Dec. 21.09: Mets miss out on Marquis ….

MARQUIS: Now a Nat.

MARQUIS: Now a Nat.

I spent most of the afternoon in the dentist’s chair. Drove home with the news Jason Marquis – somebody who wanted to play for the Mets – signed a two-year, $15-million deal with the Washington Nationals and bit my lip. Good thing the novocaine hadn’t worn off.

I never had the Mets getting any of the big pitchers, like John Lackey and Roy Halladay, but would settle for a middle-tier arm such as Joel Pineiro, Marquis and Jon Garland.

It’s not that they didn’t get Marquis that is so disturbing, but for how cheaply he went (maybe that does tell you something), but the Mets needed any and all pitching help.

My confidence level in the Mets bringing in an arm of substance is waning, especially considering the news that ESPN is reporting they are considering bringing back Pedro Martinez to a one-year deal at $8 million.

I keep going back in my mind Jeff Wilpon’s vow after the season and Omar Minaya’s pronouncement “we have a plan.”

Think it might be a good time to hear it.

16 thoughts on “Dec. 21.09: Mets miss out on Marquis ….

  1. No plan. Omar is a terrible GM and this team with never be a championship team with a great tradition until the Wilpons sell this team. There clearly is no plan and no commitment other than selling tix and maximizing profit at Citi Field. I beg you Fred, sell this team now and use the money to buy the Dodgers (I’m sure they’ll be for sale any minute now with that nasty divorce).

  2. “oh, great. Custer had a plan too.” Harold Ramis in “Stripes”

    Pedro for one year at $8 million. This can’t be true, can it? No one is that stupid.

  3. I have said this before and will say it again.

    We really need 2 reliable arms.

    They dont have to be stars and there are none to be had at this point.

    But we desperately need to upgrade and it looks like we will bring back the same team as I predicted at the close of this season.

    Hooray to our glorious GM!

  4. I was disappointed by this signing because the $$ are reasonable for a dependable arm. Maybe this will set the market for Garland and Piniero and we will get Piniero for a similar deal which would be pretty good to me.

    Honestly, this is the first deal where I felt like the Mets should have been in on this and beaten that offer. This talk about Marquis “wanting” to be a Met is BS, he also said he “wanted” to be a Nat a few weeks ago because all he wanted was a good contract, but still, we should have given him an extra mil or two over this offer if it took that to get him here.

    If Omar gets Piniero for about the same deal I won’t be upset, but we need to get him. Maybe this signing will get the market moving a little bit.

  5. This is bad. Marquis is nothing great, but he is dependable. His ERA would look better in citifield too. I wanted Pedro back last year, but that was before the rotation had so many question marks. 2 yesrs for 15 was very reasonable and I bet he gave the Mets a chance to match it. Bad job.

  6. For all we know he didn’t jump on this because he has a deal with the Reds for one of their two starters they are reportedly working on in the works. This is not the end of the world, but I would have liked this move if we had made it. If we end up with Harang and Piniero instead I certainly wont be crying over Marquis.

  7. If and buts or candy and nuts?? We have the former, while everyone else is getting the latter.

  8. 8. Harang? Why trade for him when you have guys on the market who are steadier? Hrang has shwn two years of marked deteoration and makes a lot more $$ than Garland will get and probably Piniero will get. I can only see dealing if you get Phillips as well.
    Arroyao? He’s a higher class of pitcher, a steady innings eater and a winner even on a losing Reds team. He is definitely worth pursuing.

  9. It’s not as if getting Marquis was getting Halladay, but he is a reliable arm, which is something the Mets didn’t have from starters No. 2-5. The price was right and he would have made the Mets better. Fact is, they need at least two arms to go with what they have now, and that might not be good enough.-JD

  10. 9 chiti, I never heard that one before, very good.
    8, james, How much is omar paying you? whatever it is its not enough.

  11. 13. Stole it from Chuck Thompson, former O’s play by man. When his analyst would start going on with if if if, he would say something like “When ifs and buts become candy and nuts what a wonderful world this will be”.

  12. #10, I assume if we are getting Harrang we are getting him for Castillo which would be why we would make the deal. Upgrade our pitching and switch the bad contract to a place of need that can be replaced in the open market. While he is not great and has been on a decline, I think he would be useful for the team and more useful than Castillo.

    If we can get Arroyo with the right move I am fine with that to.

    #9, we still have our targets on the market still out there. If we end up with no upgrades I will skewer Omar too, but lets face it this is the only move that has happened so far this off season where I wanted the Mets to make instead of the team that made it and were in a position to make the move. If we get Piniero for a similar deal or Garland for 1 then I won’t care about this move, if we don’t than I will

    How can I kill Omar for not making a move when the move is still there to be made.