The Mets reached an agreement with outfielder Jason Bay and pending a physical will make the announcement next week. The news has been confirmed by other news outlets.

BAY: Mets to get their man.

BAY: Mets to get their man.

The deal is $66 million over four years with a vesting option for a fifth year that would bring the total value of the package to $80 million.

It had been widely speculated Bay did not want to play for the Mets and used them to drive up the price with Boston. The Red Sox, after signing John Lackey, seemingly pulled out of the Bay negotiating, but two days before Christmas reappeared as pursuers.

The sticking point was Bay wanting a fifth year, but the Mets held steadfast to their position of four years. The Red Sox cut off negotiations based on this stance. There were multiple reports coming out of Boston the Red Sox were concerned to the point where they believed the 31-year-old Bay would eventually have to be switched to DH by the end of his contract.

Bay hit 36 homers with 119 RBI and will add pop to a line-up that produced 95 homers last year. Bay gives the Mets the left field power bat the team coveted, but they still have holes with their rotation.

Here’s a look at potentially the Mets’ order for 2010:

SS Jose Reyes
2B Luis Castillo
CF Carlos Beltran
LF Jason Bay
3B David Wright
RF Jeff Francoeur
1B Daniel Murphy
C Omir Santos
P Johan Santana (and four question marks)

While Bay is an obvious upgrade to the offense, there remain numerous holes in the Mets’ rotation. The Mets finished fourth without Bay last season and can finish fourth with him in 2010 if they don’t upgrade the rotation, which includes:

1) Johan Santana coming off surgery.
2) Mike Pelfrey taking a step back.
3) John Maine coming off surgery.
4) Oliver Perez coming off surgery and trying to overcome his inconsistent past.
5) Who knows who will be the fifth starter?

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  1. If its true that he is signing on for 4 and 65mm its time to eat some crow John Delcos. Kudos to Omar for waiting it out.

  2. Ray (1): I wrote the Mets should have told Bay their best offer was on the table and to take it or leave it. Don’t see the need to eat crow. They evidently thought the same.-JD

  3. Ray (1): But, you’re right in one aspect. I thought the Mets should have put pitching ahead of Bay, so if that’s the crow you’re thinking of, I have no problem with it.-JD

  4. Cue the old Men at Work song, “It’s a Mistake.”
    If the team’s most pressing need is improving an awful starting rotation (where we have an elite ace coming off an injury, a perennial underachiever in the No. 2 slot, a perennially injured No. 3, the most erratic pitcher in baseball at No. 4 and a hole at No. 5), then how does spending $65M on a big-name left-fielder solve that problem?
    It’s a typical flashy Omar signing to attempt to placate the disgruntled fan base.
    How meanigful will Bay’s power be next year, in games the Mets are already trailing big in, because the starting pitching (other than Johan Santana) failed?
    The Mets don’t only have to catch up to the Phillies. They also have to catch up to the Braves and Marlins.
    How does this signing — even when added to Omar’s other moves this off-season — make us any better than the other clubs within our division that performed better last year?

  5. Gil (5): If this move was to placate the fan base, then it was a mistake. Pitching is their biggest problem. If you make moves to please fans, you end up sitting with them in the stands. …. I’m in agreement, Bay was not the Mets’ priority. They finished fourth without him and can finish fourth with him.-JD

  6. If I understand the chain of events right, the Red Sox decided to spend their money on pitching (Lackey) so the Mets are getting their leftovers. Apparently a 5th year is easily obtainable if Bay is healthy and he will be the third highest paid Met.

    This move could work out if (nearly) everyone returns healthy but my gut feeling is the guy with two rings in the last decade (Theo Epstein) is the smart one. As Jerry Coleman told the Sporting News last month why the Yankees won 5 straight 60 years ago “I can not emphasize it enough. Pitching. PITCHING. How many letters is that?”

  7. John (6) We’ve got lots of outages here due to the wind, but so far the computer is still working well enough so that I can agree with your post. Im not sure they can even finish fourth.

