12 thoughts on “Dec. 21.09: New Poll: The handling of Bay.

  1. I like an offer of:

    A) 4/$64 or
    B) 5/$70

    And tell Bay this is our best offer while signing a right handed platoon partner for Murphy at 1B that can also play LF (i.e., Gomes or Garko). Why should the Mets feel slighted that their current offer has been on the table for 10 days. Remember Boston’s 4/$60 offer was on the table for 2 months. Let the market play out for Bay, but Omar has to have a backup already signed and in the fold!

  2. Yeah, I don’t see this gigantic issue that the offer has been on the table for 10 days. Except for the media I doubt anyone is really all that worried about it. Bay is obviously waiting for a 5×16 contract and is hoping it will materialize. I think the Mets believe if he is going to get that he can go to another club to get that, if he doesn’t hey are in a good situation as the best contract he will see.

  3. Jason Bay is NOT some final missing piece the Mets need to become champions and shouldn’t be treated as such.
    The Mets are making a big mistake here. I’d rather see them invest the $65 million in developing a credible farm system to produce a bunch of top-quality players who could help in a few years — or several established pitchers who could help now, rather than lavish it on one player to make an empty, symbolic big-name signing.
    Typical Omar Minaya move: We deseperately need quality starting pitching, quality established steup men, a quality first baseman, a quality, experienced catcher and he pursues…a high-priced left fielder? Never mind we already have a left fielder who hit over .300 last year, led the team in triples and whose doubles hitting and speed is ideal for the Grand Canyon masquerading as our home field.
    Not that previous GM Steve Phillips was much better. Check out his unbelievable brain cramp in the signing years ago of the immortal Satoru Komiyama in today’s NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/22/sports/baseball/22mets.html?ref=sports

  4. A note on “missing out” Jason Marquis:
    The Mets miss out on anothr starting pitching headache by passing on him.
    Here’s what the Nats overpaid for:
    Despite Marquis’s 15 wins last year and more than 200 innings pitched, he was also among the top 10 NL pitchers in walks allowed, hits allowed, earned runs allowed, home runs allowed per innings pitched and losses.
    His average year, based on his career stats is 12 wins, 11 losses and a 4.48 ERA.
    His playoff perfomances?
    He’s a career 0-2 with a 4.06 ERA.
    But he sure can hit from the left side.

  5. I voted the take it or leave it on Bay. The ball is thier court. Its up to them to make a counter proposal. Raising the bid now is exactly what we dont want. to be bidding against ourselves. I like Bay, but even if Pagan is there next year, I could live with that.

  6. 5. A totally moronic comment. Of course if you pich a lot of innings you will have high numbers in all the areas you list, because most pitchers are little babies who can’t pitch a lot of innings. I guess stat ignorant fans like you would have rejected a guy like Robon Roberts because he gave up so many HRs.

  7. (6) Marquis had a better ERA at Coors than he did on the road. Harry: I don’t get the love affair with Marquis. He is a champion of mediocrity. His whip is around 1.4, he always allows as many or more hits than innings pitched, and always has a pretty high batting average against. Look, the deal he signed is a fair deal…maybe the Mets could have used him to eat innings, but there are other Jason Marquis out there in Garland and Doug Davis who might come cheaper. Marquis is an o.k. pitcher…nothing to cry about losing.

  8. And the Yankees are going to acquire Javy Vasquez from the Braves. Now THAT gets me pissed off.

  9. 9. What you don’t seem to comprehend is not a love affair, but it is the concept that you make moves to improve a little at a time. You talk about if Maine does this and if OP does that and if something else happens. You fail to accept the fact that this rotation is so mediocre that a guy like Marquis would have imnproved it. Yes, Garland’s is another Marquis. Signing him would be equal to signing Marquis, but again another if. Another option gone. There aren’t many guys as good as Garland around anymore.
    I’ll give you a perfect example of omroving a team piece by piece. The Phillies their pitching staff was so bad they had a bum like Adam Eaton on it. Then they picked up Moyer, not a star, but made them better, then they picked up Blanton, not a star but made them better, then they picked up Lee, who made them better, then they picked up Halladay to replace Lee and it made them a little better. If your reasoning is that this guy won’t put us over the top then you can’t make any move because no one move puts a team over unless they’ve already made the little moves to get close. If you really think John Maine and OP have the Mets so close to the Phillies that all they need is one magic man than I think you are jsut misreading these guys becausue of the word mets on their shirts. I’d add Pelfrey to these two but I’ll give him another year due to his inexperience.

  10. I agree with Harry that we are not doing the small things to make us better.

    In fact as far as our rotation goes, we have not done that in years.

    We go out and get the big guy – Pedro, Glavine, Santana – but we fail to do anything about the supporting cast.

    Same with our bench or our OF’s for that matter.