Dec. 24.09: On the Night Before Christmas ….

…. And all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, and that includes the Internet. In Ohio visiting my father for┬áthe holidays, and I won’t have reliable Internet until I get home Monday. I will try to post something on a daily basis and as often as possible. I did want to explain the lull between threads.

I did hear the Red Sox might not be done with Jason Bay. Playing it close to vest like they did with John Lackey. Maybe they heard the rumblings about the Yankees sniffing around and got antsy. Maybe it was fallout from the Javier Vazquez trade. Whatever, if true, and the Red Sox want him, there’s precious little the Mets can do about it.

It is quite possible the delay by the Mets might cost them Bay. But, I wouldn’t jump all over them for that. Bay is not worth the five years, whether or not the Red Sox are in it or not.

But, what remains clear is that the Mets remain stagnant, and on the night before Christmas, the Mets aren’t doing much stirring.

5 thoughts on “Dec. 24.09: On the Night Before Christmas ….

  1. Happy Holidays all.

    We are guaranteed to have an improved team for next year.

    Whatever starting pitchers we sign or not, whatever OF’s we acquire or not we are guaranteed to get a string of 40 year old veterans to stock the AAA franchise for when the big team goes bust.

    Just like every year.

  2. 2. Enjoy your time with your Dad and remember, no matter how long the lull, it will be shorter than the lull in planning the future taking place in the front office of the NYMetsies.

  3. Happy Holidays, everyone!
    From Diwali, Ramadan and Hannukah to Christmas and Kwanzaa, be safe and be well — even though it looks like our baseball team isn’t in a gift-giving mood.

  4. Holiday Wishes To All.

    Winning the off season is meaningless and the Mets have done this way too often over the years.

    So should it really matter what the media thinks right now.