Dec. 28.09: What to do with Parnell?

Since the Mets have Kelvim Escobar plugged into the set-up role it leaves them with a decision to make on Bobby Parnell.

PARNELL: What to do with him?

PARNELL: What to do with him?

Do they leave him in the bullpen in a less pressurized role, or if their long-term projection is for him as a starter, do they send him to the minors in that capacity?

The Mets bounced Parnell around last year from a seventh-inning reliever, to set-up reliever when JJ Putz was injured to the rotation when the roof caved in.

Parnell has a starter’s arm, but is lacking in the development of his secondary pitches. That was apparent in his stint last September as a starter. Parnell did not pitch well, but with the season lost, I thought the Mets should have stayed with him longer in the rotation. It could have only helped in his development.

I don’t know where the Mets’ thinking currently is on Parnell. If they like him in the pen, then keep him in the pen on the major league level where he had some success. But, if they believe he’s a starter, then they should have him start the season in the minors in that capacity.

However, and this is where the Mets’ lack of depth hurts them again, their bullpen is so weak they might not have any other option but to use him in relief, further delaying his development as a starter.

19 thoughts on “Dec. 28.09: What to do with Parnell?

  1. It would be very Mets-like to make a decision on a healthy pitcher based on the signing of a guy who hasn’t pitched basically for 2 years.
    You probably don’t know where the Met thinking is because there is no thinking. They’ll let all of us know all 114 different decisions they make about Parnell in the Manuel comedy hour when it returns in the Spring.

  2. Parnell’s place is the pen. Like you said, without even a secondary pitch, the starting rotation is out of the question.

  3. John,

    I remember those discussions on Parnell last year.

    I would send him to AAA to learn how to pitch.


  4. It looks like the Mets have been stocking up on hard throwing relievers who replicate parnell. Ryoshi, escobar and they already have Stokes. I would send Parnell down for a year and hope he can become a starter.

  5. 3. Thanks, I’m so glad a Long Island beat guy is trying to make me happy. You all totally misunderstood my stuff on the issue. We’ll try again next name that gets attention!

  6. Package him with Mike Pelfrey or Daniel Murphy and trade him for some starting pitching help.

  7. Gil(7)

    I would not trade pelf unless it is for someone good. Not just an arm.

    I think Pelf has some good stuff. He needs to work on his secondary stuff and he needs to trust himself.

    he gets hit when he goes up in the zone. he is not far away. i think it is mostly confidence. his coaches and teamates need to believe in him and most importantly he needs to believe in himself.

  8. I dont think Parnell is worth very much on the trade market right now. His ERA was over 7 as I recall.

  9. I think Parnell had a good year all things considered.

    At one point he was the man in the pen. He has his faults. Mostly just having a fastball.

    But he was a AA pitcher the year before if I recall. He needs time to learn to pitch. His manager did him no favors by making him a yo-yo. Then again, his manager did not have a good year. He set Murphy up to fail. Buried Church on more than one occasion. Couldn’t figure out a batting order. Other things were beyond his control, but I do not respect him as a manager of the team. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word team.

  10. dave (4): A guy with Parnell’s arm should either be a starter or a closer. I’d start him at Triple A and see where he goes. … The fact they’ll likely go with Parnell to work out of the pen shows how desperate their pitching situation is.-JD

  11. Gil (7): Just who do you have in mind the deal for? I’m not ready to give up on the futures of Pelfrey or Parnell so I’d be reluctant to deal them.-JD

  12. Parnell was never that good in the minors. I’m not exactly on his bandwagon. Not that the minors are the be all and end all, but I find it hard to take seriously a guy with such “electric stuff,” never dominated in the minors with the exception of his first season in Brooklyn.

  13. We don’t have too many young guys to get excited about. Parnell is one of them. He actually helped the team last year. One of 3 actually.


    Parnell has a fastball. Like Pelfrey he needs to learn to throw 2 other pitches.

    Ideally, both should be in the minors this year.

  14. Steve (15): Yes, Parnell was not good in the minors. Had his role been defined, and stuck with, he might have shown some progression in his development.-JD

  15. (18) JD: Not sure what you mean. Every game Parnell pitched in the minors he started. His role was defined at the beginning of the year which was reliever. When the Mets fell out of contention and the season was lost, they decided to give him a shot as a starter. When he failed miserably, they moved him back to the pen. The Mets handled Parnell fine. I think Met fans are so desparate to have a successful minor leaguer, that they try to make someone better than they are. I might be doing that myself with F-Mart. But at least in his case, he has had some success at the highest of minors.