  8. 6 Exactly. This move makes the Mets at best, marginally better than last year.
    Any fans rejoicing at this signing better take a look at last year’s reality and see that the Mets were 16 games behind Atlanta, 17 behind Florida and 23 behind Philly.
    Omar’s solutions to the obvious pitching problem has been:
    1. Retaining the pitching coach who presided over a staff that walked the most hitters of any NL club
    2. Signing and thus depending upon two free agents (Ryota Igarashi and Kelvim Escobar) who have pitched a combined total of five innings in the Majors in the last two seasons while passing on established relievers
    3. Signing the godlike Elmer Dessens and the legendary catcher Henry Blanco
    4. Doing absolutely nothing (yet) to improve the starting rotation.

  9. As a Met Fan:

    Yahoo! we have a power bat to give protection to our other hitters. He is a righty too which balances the lineup. possible 5th year vesting is a compromise.

    As a Realist:

    As JD and others say, we need pitching. Of course we already have the best pitching staff in the NL so wat, me worry?

  10. Dan (8): With the vesting option for a fifth year obtainable if Bay stays healthy, it’s almost the same as caving on the extra year. … Bay might had a few victories with his bat, but not enough to compensate for the holes in the rotation.-JD

  11. Let’s look at the bright side. Because of our lousy record, the Mets get to keep their first round pick in the amateur draft. That might mean more if the Mets can learn how to restock a farm system.

  12. dave (12): That does make for a coincidence. The Giants had been linked to Bay, but not as a serious pursuer. When the dust settles, we might find out the Mets did bid against themselves.-JD

  13. About the starting rotation…they can use help. But no available starting pitcher is as good as Jason Bay is an outfielder. For the umpteenth time, the free agent market isn’t chalkfull of great or even good pitching. Pitching will now come from a trade IMO.

  14. Steve (17): But, there is enough quality pitching to upgrade the Mets’ rotation and keep guys like Figueroa and Redding from making starts.-JD

  15. (15) JD: You can’t have it both ways. If Omar doesn’t sweeten the deal, the reports say that he should have if Bay was the guy they wanted. If he sits back and Bay signs elsewhere, the reports say that Omar wasn’t aggressive enough. He can’t win. I think the 4 year deal with the vesting option for a 5th which I am sure is based on health and performance, is very fair.

  16. (18)So JD you want to sign crap to compete with more crap? At 7.5 million per year? Tell me who exactly are these “quality guys” you speak of?

  17. OK, Steve, suppose you’re right. Exactly who can the Mets offer up of any real value to get starting pitching help?
    If you’re the GM of another club, would you really give up one of your top starting pitchers for Mike Pelfrey, Daniel Murphy, Bobby Parnell, Angel Pagan or Luis Castillo? Or even a prospect like Fernando Martinez, whose days in Metland now appear numbered?
    Wouldn’t it make more sense if you’re the Mets NOT to trade what few prospects there are in the system (Brad Holt, Jennry Mejia, Ike Davis) and instead go the free agent route for pitching?

  18. (10) Gil: Who are these established relievers you speak of that the Mets passed on?

  19. Steve (19): As a qualifier, I did say “might,” learn they bid against themselves. But, you’re right, Omar gets roasted if Bay goes elsewhere.-JD

  20. Steve (20): Wouldn’t you rather have Pineiro over Figueroa? Wolf and Marqus are gone, but they would have been an upgrade over Perez and the bag of balls that would have been the fifth starter.-JD

  21. Gil (21): I think the FA market is the way to go because the Mets need to let their farm system develop. Maybe those chips will be played at the trade deadline.-JD

  22. Gil: You have no idea (and neither do I,) of what rival GM’s think of the prospects the Mets have. If the Braves had any interest in trading Vasquez to the Mets, a package of Pagan/Parnell/Mejia is equal or better than the package the Yanks gave up IMO. So, you never know.

  23. 22 Steve O: Matt Capps, Justin Duchscherer, Fernando Rodney, Mike Gonzalez and Brandon Lyon.

  24. Piniero? Not for 4 years which is what he is asking. And who knows if he is a product of Dave Duncan…look at Looper who pitched well for the Cards and then was awful for the Brewers. Wolf was asking for too much $$$ and I think you all know my feelings on Marquis. Also please rememeber that we aren’t exactly ready for pitchers and catchers to report.

