Dec. 26.09: Pitching market not great ….

The real trend-setter for starting pitcher’s contracts isn’t John Lackey but Randy Wolf, he of the 101-85 career record in 11 years (basically 10-9 a season), who signed a three-year contract with Milwaukee for $29.75 million.

Ben Sheets, despite his injury history, wants $12 million per season and Joel Pineiro wants a four-year deal with a higher annual average than Wolf. Aroldis Chapman, the Cuban defector who has never thrown a pitch in the major leagues, has a $15.5 million offer on the table from the Red Sox.

Also, lurking are Pedro Martinez, Erik Bedard, John Smoltz, Randy Johnson and Brett Myers. There are three Hall of Famers there, but that’s in the future and past tenses. Present tense, well, they aren’t much better than whom the Mets have now.

For the Mets to add pitching, their choices are to overpay for mediocrity, or in the case of Sheets, take a health gamble. The Mets are gambling their current rotation will progress, and if it doesn’t, then at least they have the economics on their side (save Oliver Perez).

Not encouraging, is it?

28 thoughts on “Dec. 26.09: Pitching market not great ….

  1. Out of that group, I would take Myers. Domestic issues from several years ago dont concern me. He has a great arm, can start or relive and is not over the hill.

  2. Yuck! That’s all that is out there? I thought Gardner and all the other mediocre pitchers are out there?

    I don’t like this group. Do not know mayers. don’t want pedro.

    But we have to improve the rotation. Get some guys in the 8 million dollar range for a one year and go from there.

    Our rotation sucks. We need competition. There is none. they are pathetic.

  3. The Kelvim Escobar signing makes a lot of sense, but it’s disappointing that the Mets were so enamored of Bay — who obviously doesn’t want to play for them — that they let that obsession get in the way of pursuing quality relievers like Matt Capps, Mike Gonzalez and Fernando Rodney, all of whom are now off the board.
    Let’s hope the Mets sign Met-killer Joel Pineiro for the rotation.
    And I’m wondering what kind of starting pitching the Mets might be able to get if they were to package Mike Pelfrey and Daniel Murphy in some kind of deal…

  4. Gil (3): If you’re not going to add to the rotation, then build up the bullpen because they are going to be used. Capps, Gonzalez and Rodney represent lost opportunities. … But, whatever happened to multi-tasking? Just because they were hot on Bay doesn’t excuse letting the others slide. The Yankees and Red Sox seem to be able to concentrate on more than one thing.-JD

  5. Omar only multitasks on the crap signings. All the thrown away has-beens come in bunches.

    The major signings are all serial. When he went after Johan there was nothing else going on.

    Same with Bay.

  6. 1. Besides being a jerk who beats up his wife, he’s just about as big a jerk in the clubhouse. You can have him, in Arizona. Keep that a-hole out of Queens.
    6. Lost opportunities. Capps was horrible, Gonzalez is a closer and Rodney signed to be a closer. Do you have a closer opening in Queens?… no…. Guys scream regularly here that Joe, and joe and Joe are costing too much yet now that guys are signed to close its a missed opportunity that the weren’t brought in here to be set up guys at closer pay??

  7. 8. Chiti, I didnt say he was perfect. Who would you select out of that group? most of them are old enough to have thier sons playing in MLB. Myers being a jerk didnt seem to hurt the Phillies the last few years.

  8. 9. Yeah Sadecki, he ddn’t hurt them becuase he spent mostof the time on the DL away from his team. Check the Philly papers during the WS and tell me you still want this big time loser. He makes Manny seem like a team guy.

  9. 10. Chiti, Yes he was injured this year but I remember him pitching some big games for them when they won it in 08. Once again who do you pick out of that bunch?

  10. Or, maybe, you can trade for a pitcher. That would most likely happen if you had something — like, say, a young power-hitting prospect — to deal in return. But, first, you would probably need to acquire a replacement for said prospect…maybe a leftfielder seeking a fifth year?

    If the Mets were to sign Bay, it would likely signal a willingness to deal F-Mart, most likely for a pitcher.

    Similarly, I see the signing of Escobar, if they really believe he’s capable of being their 8th-inning set-up guy, as an indication of their willingness to deal Parnell.

