8 thoughts on “Dec. 27.09: For all you history buffs ….

  1. Too bad you missed the date for the Staub for Lolich trade that one was even better. This trade was the result of Hampton bolting. Phillips signed Appier in desperation to replace him. Interesting that Appiers numbers at that time are about the same as lackeys now for thier careers. Also interesting coincidence that both pitchers were instrumental in the Angels 2002 championship. Vaughn will forever be the poster boy of Phillips regime. Not a good way to be remembered.

  2. I never understood why they got an overweight over the hill player hoping he would be an all star

  3. “We may miss Mo Vaughn’s bat, but we won’t miss his leadership”-Troy Percival. Mo Vaughn got off 35 expletives in a ten minute tirade responding to that.

    Only the Mets would decide to trade for an overweight player who missed a year after seeing him hit off a tee.

    Ray Sadecki is right about the Staub for Lolich trade being based on even worse logic.

  4. Reality check: Vaughn’s contract was _insured_. As such, it was a no-lose situation for the Mets: Either he would be productive or he would essentially be a salary dump (in this case, Appier’s contract).

    For those of you scoring at home, the Mets got the better end of the Vaughn-Appier deal.

  5. 6 Tiffany, This wasnt one of the worst trades, but the mets got lucky that Vaughns knee went out. What if he just sucked because he was a lazy, fat player on a guaranteed contract. (which he was) What if he insisted he wanted to keep playing? By the way arent most players contracts insured? Wagner being the exception? (probably an oversight by Omar)

  6. Yeah, I don’t get the problem here, Appier was terrible too and Vaughn ended up as a Salary dump.

    How is this a horrible trade, it really didn’t end up good or bad overall.

    Not a great day in Mets history or anything, but it isn’t like we gave up Reyes in the deal or something.