  25. 22 In fact, Duchscherer was converted to a starter last year with Oakland, won 10 games, posted a 2.54 ERA and made the All Star team. He sure would’ve helped the Mets rotation for ’10.

  26. jd(16)

    yes. we get a good pick – not necessarily a good player.

    and omar and jerry are that much closer to the door.

  27. Steve (26/28): There’s no dispute to what you’re saying. The Mets would have to overpay for pitching regardless. I’d rather have them overpay for pitching than overpay for Bay.-JD

  28. 26 Steve: If the Mets prospects were so highly regarded by other clubs, then why weren’t the Blue Jays beating down the Mets door to shop Roy Halladay to them? And the Braves wouldn’t deal Vazquez within their own division. And all anyone has to do to learn what other GMs think of the Mets prospects is to read Baseball America. Other teams’ scouts have for years been bashing the Mets’ farm system.

  29. Omar had to sign this guy.

    He was the best option available. The good pitchers are gone and Holliday is represented by an agent you do not want to deal with.

    We need power and Bay brings that.

    I hope that Omar now gets at least one of the retread pitchers out there to bring some options to camp. He should sign two, but he won’t.

  30. Gil: Come on now. Rodney, Capps, and Gonzalez all signed on to be Closers. Did you forget the Mets have one? Brandon Lyon got a RIDDICULOUS deal from the Astros and they will regret the contract. Duscherer is coming off injuries not only to his elbow but to his psyche. Do you really think he’d be a fit in New York of all places? You’ll have to do better.

  31. (35) JD: The Mets have offensive holes at 1b, C, LF, and potentially RF. Believe me, Offense is an important need.

  32. (37) JD: It’s not the point. The point is that the Mets “could have” put together a package like the Yankees did. Which means it would have been enough to get a good pitcher.

  33. Steve (36): Interesting you mentioned a bruised psyche. Bay played in Pittsburgh, where there was no media pressure, and Boston, where in replacing Manny Ramirez he could do no wrong. But, as the supposed missing piece, I’m curious as to how he’ll respond in New York.-JD

  34. 36 Steve: Lavish any player with enough money and he’ll adjust to any new role.
    I’d have gladly overpaid for Mike Gonzalez or Matt Capps.
    Did you forget the immortal J.J. Putz was also a closer and then last year with the Mets said all the right things (for a while, anyway) about being a setup guy?
    If everything had gone right last year for Putz, he’d have stayed healthy, been the best setup man in baseball on a winning team, then left as a free agent for a rich contract with another team and a chance to close again.
    Instead, Putz the once-elite closer is a damaged-goods setup guy with the White Sox.

  35. Gil: The Mets aren’t looking at a starter of Halladay’s calibur. The Jays had better options out there and Halladay didn’t want to go to the Mets.

  36. Steve (44): Lackey didn’t want to play for the Mets, either. The Mets’ only real option to improve their rotation is to overpay in the FA market.-JD

  37. (41) Gil: OY…they TRADED for Putz. He didn’t have a choice. Capps HAD the choice to go to the Cubs to set up or the Nats to close. Guess where he chose!!!!!!! Gonzalez got 6 mil per year as a CLOSER for the Orioles. Do you really think in your right mind that the Mets were going to pay that much for a set up man?

  38. 44 Steve: Yes, the Mets definitely WERE looking at starters of Halladay’s caliber and still should be.
    Look at the abyss after Santana!
    Do you really have confidence that Pelfrey, Maine, Perez and a starter to be named later are going to get it done next year?
    Why not offer an incentive-laden deal to Erik Bedard? I hope they do sign Joel Pineiro. Maybe if the Mets are lucky, Ben Sheets and his agent will get off the pipe and lower their ridiculous contract demands, so we could have a shot at signing him.
    That old baseball adage is true: You can never have enough good pitching.

  39. (47) JD: So adding dreck like Jason Marquis, overpaying for Randy Wolf would have made you happy with the rotation?

