Dec. 26.09: Movin’ On ….

I hope everybody had a happy and safe holiday. I enjoyed spending time with my family. I don’t get out here that often, so the time is special.

I wrote several days ago it was time for the Mets to take a “take it or leave it” approach with Jason Bay. With his agent, Joe Urban, talking to the Red Sox and stonewalling the Mets, it’s obvious where Bay’s heart lies.

BAY: End the fantasy.

BAY: End the fantasy.

The Mets are ignoring one of the cardinal rules in dating when it comes to Bay, which is some girls play hard to get until they become hard to take.

It has come to that with Bay. It’s time to cut the fantasy with him.

He doesn’t want to play for the Mets, but would be willing to for five years and not four. I’m not deluded into thinking Bay is any different from any other free agent. He’s following the money.

The Red Sox don’t want to go over the $170 million luxury tax marker, so Urbon will have to be creative in backloading the deal. I would have to think the Red Sox would rather have Bay in their batting order over Mike Cameron (making him a fourth outfielder).

But, what about your heroes? Who’s going to play left field for them? They should be thinking hard about this because it should have been obvious to them Bay was a longshot.

Jermaine Dye is still out there, but he wants more than one year. Even if the Mets gave him two, they’d still have plenty left to pursue pitching. Which begs the question, why in the hell aren’t they?

I know, I know, there’s Kelvim Escobar, but I’m actually thinking about them getting a starter. The game is all about pitching and the Mets have a new park seemingly built for pitching. And, their rotation has holes four deep.

Joel Pineiro and Jon Garland are still available, along with several other middle-tier arms. With the aces gone, the Mets need to match with dependable, but hardly spectacular arms.

It’s clear the Mets’ approach is to hope everybody gets better physically and for their non-descript rotation to show developmental signs.

That’s also a fantasy.

10 thoughts on “Dec. 26.09: Movin’ On ….

  1. Anybody want to comment on this trade idea? Here is an outside the box Idea for a trade. Trade Looie to the Dodgers for Manny. then sign Hudson. Heres why I think it could benefit both teams.
    1. It saves the cash strapped Dodgers 8mm.
    2. they need a new second baseman.
    How does it help the Mets?
    1. Omar finally finds a taker for Castillos contract.
    2. It helps the infield defense.
    3. Changes the clubhouse chemistry.
    4. Get a big bat for the middle of the lineup.
    5. Heres the best part, Manny is on a one year contract. When the FA class of 2011 comes there will be plenty of cash available.

  2. John

    I have an answer for you.

    Every year Omar likes to change the pen. He had a nice one in 06 and changed things up. It turned out to be a bad move. Every year he changes things because bullpen help is notoriously fickle. So now we have this years model – Escobar.

    Omar falls in love with the one he chases. Alou, Castillo, Ollie , whomever. This year it seems to be Bay.

    I agree set a deadline and say if we do not hear from you by such and such a date the offer is rescinded.

    Why does Omar never go out and improve the rotation? In 06/07/08/09 we needed to improve the rotation. He got Johan a few years ago, but he gives him no support.

    I guess Dye is an upgrade. Don’t know where he is at now. He used to be good.


  3. Ray(1)

    Interesting idea. Yes. Manny would give us power. It certainly would change the chemistry. For a one and done deal it is a possibility.

    Would the Dodgers take castillo for manny? i don’t know.

    At the end of the day assuming such a player for player swap is available, do I want manny? I don’t know.

  4. 3. Dave, Over on Tracy Ringolsby has an article about the NLs hot stove action so far. In it he says Mets want molina to help with a “clubhouse gone bad.” On the Dodgers, he states that they are having serious financial problems and may sell the team. They have let 3 of their SPs from last year walk away and dumped pierre. It looks like they are in a firesale mode.

  5. Ray (1): It is an interesting proposal. I’m all for dumping Castillo’s contract. But, not to the point where it brings in Manny Ramirez, who makes a bad clubhouse worse. … If the Dodgers are in a firesale mode, there are others I would rather have. Maybe I have blinders when it comes to Ramirez, but I look at him as a clubhouse cancer. It is a horrible thing to call a player, but it is true with him. The “shower” incident tells you he’s for himself first, second and to hell with everybody else.-JD

  6. dave (2): Johan Santana fell into their laps. But, you’re right, little has been done to improve the rotation. The Mets had enough offense in 06-07-08 to win, but lost because of their pitching and bullpen. I agree with the thinking that if healthy the Mets will be better, but NOT to the point where they could win.-JD

  7. 6. John, What do you make of the clubhouse gone bad comment? I cant think of any bad apples there anymore. Do you think its along racial lines?
    To Ramirez, Please refresh me on the shower incident. Also, there are other players on that team I would also rather have, but they are not making 20mil next year. You have to take a bad contract back if you want to get rid of one. One things for sure, Manny will sell a lot of tickets.

  8. Ray (8): It’s very easy to say a clubhouse has gone bad when a team is losing. The Mets don’t have a lot of public “finger pointing” incidents. At least not when Billy Wagner was around. … There has been a divide between the Hispanic and white players. Not one of animosity, but in with music and the tone of the clubhouse. There was a time during spring training when the white players would go into the clubhouse manager’s office to hang out because the personality of the clubhouse was overwhelming Hispanic. … The shower thing was when Ramirez left the bench to take a shower before the end of a playoff game.-JD

  9. 9. Thanks, John. I guess Manny would have to be on his best behavior since he will be looking for a new deal in 2011. I hear he has been a model citizen in LA. Appreciate the insight into the clubhouse. Dont see how bringing Molina in is going to make that go away. Didnt Randolph have a no music policy his first year? maybe that was one of his better ideas.