Dec. 20.09: Not knocking on Damon’s door ….

There was a time when I would have jumped at Johnny Damon coming to the Mets. But, that was several years ago. Damon, coming off a fabulous postseason, has renewed interest in some. Mostly, his agent, who is salivating with thoughts of another payday.

But, even Scott Boras wasn’t able to fake the Yankees this time.

Damon is a good player, but he’s an aging one with an inevitable breakdown in his immediate future. There’s no DH to hide him. If they won’t to go one year, OK, I’ll do it, but that’s not happening.

Damon wants three, and as good as he was hitting at Yankee Stadium, I don’t see that production in Citi Field. I’m passing on Damon.

11 thoughts on “Dec. 20.09: Not knocking on Damon’s door ….

  1. Damon’s best days are behind him — the same applies to Bengie Molina.
    Say no to both.

  2. Yankee stadium is a closet. please, anyone can be a good hitter there.

    I agree. one and done or forget it.

  3. Good for Boras and Demon. He was a folk hero in boston and left to take the bankees money. I bet he ends up back in Kansas city where he started.

  4. 4. JD, thats for sure. They tried to drop to 2 for yanks and they told him to hit the road. kinda reminds me of the ray knight situation after 86. He had a nice season and a great post season and he asked for too much. Mets had Hojo in the wings and Knight was a goner.

  5. Ray (5): The agent is supposed to work for the player, and sometimes that means accepting a lesser deal. Damon had his payday the first time with the Yankees. He wasn’t going to strike them a second time.-JD

  6. I’d rather have Damon for two years than Bay for four (or more). I wouldn’t go for three though.

    This may be irrational but wouldn’t signing Damon be a nice way of tweaking the Yankees nose, something the Mets have rarely done? They had that one time at a subway series game when they had the still-in-exile Yogi Berra throw out the first pitch. Of course the manager of the third most successful Mets team ever had a perfect right to do so. But you know part of it was meant as a slap to Kaiser George.
    Plus that steal second/dash to third in the world series is the most heads up play I’ve seen. I think he can play for another two years.

    I have a feeling the Mets will make a long term deal with Bay because they feel they have to sign someone.

  7. 7. Can’t agree with Damon. This is a guy who had his stats very inflated by the new Yankee Stadium and this is a guy who can’t get the ball to the SS in the Bronx; in NYCity Field Jose’s arm and legs will be worn out by having to go so deep to get his softball throws. Damon can turn triples into inside the park HRs with regularity in Queens. I’d take Pagan playing everyday over Damon.

  8. I wouldn’t take damon to replace bay. only if bay is stupid would i consider damon.

    but damon only on a one year and at a salary let us say 5-7.