  40. Gil (49): Sheets is nuts to think somebody will give him $12 million a season. But, I guess I’m nuts to think somebody wouldn’t be stupid enough to do it. I hope it isn’t the Mets.-JD

  41. John (47) Only with Santana, Niese can pitch a nice game, but not with any consistency – the other three are stale left-overs.

  42. 48 Steve, in my right mind, I never thought the Mets would pay $13M a year for baseball’s most erratic pitcher; $6M a year for a second baseman with chronically bad knees whose best days were behind him; reward an admitted steroid cheat with a two-year deal; and spent almost $11M for three years on a mediocre lefty swingman coming off a knee surgery.
    But guees what?
    The Mets did all of the above, so no, it wouldn’t have surprised me if the Mets had overspent on a setup man, which is much more of a pressing need now than a starting left fielder.

  43. (49) I am in for Bedard or if his riddiculous contract demands come down, Sheets. How do you know if Omar isn’t thinking the same way? It’s still early!!! As far as adding a guy like Halladay, hell if you look back to last year you’ll see me post that the Mets instead of looking at Lowe and Perez, they should have tried to sign Sabathia. But short sighted Omar knew that he had already got his top starter the year before, so why bother.

  44. (56) Gil: So why would you want them to continue to make the same bad decisions? Shouldn’t you be happy as a Met fan that Omar didn’t choose to do that?

  45. Steve …. I don’t want to give Pineiro four years, but to get a reliable starter, and I guess that means somebody who’ll give them six innings every time out, they just might have to. … The pitching market is far from great. And, had they spent the Bay money on pitching there would still be a hole in left. I understand the rock and a hard place the Mets are situated. That’s why I don’t want to give away the farm system unless it’s proven quality in return. Quality is costly in salary and the prospects needed to attain it.-JD

  46. (53) Not for that money. Reporters would be crushing Omar if he signed Marquis to the contract the Nats gave or signed Wolf for 3 years. Come on….you know it…lol

  47. gil(49)

    we have enough damaged goods players on this team. we need to sign reliable pitchers to improve.

    harry had it right a week ago. baby steps. get players you can rely on. not players you hope will find a miracle cure.

    we have done that enough in the past and got what we deserve.

    delgado – for the past 2 years. he will be healthy.
    pedro – he will be healthy this year.

  48. JD: If the Mets could get Piniero for 2 years, I’d go for that. But I would still be nervous that you weren’t getting the Dave Duncan version.

  49. You are all talking about pitchers, but did you realize that Molina hasn’t signed yet? If he doesn’t, who’s your guy? A catcher named Molina always has value.

  50. Regarding guys like Rafael Soriano and Mike Gonzalez…if I were Braves fans i’d be really pissed. Replacing those two with Saito and Wagner? Good for the Mets!

  51. (63) Annie: It’s a sad crop of free agent catchers out there. If he still wants 3 years like Francessa said, you have to matter how badly the Mets need a catcher. At this point, I would try to sign Barajas or Olivo. They both give you pretty much the same offense and defense that Molina can give you , IMO. What’s most important is to get someone in there to make sure that we don’t see Thole behind the plate this year.

  52. Dave (65) I think it’s Bengie and he wants three years instead of two… not positive about this…

  53. 56 Steve: To me, signing Capps or Gonzalez would’ve been good decisions.
    I’m unhappy as a Mets fan that Omar Minaya is still calling the shots. His decisions after the 2006 season have caused the Mets to regress, not progress. Where he’d be better served being a pragmatic realist, Minaya is an eternal optimist. Where Minaya should be skeptical about trade proposals, he’s surprisingly naive.
    He doesn’t get that sometimes the best acquistions are the tiniest, not the biggest — look at the Phillies’ under the radar pickups of guys like Jayson Werth and Shane Victorino, who both were available to any team that wanted them, went on to become All-Stars and helped transform that team.
    I mean, come on. If your most pressing home imporvement need was patching up a leaky roof, would you run out and buy a new flat screen TV?

