Dec. 21.09: Should Mets dip into Torreabla waters again?

TORREALBA: Is peace possible?

TORREALBA: Is peace possible?

The last time the Mets looked at Yorvit Torrealba, they backed out of a three-year, $14.4-million deal following a physical a couple of years ago. The Mets had health concerns and pulled out of the signing. When the Mets played the Rockies the following year, Torrealba had no arm strength.

Torrealba, who has since filed a grievance against the Mets, is on the market again. Both sides say they are open to the other.

Bengie Molina, however, is their first choice, but he’s seeking three years.

Torrealba, 31, hit .291 with two homers and 31 RBI in 64 games for the Rockies last season.

If Torrealba’s arm is sound, and the parties can let by-gones be by-gones, it is something to dip into again. Especially since his age is more appealing than Molina’s.

22 thoughts on “Dec. 21.09: Should Mets dip into Torreabla waters again?

  1. If the option is Torrealba for one year or Molina for two or three years then Torrealba. I would rather stick with the mediocre catchers we have now rather than give a catcher at Molina’s age a 3 year deal. If the option is Molina for one year or Torrealba for one year then Molina without a blink.

  2. Harry (1): I have no problem with giving Molina a year, but there are no indications he’ll take it. I’d give him a year and an option and cross my fingers. … What puzzles me, is how Brian Schneider got two years from the Phillies.-JD

  3. Or Pudge or some of the other catching signings to date. I would probably prefer Yorvit for a year than to go with what we have, but I don’t think we get Yorvit for a year (didn’t the Rockies arleady offer him a 2-3 year deal or something)?

  4. y not?

    how is his health? he wont be the power that supposedly we want molina for, but a 290 hitting catcher is better than we have had recently.

    again. how is his arm?

  5. it would probably be the first time in history a team signed a player who is sueing them

  6. I hear there is a young pitcher named Oliver Perez who is available.

    My understanding is he is looking for a very reasonable 5 year 75 million dollar contract.

    He is supposed to be a big game pitcher and is a lefty.

    Good for when we go against the division champs!

  7. (9) Suds: Are you really sad about it though? Marquis would have been another piece of dreck added to the rotation, IMO.

  8. 10. Disagree. A guy doesn’t have to be a star to improve a team. Marquis improves the Nats and he would have improved the Mets. If this team is going to war with the pitchers on the roster now they might as well tell Bay to take a hike ’cause he and Omar’s favorite old catcher aren’t getting this team to the promised land.

  9. (11) Harry: I knew the lovefest wouldn’t last. LOL. Prove to me that Marquis is any better pitching wise than Ollie or Maine…I mean if you consider a pitcher being healthy as improving the team, then I guess Marquis would improve the team. But all I see from him is a mediocre pitcher.

  10. 12. Easy O. We’ll start with the very over rated and loved John Maine. John Maine has had all of one great month in the big league’s He went 4-0 in April ’07 and then won his first start in May and was a .500 pitcher the rest way, injury plagued in 08 and 09, inconsistent in 06. Maine has reached 190 innings one whole time in career, working well along side OP to destroy any semblance of a bullpen the Mets have tried to field the last few years.
    OP. A superstar on rare occasions, a minor league pitcher on others, OP has had two good years in the big leagues. 04 and 07 He followed both with ok years and then horrible years. Even in his best years he has gotten bombed enough times to be considered unreliable. He has reached 1090 innings twice. Neither Maine or OP ever reached 200. Marquis is not a star and nobody should say he is anything close to a star. He is reliable. He has been in double digits in wins 6 years in a row, has reached 190 innings 5 of the last 6 seasons and has pitched over 200 innngs 3 times. His ability to pitch lessons the burden on what is shaping po to be another bad bullpen in Queens. Signing a Marquis would have also given Minaya a little flexibility in his rotation. He could have moved Maine down to 4/5 spots and held Niese in Buffalo as a replacement. Or he could have traded Maine if somebody like the Brewers indeed wanted him withut becoming desperate for a 5th starter or he could have tried Maine in the bullpen. Marquis has also been given some credit from what I read for the blossoming of the Rockie starters. He also is a good luck charm whether because of him or not, as his teams have been in the playoffs several times, something Omar’s teams have not. I am not a fan of Marquis Steve the O. But he is definitely better than Maine and OP. And he signed a deal for only 2 years, which would have been important if Omar really has soon to blossom pitchers hiding somewhere down on the far. And out closest competitor in the NL East, now has two steady pitchers, and they are getting closer and closer to being just as mediocre as we are.

  11. 12. PS: mlbtr is saying the Metsies are thinking of bringing Pedro back. How would that make you feel? Pedro wants 7.5 mil. That’s about what Marquis is getting from DC.

  12. Harry (14) I can see it now – on opening day Damon is in left field and Pedro on the bench….

  13. Ray (9): I didn’t think they’d ever get a marquee pitcher, but one on Marquis’ level. Jon Garland could be looking pretty good if this continues.-JD

  14. Harry (13): Marquis would have made the Mets better if for no other reason it would have given them a five-man rotation. Garland could also fit that bill. Both Maine and Perez won 15 games for the Mets, but that was so long ago that it must be considered an aberration. … Maine has to prove he’s healthy and Perez has a lot more to prove. Hate to say it, but Pedro is more reliable now that Perez and Maine. Damn …. that’s not saying much, is it?-JD

  15. #14 I agree with most of what you said, except that Marquis is “definitely” better than Maine and OP, I think he is definitely more of a known qty than either of them, but I think both have a higher upside for what they could do next year than Marquis. Marquis would have given them much more stability in the #3 slot and let them find out if OP/Maine are going to produce and go from there, but I wouldn’t say he is better than them period.