask you:

What was the most exhilarating moment of the decade?
The worst moment?
The one play that will stick in your mind?
The player of the decade?
The bust of the decade?

Scratch your heads, and let’s have the moments.

12 thoughts on “Dec. 29.09: Moments and memories of the decade.

  1. 1. Winning the 2000 NLCS
    2. Glavine getting shelled in last game in 07
    3. Endy’s catch. Greatest catch in playoff history. Now just a footnote
    4. That’s a tough one. Still has to be Piazza
    5. Roberto Alomar

  2. 1. making the playoffs in 2000 and going as far as they did.
    2. watching them implode in september 2 years ago. it wasn’t glavine. they were dead long before that game.
    3. endy. great catch. but he did that all year.
    4. piazza. dont like that he was most probably on roids during his time here. but he was head and shoulders above all other mets.
    5. the collapse in 07. worst team effort i have seen. they just mailed it in.

  3. 1) Piazza’s home run in the first game at Shea after 9/11 against the Braves. Off Steve Karsay, future member of the Yankee disabled list of highly paid stiffs.
    2) Leaving out 9/11, Armando Benitez blowing the lead in game 1 of the 2000 World Series. I’m not sure if the Mets would have won the series if they won game 1 but I knew they weren’t once juicehead Knoblach tied it.
    3) Beltran not swinging
    4) Piazza. Doesn’t Steve Traschel lead the Mets pitchers in wins for the decade?
    5) Has to be “future Hall of Famer” Roberto Alomar. Although why Edgardo Alfonso faded so quickly after being so great in 2000 is a mystery. Injury? PEDS (although he was never named)? Older than thought? He’s listed as only seven months older than Derek Sanderson Jeter.

  4. Steve: Endy’s catch doesn’t come close to the AGEE catch (catch # 1) in Game 3 or the Swoboda catch in game 4 or the Willie Mays catch in 54… Greatest catch in playoff history hardly. Not even in Met history.

    As for Delcos’ request… I assume ytou are talking sports??

    1. The Giants Super Bowl victory in # 42. Beating the perfect team with miraculous plays on the last drive. The only thing close in baseball was Maz’ HR to beat the Yankees in ’60.
    2. The HR given up by Aaron Heilman, Thanks Heilman, We’ll never forget, and obviously by your career after that pitch, neither will you.
    3. The catch in Super Bowl 42. When a bottom rung receiver catches a ball on his helmet after the QB escapes an obvious sack and heaves a ball in desperation in the final minutes of a championship game its hard to find anything better.
    4. AROD. The #s, the criticisms, the disastrous PR. He dominated baseball news from end to end.
    5. Omar Minaya.

  5. (5) Harry: I said playoffs…NOT world Series! :-) Agee’s catches by far were two of the greatest catches in World Series history.

  6. Im keeping it to the Mets
    1. 2000 LCS victory-boy that was a long time ago
    2. losing to the fish last game of 08. Last game at Shea and having the old timers come out after.
    3. Endys catch.
    4. Beltran
    5. Minaya.

  7. 6. I absolutely knew you would say that. Playoffs. There are no playoffs if you want to be a technical person about it. there are NL and AL divisional championship series’ and there are NL and AL championship series’ and there is one world series. My disagreement with you stands and is absolutely correct.
    Here is my link mr technicality of the day:
    Notice playoffs are never mentioned in the referencing to the 2006 post season.

  8. Sorry Harry , it’s what I meant. So to get technical with you, it’s the greatest catch ever in the National League Championship Series! Happy now? lol

    On Met notes, according to Francessa, Bay is a Met pending physicals with the announcement to come early next week.

  9. Most exhilarating Mets moment of the decade:
    Endy Chavez’s Spiderman-impersonating catch in NLCS Game 7 to rob Scott Rolen of a go-ahead homer. It was a surreal moment and Shea was delirious for what seemed like forever. We just absolutely knew then we were destined to get to the World Series, didn’t we? Too bad reality set in, in the bottom of that inning when we had the bases loaded one out and failed to score.

    Worst moment: The Cardinals celebrating on our field after Adam Wainwright’s ungodly backdoor curveball froze Carlos Beltran for strike three with the bases loaded and the tying run on second base and the winning run on first. Cliff Floyd also took a called third strike, but for some reason escaped the fans’ venom. Of course, Tom Glavine should’ve been up instead of Floyd, pinch-hitting to sacrifice runners to second and third.

    The one play that sticks in my mind:
    The one that changed the course of the 2006 NLCS: Scott Spiezio whacking Guillermo Mota’s third-best pitch, a slider — after swinging and missing twice at his changeup — deep to right and Shawn Green clumsily deflecting it off the wall into foul ground, resulting in a game-tying triple. Of course, Mota wouldn’t have been pitching in that situation — or even be on the Mets — and Aaron Heilman wouldn’t have been in Game 7 to allow Yadier Molina’s game-winning homer, if Duaner Sanchez had just stayed in and ordered room service in his Miami hotel room the night of July 30. If the Mets had hung on and won Game 2, the Mets would’ve won the series in six games.

    Mets player of the decade: Mike Piazza.
    The heart and soul of the team helped lead the Mets to their last World Series appearance, broke records, was easily the most popular Met and passed the torch of “face of the franchise” on to David Wright and Jose Reyes.

    Bust of the decade?
    Unfortunately, this category is the hardest to choose, because there were so many, from Mo Vaughn to Victor Zambano to Jeromy Burnitz. I’m giving this award to Roberto Alomar in a neck-and-neck race with Kazuo Matsui. Matsui was uber-hyped, but it was based on a previous career in Japan that 99.99 percent of Mets fans couldn’t see for themselves.
    Alomar came off a great previous year and we all saw his unparalleled defensive wizardry, smarts and clutch hitting — which immediately disappeared the moment he put on a Mets uniform.

  10. Just pulling on you Steve O. I knew what you meant. If i had heard that Bay had signed it wouldn’t have been even thought about.

  11. 1. What was the most exhilarating moment of the decade?
    Bobby Valentine and his Ground Zero volunteerism using Shea as a staging and collections ground.

    2. The worst moment?
    Roger Clemens throwing a broken bat at Mike Piazza

    3. The one play that will stick in your mind?
    Glavine’s failure to get out of the first inning in 07.

    4. The player of the decade?
    John Olerud

    5. The bust of the decade?
    Mo Vaughn