  54. (68) The Braves IMO had a chance to take a huge step forward. A full year of Tommy Hanson added to the rotation, a good bullpen with Soriano and Gonzalez. But now trading Vasquez and having to rely on Tim Hudson brings them back to the pack IMO. Troy Glaus doesn’t exactly scare me. (Though he would have been an excellent signing to platoon with Murphy at 1b)

  55. Gil: As far as Omar goes, I too would prefer that someone else was in charge. I would also prefer that Jeff Wilpon wasn’t in charge either for that matter. Not much we can do about that at this point. But it is important to give the guy some credit here. I think he has handled this offseason well (so far.)

  56. 69 Steve: Miguel Olivo and Jose Reyes in the same clubhouse? Now THAT would be interesting.
    Those two would have to kiss and make up after their ’07 on-field fight.
    And what’s with the skepticism about Bengie Molina? He runs a 4.1, 40-yard dash — four hours and one minute.

  57. Also Gil, if the Mets could sign Pat Gillick to be the GM, i’d be all on board. lol

  58. John (70) You type faster than I do.

    All this talk about players – how about the field itself – wonder if the third baseman will be able to get the ball over the fence more than a dozen times this year? Will the Mets remodel a bit?

  59. (77) Gil: From what I remember, wasn’t Reyes surprised because he thought he and Olivo were friends? I’m sure that blew over.

  60. 73, 75 Steve, I completely agree with your idea that Troy Glaus would’ve been a good platoon partner for Daniel Murphy — that would’ve made Murphy’s presence at first base tolerable.
    But are you really saying that in addition to signing Jason Bay that signing Alex Cora, Chris Coste, Henry Blanco, Elmer Dessens, Kelvim Escobar and Ryota Igarashi and bringing in the standard Minor League flotsam and jetsam that Omar Minaya has “handled this off-season well”?
    No way.
    The Mets are now, at best, a 78-win club — not even .500.
    You know who’s done wonders for his club as a GM? The Mariners’ Jack Zduriencik.
    What a turnaround he’s engineered in Seattle — they improved by 24 games last year.
    And how fitting that it started last year with his pawning J.J. Putz, Sean Green and Jeremy Reed on the Mets.

  61. (82) Ouch. That’s a low blow to Reyes my man. Considering he missed a total of 15 games the previous 4 years before last, is really unfair.

  62. (83) Gil: with the exception of signing Cora, he hasn’t overpaid for anyone. He’s on the verge of signing the best or second best OF available. The top pitcher on the market who compares favorably to Kevin Appier did not want to pitch for the Mets. Gil, your measure of success is overpaying every free agent available. I disagree with you wholeheartedly.

  63. John (81)

    Before concussions moved to the first page of the Sports Sections, I would have said that David would have to adjust, but now, with a lot of new information coming out, I wonder what the after – effects will be.

  64. Annie (87): There were moments when he stepped in the bucket and looked afraid of the pitch after he came back. He’ll say he’s fine. That much I know. But, will he?-JD

  65. (88) JD: What kind of choices are those? LOL. How about:

    “Are you happy about the Mets signing Jason Bay?”

    A. Yes
    B. No

    No one has said that they no longer can spend on pitching to improve the club.

  66. jd

    voted for bay, not that i think offense is the top priority, but we covered the reasons already

  67. 86 Steve, no way is my measure of success for a baseball GM is someone who overpays for everyone. That’s the Yankee way.
    My measure of success for a baseball GM is the following:
    1. Taking the long view of a franchise’s success, not sucumbing to fan and media pressure for the quick fix, through unwise high-profile and high dollar signings
    2. Hiring the best amateur and professional talent evaluators available as scouts and assistants
    3. Wisely investing capital in developing a top-flight farm system that will for years sustain a reservoir of talent to ensure a team will be a contender for many years
    4. Adding via trade and free agency talented established pitchers and position players to complement the young talent that has risen through the ranks of the minor league system
    5. Hiring a manager who will best lead the team
    In short, my ideal GM is the person who built the Mets and molded them during their most successful years, from 1984 to 1990 — J. Frank Cashen.
    Why his business plan hasn’t become an operative template for the Mets to restore the team back to respectability, competitiveness and longterm success is beyond explanation.

