Dec. 22.09: The calm before the storm?

If there are other teams involved with Jason Bay, that could explain the silence from his camp. The mystery team, might have to make another deal to free up salary to make the trade.

The Yankees are reportedly talking trade about bringing in a pitcher, with Javier Vazquez’s name popping up. Would the Braves be interested if that were the case? Reports still are naming the Mariners, Giants and Angels. One report had the Mariners considering moving Cliff Lee. That would only mean the Yankees.

If this is true, then the Mets have fallen in Bay’s pecking order. Not that he appeared high to begin with.

26 thoughts on “Dec. 22.09: The calm before the storm?

  1. You’re assuming that Bay was ever interested in the Mets to begin with. I think it’s pretty obvious by now that there is no way Bay is signing here. I’m starting to resign myself to a starting OF of Pagan/Beltran/Francouer, and a pitching rotation of Santana/Pelfrey/Maine/Perez/Niese and Nieve in long relief. Even though the focus for me is still on 2011, this is still frustrating.

  2. Javier Vasquez to the Yankees, Melky Cabrera to the Braves according to latest update on WFAN.

    Boomer Esiason called Jeff Wilpon this morning about the Jason Marquis situation, but as yet, no word from the Wilpons.

  3. (2) Annie: There is no “situation” with Marquis. The Mets had no interest. Plain and simple.

  4. Steve(1)

    Assuming Niese is healthy, but yes this is what I have expected from this team since all star break.

    We need to upgrade the rotation. We will not.

    We need to upgrade the OF. We will not.

    We need to upgrade 1b. We will not.

    We need to upgrade C. Most likely not, or we might back up the truck for Molina.

    Omar is the best GM in the world!

  5. One more thing. Pagan is not and never will be a starting OF. He might be on this team, but he shouldn’t be.

  6. John,

    Perhaps you are right. Do other teams value Bay more than we or does he dislike this team so much he will take a lesser contract to go someplace else?

    I don’t blame him if he does..

  7. 3. did they have no interest or is that just post signing baloney trying to counter the humiliation of having a guy sign with the Nationals instead? And hemay very well sign here (Bay). Remember Beltran didn’t want to sign here and his agent offered a cheaper deal to the Yankees so he wouldn’t have to come. No other deals he’ll come.
    And maybe the reason guys aren’t signing here has nothing to do with Wilpon or the big field. Maybe guys don’t want to play for a guy like Jerry Manuel who makes up his mind differently every day, who blatantly plays favorites with guys etc.

  8. (7) Harry: If you could find me a link to a rumor that the Mets had serious interest in Marquis, please post it. I don’t recall anyone reporting that the Mets ever even made an offer to Marquis. In typical Omar fashion, the known offerings are to Bay and Molina for the Offense while ignoring the need at Starting Pitching. I’m not upset by the Marquis thing, but this Vasquez thing really has me P O’d. I don’t think it’s Manuel who is still known I think as a “players manager.”

  9. 8. here…. how many do you want a million or two….
    1. “By Tim Dierkes [December 21, 2009 at 2:30pm CST]
    The Nationals will sign Jason Marquis, according to MASN. It’s a two-year deal, says MLB Network’s Hazel Mae. Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News pegs the value at $15MM (via Twitter). The Phillies and Mets were other clubs reportedly in the mix for the 31-year-old righty”
    2. “Wed Dec 16, 2009 6:02 am EST

    Jason Marquis headed to Washington Nationals?
    By Mark J. Miller

    One thing seems clear when it comes to free-agent pitcher Jason Marquis(notes): He’s not headed back to the Colorado Rockies. The drumbeat in New York, where Marquis grew up, is that he would end up back on the roster of the New York Mets so that he could be in his old stomping grounds.

