Dec. 21.09: Playing the waiting game ….

We are in the staring phase of the negotiations with Jason Bay and Bengie Molina. The Mets don’t want to go to five years with Bay or three with Molina; the players believe there aren’t many options other than them.

Who blinks first?

If it doesn’t get done this week, don’t expect anything to happen until after the holidays. The Christmas-New Years weeks is traditionally quiet.

The Mets have proven in the past a willingness to wait it out and it might serve them well this time, also. Maybe so, but things have changed over the past few winters. For one, the Mets can no longer reasonably call themselves contenders after last year’s finish. There’s more a sense of desperation.

The Mets’ options after Bay aren’t appetizing. They won’t break the bank for Matt Holliday. Johnny Damon? Perhaps, one-year options in Jonny Gomes or Jermaine Dye. Perhaps, in a year with either F-Mart might have blossomed (you never know).

Rod Barajas is seemingly the other catcher options. I’m willing to go with him or the status quo because Molina, at 35, is not worth three years. One plus an option. Maybe two at the most, but I’m not crazy about that, either.

But, what about left? Should Minaya cave on the fifth year? Go nuts with Holliday realizing they won’t have anything left for pitching? Try to work something less than three years with Damon? Or go with Gomes or Dye?

They still need pitching, so I would rather give a one-year plus an option deal to someone and go after pitching. The Yankees are now saying they want to add a starter by the end of the year. The Mets won’t be able to compete with them for Jason Marquis or Jon Garland.

What’s left? Jarrod Washburn?

15 thoughts on “Dec. 21.09: Playing the waiting game ….

  1. Must be rough trying to come up with new ways to write about Bay and Molina at this point, it is time for us to just wait and see.

    Have a happy holidays John and everyone else over here!

  2. Why not barajas? is his d good? molina gets a 2 year and that is it. he doesnt hold the cards and is not that good and old. give him your offer and if he doesnt want it move on. no need to wait on him.

    I would wait on Bay. No one else seems to want him. How much do the mets want him? Do the four years with a club option. why do we need to bet against ourselves. everyone else has made their OF deals.

    take a look at holiday too. let bay sweat a little. boston has moved on. i hear some west coast teams may be interested, but we have the most interest and hence the best offer.

  3. 3. with Damon gone, there is now a vacancy in LF at yankee stadium. Maybe this is what Bay and Holliday are waiting for.

  4. 4. Maybe, but they have always liked and stuck with Melky. I’m sure the two agents are praying the Yanks want their guys tho.

  5. I think if I could play Omar for 10 minutes, I’d move on from Molina and sign Barajas. Secondly, I’d sign Gomes and say it’s to play LF but with the hope it’d be to platoon at 1B with Murphy. Those 2 moves eats at most $5 million. Next I’d trade Castillo (a la Bradley) and eat $6-8 million of his $12 million over 2 years (I get it hehad a good year last year but his defense is getting worse by the minute and he can’t hit the ball out of the infield…..he’s clearly a #8 hitter – no way a #2 anymore). Next I’d sign Garland or Piniero to a 2 year / $17 million deal (we’ve now eaten approx. $17-18 million). Go back to Bay and see where he now stands. If still no deal, sign Garko and either Sheets or Bedard to a 1 year incentive laden deal with an additional year or 2 team option based on performance (if they pitch like a #2, they get paid like a #2; if they pitch like a #5, they get paid like a #5…..). And sell them like crazy on Citi Field be a cavernous pitchers park, but have them not tell Bay!

  6. 6. Very interesting plan temporary Omar but as bad a fielder as you say Luis is, your team will have nobody there and Luis is better than a big hole between the first baseman and the short stop! just kidding man.

  7. Of course Harry. Sign Lopez or Hudson on a 1 year deal / $5 million max. There is no market for these guys…..

  8. Or just commit to Castillo as your #8 hitter and put Murphy and his platoon partner (either Gomes or Garko) as your #2. Come to think of it, if you can coax Bay after these other moves of taking your deal, then maybe Wright is your #2.

    F Core
    Murphy/Garko or Gomes

  9. Ray (4): I raised Bay to the Yankees a week or so ago. I can still he it happening. It really doesn’t look as if Bay wants any part of the Mets. At least that’s the impression he’s giving. I don’t even think about Holliday anymore for the Mets.-JD

  10. Chili (6): I like a lot of what you say in theory, but Castillo is impossible to trade. … From what I hear Pineiro will want three years, and coming off last season he’s liable to get it.-JD

  11. 12. If Milton Bradley could be traded, anyone could be traded. Castillo didn’t get kicked off the team.
    8. Thanks for the update. My preference is if you have to put Castillo in the 8 hole, just release and sign one of the two guys you want.

  12. I see zero reason to dump Castillo eating his contract (or most of it) and replacing him with a 5 mil Hudson would be a really really terrible idea IMO. Hudson is really not that much better than Castillo in defense or offense and why double spend the money. I would rather keep Castillo.

  13. Bradley has a lot more upside on the field than Castillo ever will. His problem is the clubhouse and the antics off the field and his offense not making up for it on the field. He is a very good hitter and if he bounces back to what he had been doing he can be worht the contract.

    Castillo on the other hand is a second basemen with 2 or 3 others of similar value out on the market you can get for less money and no talent. Why would I want to trade for him? And why why why would we want to trade him, eat money on the contract and sign Hudson for similar money?

    Trade Castillo to save money or fill another spot with some value at similar money (like Arroyo) and then sign Hudson sure. But dump Castillo to spend the same on Hudson again? No thanks.