  68. (94)JD: If there is a pitcher out there that is worthwhile that makes sense and is worth the money he is asking, I believe that the Mets won’t hold back.

  69. dave (90): According to, here’s the remaining FA market for catchers:

    Brad Ausmus (41)
    Paul Bako (38)
    Rod Barajas (34) – Type B, offered arb
    Michael Barrett (33)
    Toby Hall (34)
    Bengie Molina (35) – Type A, not offered arb
    Jose Molina (35)
    Miguel Olivo (31) – Type B, not offered arb
    Mike Redmond (39)
    Yorvit Torrealba (31) – Type B, not offered arb
    Javier Valentin (34)

    Not really awe inspiring, is it? But, still not bad enough to give Bengie three years.-JD

  70. (95) I was just talking about how you want this offseason handled. Your general overall view of how a franchise should be run is spot on.

  71. john(101)

    i think one of the differences is that the mets are a dysfunctional club. we desperately need offense/defense/pitching.

    the sox knew that in order to compete they had to go pitching. that is what they got.

  72. Have to find out why the coach took Peyton out of the game on Sunday. I was crushed.
    Night all.

  73. Steve: Thanks.
    But part of the problem is today’s fan and media pressure for a big market club to try and win immediately at all costs; to reload, rather than rebuild.

  74. Gil (107): You’re spot on about that. The fan base wouldn’t have tolerated rebuilding. I believe the media, if told that was the plan, would have been more forgiving. Don’t forget, in New York there is also the Yankee variable.-JD

  75. gil(107)

    the problem with this team is fundamental.

    no farm.
    no defense
    no pitching

    we have offense when healthy.

    we need a foundation. it is not about reloading. it is about wrecking and building a foundation. we have more holes than can be filled in one year.

    this team does not realize that.

  76. i dont love the signing, as waiting til next yrs class was my plan but i am hopeful for us and bay…his power will be welcome but i still think lowering the walls in left a few feet (enough to put the retired #s up a la shea), and getting rid of that silly cove in right (where DW hits a lot of oppo drives) would be nice…as of now


    not awful, not earth shattering which is why i think saving this $ for next yr would have been smarter…Hudson would be an upgrade for castillo in terms of gap hitting and a fit like crawford in LF or an alternative power bat to bay would have been my plan but lets go mets and come on jbay

    need a C
    fill in BP
    trade Castillo/sign hudson (a bit overrated at this pt by mets fans but i like his attitude and game)

  77. 101. I’ll agree with you Delcos that Epstein is a quality GM, but answer this, howcome he gave Lowell a contract 2 years too long, and how comehe gave big Papi a contract at least 2 years too long??? The idea that he has some super knpwledge about when a guy’s body collpses is a real crapshot.

  78. harry

    i’ll answer the papi thing.

    he didnt know that getting off the drugs would make him a bat boy. he was the most feared hitter.

  79. 114. Why not Delcos.. You say he has such great knowledge that Omar doesn’t have. So what you’re really saying is that if you deem a guy as great then he has valid excuses for his bad moves, and if he isn’t deemed as great then he makes bad deals because he makes the deals your genius didn’t make. Well, if boy genius Epstein is so smart about Bay’s future, how could he not be sso smaret about Lowell’s?

  80. #114, He still overpaid for both players (and everyone in the world knew Ortiz had the drug issues, so come on. He also heavily overpaid for Lackey as well.

    Honestly, I would rather be spending this money on Bay than Lackey right now, I think all said and done Bay gives you more over his 4 years than Lackey will and he doesn’t have a 5th year to pay for.

    This team needs pitching, but if you can’t get the pitching you want (which really wasn’t there), then you upgrade the rest of the club. I am still hoping for a reasonable deal for Piniero and I think we will definitely have another FA pitcher in the rotation next year, but overall this is about what I wanted this off season.

    We spent money but we didn’t make any of the gigantic mistakes. I would have preferred a bit less money on Bay, but I did NOT want Holliday for 100 million or Lackey for 85 million. We couldn’t have picked up Holladay so I think we are doing pretty well so far.

    It will be interesting to see what Holliday comes up with now that we have Bay. I am beginning to think he will end up with a Manny type short contract for big money but short years to redo this again.