    Now it’s looking like Marquis might not want to be that close to home. The word is that the 31-year-old might want to be pitching for the Washington Nationals next season instead, according to

    The Nats, Seattle Mariners, Philadelphia Phillies, and Mets were all supposedly interested in Marquis, who went 15-13 with a 4.04 ERA for the National League wild-card-winning Rockies ”
    3. “MLBTRADERUMORS.COM – 4:35pm: An Orioles official told MASN’s Roch Kubatko not to get too excited about Marquis. Kubatko says the Orioles are “more likely to sign a pitcher who’s coming off injury to an incentive-ladened deal.” They’re known to have interest in bringing Erik Bedard back, for example.3:20pm: This week we learned that the Phillies, Mets, and Nationals are in on free agent starter Jason Marquis. … “

  10. (9) “Interested in” and “making an offer” is not the same. The reason why the Mets were even linked to him was because “Marquis” said he wanted to play in NY. Where did you show me that the Mets offered Marquis X Amount of $$$ and that he turned them down? And how phony do you think Marquis is anyway? It’s funny how he proclaimed his love and want to play for the Mets and then with no offer in sight, all of a sudden proclaimed his love and want to play for the Nationals.

  11. So Vazquez is now going to the Yankees and part of the deal was to move out Melky Cabrera. This is just horrible news for us as now the Yankees got another quality starter (is it even going to be possible for them to lose in the next 2-3 years), AND they gave up their LF in the deal which means they just got a lot more interested in Bay/Holliday which does not bode well for us.


    Is all I have to say about that.

  12. (11) LOL. Why would the Yankees getting Vazquez have anything at all to do with the Mets? Don’t you think it’s better news that the Mets don’t have to deal with him and that one of their division rivals traded a key member of their pitching staff? As far as the Bay/Holliday to the Yanks question..the Yanks don’t have interest in either.

  13. Harry, Steve –
    If I had heard about Jason Marquis, he was certainly out there for the taking and I really don’t follow the off season as closely as you do.

    However, as everyone else on this blog is, I am truly disappointed with the lack of interest in shoring up the team shown by the Mets Organization, starting with the Wilpons and on down.

    Traditionally the Mets have had the most fervent, faithful and knowledgeable fans around, yet the Mets Organization made a field that was an homage to the Dodgers. Then the Mets started selling PSLs and raising seat prices and the fans started to think twice about their team.

    I miss Joan Payson.

  14. The worst thing about the vazquez deal is that once again the Yankees have used thier deep farm system to get what they want at minimum cost. Cabrerra was a home grown yankee and the kid pitcher is compared to Mejia. Combined with the ability to add payroll The yanks seem to get whoever they want.This shows the real weakness of the Mets today. The few chips Omar has he cant trade away for fear of being accused of selling off the future to save his job. Cashman, who not long ago i didnt think much of is turning his team into a juggernaut. Meanwhile Omar waits…

  15. Ray (14): With Melky gone, the Yankees are in need of a leftfielder. Would anybody be surprised to see them make a run at Bay or even Holliday now?-JD

  16. Harry (9): The Mets’ interest in Marquis was casual. They take a look at everybody, they say. But, Marquis wanted the Mets more than they wanted him. As far as I know, the Mets never made an offer for Marquis.-JD

  17. How good is Marquis. You would have to wonder when the Rockies did not include him in their playoff starting rotation.

    The good thing about his contract is that it reset the bar lower for Garland and Pinero.

    If memory serves Beltran did not sign until January.

    If today were Janurary 22 I would be very worried.

    Winning the offseason in December guarantee’s nothing.

  18. (17) JD: No, i’m just saying that is what I expect to happen. Nothing so far this offseason has gotten me upset. Halladay going to the Phils but them having to trade Lee in the deal was easy to take. I didn’t think Lackey with his injury history, and him not being that great of a pitcher IMO, wasn’t worth what the Red Sox gave him. Even though he isn’t going to sign here, i’m satisfied with the offer the Mets supposedly made to Bay, and I don’t like Marquis. The Yanks also got Granderson who should pretty much be a platoon player too. But this whole Vasquez deal has thrown me for a loop. I mean the Mets could have put together that deal easily for Javy.

  19. Ray: I can imagine there are a ton of Braves fans extremely upset with that deal. Not to mention the Angels, who must be livid.

  20. One more note on Marquis.
    In 2009 he made close to 10 mil.
    Not sure the union is happy that he took a pay cut coming off the season he had in Colorado.

  21. 23, true but he had a 1 year deal last year, so 2 for 15 can be better for a pitcher like him than 1-10

  22. #24 because they need a pitcher and they could probably have matched that, not to mention he ends up going to the team they will find impossible to beat for the next 3-4 years.