Dec. 25.09: Merry Christmas …. Happy Holidays

Barring something earth shattering, this is likely my only post for the day.

Christmas is a time for family and I will be with mine in Ohio. It is also a time with friends and I want to thank my blog friends and family as well. You are all very important to me and I wish you nothing but good health and happiness today.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. You guys are the best.

Cheers, JD.

3 thoughts on “Dec. 25.09: Merry Christmas …. Happy Holidays

  1. Gammons says bay would rather play in Beirut than Queens. Also there is talk coming out of Boston about the sox raising thier payroll threshold to bring Bay back on a backloaded contract. I think its time to move on from this guy.

  2. Here is an outside the box Idea for a trade. Trade Looie to the Dodgers for Manny. then sign Hudson. Heres why I think it could benefit both teams.
    1. It saves the cash strapped Dodgers 8mm.
    2. they need a new second baseman.
    How does it help the Mets?
    1. Omar finally finds a taker for Castillos contract.
    2. It helps the infield defense.
    3. Changes the clubhouse chemistry.
    4. Get a big bat for the middle of the lineup.
    5. Heres the best part, Manny is on a one year contract. When the FA class of 2011 comes there will be plenty of cash available.