    And John, you have to eat crow because you swore the Mets couldn’t get him at this deal, that they were throwing out a “token” offer to appease fans and just yesterday you were ranting on how the Mets would make no upgrades.

  81. #83 ohh please, that deal last year for Putz was a good move at the time for the Mets and while he had an injured year that was a washaway, he was a good risk investment at the time. And I will definitely take you up on a bet on the over for 78 wins. This team isn’t where I want it to be, but I am fairly pleased with this off season, we didn’t overspend on over-rated talent and we will be much more competitive next year where we can really asses what parts of this team are we building around and what parts need to go after the year.

  82. JamesSC (116): You could make the argument any contract is overpaying, but in the end you and Harry are correct in that those deals didn’t pan out as hoped for. … I hadn’t considered the short option and doing it again. It’s an interesting idea. But, Boras’ reputation is to go as long as possible. If more money is added to the reported eight years, I believe they’ll go the long way. … Initially, I said $90 million would get it done, not $65 million. But, with the vesting option it is all but a five-year deal worth $80 million. That’s pretty close.-JD

  83. 2. John, do you remember the thread “Mets offer Bay 4 yr. 65 million. Why bother? later you said you would be willing to bet he wouldnt accept that offer. you lose.

  84. To be fair to John. He was right. By all accounts Bay wanted nothing to do with Queens and the 4/65 offer.

    He and his agent realized that was the last, best offer so they took it.

    I think in retrospect, at the time John was right.

    In the end, he was wrong. They ended up coming back to the offer.

    How is that for fence sitting?

  85. A vesting option is not exactly the “same” as a 5 year deal as he would have to be healthy and playing for the first four which gives you protection on that last year that you dont have otherwise.

    Besides, I didn’t think we have a confirmation on the vesting option, and there are different levels of vesting, if it requires 150 games a year that is very different than 100 in the last year or something.

  86. #120, well considering some are arguing that he bid against himself or didn’t understand the market, I would say that it was Omar that was right not John :)

  87. BTW, MetsBlog and FAN saying that Bengie Molina signing is immenent. If he got him at 1 year and a vesting option that would be some nice work by Omar. I can live with a 2 year deal but would prefer 1 + vesting.

  88. this time I am on the side of The optmists on this page. Take a bow Steve the original and James in sc. apoligies to anyone I missed. Omar got his man once again and only for five mil over what his preferred team offered. good job. molina on a two year deal? sorry, I know he is slow but how many fast catchers are around? my only complaint is they should have gotten him a long time ago. Bay is going to make up Delgados production. The option, which we dont know the exacts on provide the mets protection. sorry, its not the fifth year guaranteed as some here want to project.

  89. for those complaing about the mets not addressing thier pitching problems, Fmart is now available to any team that wants a teenage hitting machine gone bad. the question is what he can bring back. we are all hoping for arroyo.

  90. 124. Very impressive comments Sadecki! Bay does repace Delgado’s power. And those that are now complaining that he didn’t get a top pitcher would have complained he didn’t get a power hitter if he had gotten Lackey or Halladay. He improved the team today. A lot.
    117. Oh please exactly James. It takes a true true Met hater to suggest the Seattle turn around started the day they made a trade to get nothing.
    118. No GM is gonna make all good moves Delcos. That’s why we’re all here. To blast away at the mistakes.

  91. 126. thanks for the support chiti, checks in the mail. should arrive any year now. Bay is gonna help this team. pitching help will come. people like to forget the mets were very close the last few years except lsst when almost the whold team was on the DL. to bring back an old but great saying from the seventies come off it man.

  92. didnt the immortal epstein recently sign lugo to a ridicolus contract recently? Weremt tthe sox crying about the yanks signing contraras away from them? How smart do they look on the Dicek signing now? Epstien has made plenty of mistakes. Delcos you continue to be the most negative mets poster on your own blog.

  93. (124) Ray: I’m getting closer to turning you to the dark side. Now if I can get the notion out of your head that F-Mart is too old to be a serious prospect at the age of 21, your training will be complete! :-)