Loose threads ….

What's on your mind?

What's on your mind?

I’ve done “Loose Threads,” several times. It’s a catch-all post where I invite you to say what ever is on your mind. I mean, there’s got to be more to life than the Mets, especially with nothing going on.

I’ll start.

Sitting at home tonight waiting for the Great Blizzard of 2009. So far, not a flake. Very cold, no snow. No sense going out to the movies, so I’ll stay in tonight and put Casablanca in the DVD player. My favorite movie. I’m watching it again because I don’t get the NFL Network and can’t watch the undefeated Saints. With most of the mid-Atlantic snowbound, it would have been a nice Christmas present.

I’ve never been a fan of the vanity networks. The NFL, in particular, has milked billions from the networks, and by extension the public. Does it really need a network of its own? I’m just waiting for the day when the NFL will put its playoff games on its own network. It has to be coming soon.

Well, that’s on my mind right now. If you want to comment on it, feel free. If you want to comment on the something about the Mets that hasn’t been mentioned, go there. Football? Fine. The Knicks or Celtics? Sure.

Politics? I wish you wouldn’t for obvious reasons.

I like the idea of giving you guys a forum. I just haven’t figured out the best way to do it when it’s not about the Mets.

I’ll have something for you in the morning, and later tonight if the Mets do something.

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  1. Hasn’t the NFL sort of moved this way by charging $40 a year to listen to radio broadcasts thru its website? Last year it was free. I can understand charging something but doesn’t baseball charge $15 a year for radio? Not to mention the lack of outside games unless you own Direct TV, the PSL, the large number of franchise shifts. I’d imagine they will go for a PPV for playoffs like boxing (anyone know who is the heavyweight champion?).

    “Casablanca” was on TCM a few nights ago. I noticed they captioned the patrons at Rick’s signing “La Marseillais” but not the Germans signing “Watch on the Rhine”.
    Intereting wike says originally they were going to use “Horst Wessel lied” but realized it had copyright protection and couldn’t be shown in neutral countries.

  2. Well, John, you’ve said the magic phrase – Vanity Network – the in-house electronic spokesperson.

    I’ve spent the past four seasons listening to the Mets on the radio because SNY is unavailable here – Jeff Wilpon refuses to negotiate with several cable systems in Connecticut. A typical Mets Management decision.

    However, listening to a baseball game on the radio is more personal – so I thank Howie, Wayne and Ed for their company at the ball games. They are very, very good.

    Only two words on that subject –
    Peyton Manning.

    More next time.

    PS – No snow here yet either.

  3. football can move to their own network and will lose the casual fan. i dont care about teams that are not mine – mets/giants. so every once in a while i may peak the jets or someone else. i dont watch the bowl games anymore. and i dont watch other baseball games.

    as for boxing, who cares? it has been fixed for a very long time and the abc sanction leagues are a joke. right now for those who like fights it is the ufc fixed entertainment league.

    i have also been waiting for the snow and it is finally here. i have to go out now and do the shovel thing.

    i havent seen casablanca in a very long time. i saw singing in the rain for the first time in a long while and it was fun.

  4. John, Well since I have been one of the most vocal proponents against bringing politics into this forum I will refrain from the global warming and Medical things that will change our lives forever. I am dissapointed in you John. You said you would take my advice on how to better your site seriously, but so far, I have seen you do a couple of trade stories on this day on.. and not kept on it. You have not given us any updates on minor leaguers winter statistics. You continue to put up post after post about Bay daily and most of the time dont participate in the discussion. You seem to like to post here once in the morning and then post againt the next day without being involved. Sorry to be blunt, but its because I care about the blog and want it to get better. Yes, Casablanca was great. Love Bogie.

  5. Dan (1): Baseball’s charges are minimal. The NFL Network isn’t cheap, and the only thing you really want are the few games played. The studio shows, well, you can get those anywhere.-JD

  6. Ray (4): High heat for the holidays. The site is getting better and will continue to improve, mostly because of people like you. I do participate in the discussions. … And, nobody is cooler than Bogart. -JD

  7. So Met fans love Casablanca. I’m in that group also. We need a shrink to expalin what Casablanca and the Mets have in common!

  8. 8 dave. Yes we dominate with one player on the list no.46 Mejia. I am surprised Ike isnt on there.

  9. dave (8): The Mets will eventually make the playoffs again, but they won’t become a dominant franchise until their farm system becomes deep and productive.-JD

  10. 10. Good one but unfortunately, some of don’t ever walk away from the Mets!
    11. The Mets have never been a dominant franchise!

  11. john(11)

    i posted it because it is interesting how others view our system. we have mejia who is at least 3 years away as the only player they think has potential. Ike and that ss we have are not on the list. neither is fmart who was our next franchise player.

    i understand the list is a lot about potential as much as it is effectiveness. but really. a player who just has a mid 90’s fastball and nothing else is all we have in the top 50.

    i really think ike has a shot at helping us. he has some power and is supposed to be a decent athlete. the big knock on him is strike outs.

    i hope fmart gets healthy one day and can last a season playing ball rather than talking to the doctor. then we might find out what he has.

  12. dave (13): There are other surveys ranking the Mets higher, but none that scream they have a good minor league system. Right now, there is no immediate help on the horizon. Jon Niese, maybe, but that’s more a reach.-JD

  13. i see your poll has 33 votes.

    wish it was higher.

    you will get there.

    more polls pls.

    one or 2 a week would be good.