  11. Tiffany, What would you get for Parnell and FMart?

    Is it worth it to go to 5 years for Bay and who knows about Escobar.

    After Parnell and FMart what else is ready to help now in the minors?

    Not much..

    Many of our issues is we have a piss poor farm system. I feel that Parnell and FMart do not have the buzz to be able to trade them for someone who can really help the team. I would rather spend the benjies on a mediocre FA pitcher or two that would improve the team and keep my young guys.


  12. 10.. You better go to the memory doctor if you remember him being so big time. Big belly. Big fist in his wife’s face maybe. Losing record on a WS championship team. But he’s a perfect guy. Brett the tough can suck either in the bullpen or in the starting rotation. He’d be an excellent choice for the Jeff Wilpon, but for Minaya’s last hoorrah, he can pick someone with a little class.

  13. 10. I chose to stay with what we got over Brett and I would choose any of these guys of Brett. If the Mets sign Brett Myers, there’s plenty of other teams to root for. There’s not many things lower that a man can do than beat his wife up and to do it in public and the only phony remorse shown was when the Phils bowed to public pressure to suspend him and send him off to a counselor. He doesn’t even deserve a gig in the Korean League.

  14. 16. The world has become a wiser place and one of the things the world has gotten smarter about is spousal abuse. Its one thing to be stuck with a guy who is really criminal its another thing to get one when he’s not your problem to start with. There’s plenty of over rated and over priced pitchers on the market. The Mets can get one of the them. It won’t have any impact.

  15. (13) When you have some free time, are bored or just want to be away from relatives, go to the list of top OPS producers and see what most all of them have in common: That by the age of 21, they were slugging over .500 somewhere, whether it be in the high minors or in the bigs.

    Guys who slug over .500 at age 21 are extremely rare. Statistically speaking, there is a strong probability that they will become top performers in the bigs.

    Which leads me to the conundrum at hand: Do you wait for FMart or do you trade him now? The problem in trying to decide this question is that Jeffie has given Omar a win-now edict. As such, it behooves Omar to sign Bay for LF for the next five years and then FMart into a legitimate starter. Three years from now, the Mets might be stronger with FMart and, say, Niese, but Omar doesn’t have the luxury of waiting.

  16. That should say “trade FMart for a legitimate starter.”

    Need to lay off the cognac before 9 am.

  17. (19) Tiffany: I don’t think F-Mart has that kind of clout right now (meaning trading him for a legit starter) The Mets would be selling low on him which I think would be a mistake. He just needs one good healthy year to see if he is the real deal…i’m not ready to give up on him especially given how he slugged at Buffalo this year.

  18. 18

    while you may be right in your statistics, it seems that others’ view FMart as not the shining light that some here view him.

    He is no where to be found on a top 50 prospects list. He used to be a top 30 guy I think. His stock has dropped.

    I do not know what we will get for him. Since they are not that high on him, I would rather keep him than trade him for a mediocre arm we can get for just cash.

  19. (21) The BB America top 100 has not come out yet, but last year F-Mart was #30. His stock has dropped only because of his injury problems. Being able to slugg .540 at the age of 20 in AAA is reason enough to believe the potential.

  20. 21/22; Its hard to stay a top prospect when the main thing on your resume every year is DL, DL, DL. That being said, if you give him up in a trade it better be for pitchers of a higher caliber than those left on the FA market, and the pitcher better than a Chuch/Schneider combo. If you you can’t do that, then he better be in AAA next year.

  21. (24) Ray: With all due respect, when is 21 in baseball terms “not young?” If he went to college he’d be eligible for the draft after this year for goodness sakes. It probably just seems like he isn’t young because the Mets have been hyping him since he’s been 16.

  22. 25. Steve, Yes the teenage hitting machine hype we have been hearing so long is part of it. Reyes, Gooden and others were excelling in MLB when they were 19. pretty soon this guy can be a minor league free agent. I tried to find his stats in winter ball and couldnt find them. Maybe you can find it for us.

  23. (26) I can’t find the winter ball stats. He was injured. :-( lol. Ryan Howard and Chase Utley weren’t excelling until they were 26 years old.