It’s called hardball for a reason ….

It’s called hardball for a reason, so why aren’t the Mets playing it with Jason Bay and Bengie Molina?

With Milton Bradley going to Seattle – the Mariners will regret that soon enough – there appears no other team interested in Bay. I keep hearing San Francisco and the Angels, but there’s nothing to substantiate him going to either team.

There’s no other team willing to give him a fifth year, so why should the Mets? Maybe, there could be an option, but nothing guaranteed. I liked Bay, but the longer this drags on the more I think “why bother …. something has to be wrong if nobody else is in this game.”

As for as Molina is concerned, he’s nuts to think at his age he’ll get three years.

I would have no problem with Omar Minaya telling each the offer on the table is now a “take it or leave it,” proposal.

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  1. Since the Mets haven’t upped their initial offer from either as far as we can tell (we hear rumors randomly about them changing, but they all seem to get retracted) it seems they are doing this.

    No he hasn’t given them a deadline, but I don’t think that is necessary yet.

  2. I say forget it. 32 years old. playing until he is 40. does he think he is nolan ryan?

    what did we give glavin?

    nah i am sorry.. i have a serious issue with this trade. everything else we can banter about.
    This is a mistake..

  3. Steve, what are you talking about?

    Bay is 31 I believe and they are looking at a 4-5 year deal which would make him 35/36 not 40, and why are you calling it a trade?

    I am confused.

  4. I agree with James. Omar looks like he is playing it right this time. Bay is running out of options and Soon he may have no choice but to take the offer on the table. I looked up his career numbers and they are impressive. Nobody knew because he was hidden in Pittsburgh. He would pretty much replace Delgados place in the lineup and salary slot. I was thinking the cubs are short an outfielder now, but since Bay and Soriano both can only play LF, I dont see a threat there. Molina is delusional.

  5. Delcos: It kind of looks like his agent is trying to be Boras and isn’t good at it. The Bay camp’s biggest mistake was losing the Red Sox. I give Theo credit. He gave the guy an offer that he stuck to and when he saw a hardline agent and the possibility of losing out on different options , he said screw it and immediately went elsewhere.
    Now we don’t know if Minaya is being ignored or they are talking quietly but if Minaya is just being totally ignored for over a week, it seems its time for Minaya to walk, get in the Holliday game or get mid level pitching help and give Pagan the job until FMART is ready and save his $$ for mid season fire sales. As Sadecki said, they ain’t selling 2 million seats on a Jason Bay deal anyway.
    As for Molina he should have already walked. He walked three years ago when Molina was in the prime, why wouldn’t he walk now when he’s over the hill.

  6. Chiti, Bay wont sell tickets, but winning will. If Minaya can get him for a reasonable price, they should. I dont really see how adding a couple of mediocre pitchers will help things without addressing the power outage. I also think the market for those pitchers is stagnant. Their prices will fall. The waiting is tough, but it may pay off in the end.

  7. 6. maybe…. agree Bay is good…. but it seems that he wants to go elsewhere, and it sucks being used….. If Omar thinks he’s bidding alone play real hardball and find out. And Omar is losing the offseason when you sell tickets to corporations and you sell advertising on SNY. You don’t get those things back until next winter.

  8. you could always drop the offer to bay.

    also give molina a deadline. there are other options.

    and we need pitching. even the stuff that is out there. we need an upgrade there.

  9. Here is some thing to do tell both Bay and Holiday . Make a formal offer to ea player who ever excepts first Bay 4/67 option 5th year for total 76 mil with incentives for 4 million. Offer to Hoilday $ 16.5 million/ 6 year and Incentives totaling 3 Million.

    As for Molina the last offer has an option no guarantee.

  10. 6. The pitchers may not be stars but you have to improve in pieces and a guy like Marquis would improve this rotation. At the least he pitches innings which is something that Maine and OP and to a certain extent Pelfrey do not understand.

    Take the Epstein example. He gave up on Bay’s agent’s games and he improved his pitching staff to compensate.

  11. Harry (10): Pitching, pitching …. you can never have enough pitching. The Mets should pay attention to what the Red Sox did regarding Bay.-JD

  12. I think what happened to Damon will be a wake up call to these players and agents. The stupid deals given to Irod and Wolf got them licking thier chops but now things have ground to a halt. No bidding wars for Bay and Holliday and there wasnt one for Lackey either. Marquis is the best of the lot but he wants the same deal wolf got. No thanks.

  13. 12. Actually you can have too much pitching. Thats what happened to the mets in 89 after they got Viola. They had six starters and Ojeda got sent to the pen. That created alot of animosity on the team. Now the Braves have one starter too many.

  14. 11. Give an A+ to Cashman on the Damon thing. But I’m not sold on Nick Johnson as a DH. I guess Cashman figured anyone, maybe even Luis Caastillo can hit 20 HRs in the Bronx.
    13. The Mets aren’t close to having too many starters. John Maine has lived on 2 great months in 2007. After which he has been hurt or mediocre. OP, would you be upset if OP was a disgruntled long man? And the # 5 spot, Niese?? The only guy we don’t know about. Is he healthy now? Marquis would improve on this staff easily. Pelfrey still can become a good pitcher. He certainly pitches more innings than Maine and OP.

  15. Ollie does not deserve to start. his 12 million says otherwise.

    Agreed on maine. but if he is healthy i think he is more consistent than ollie

    I am kinda surprised the bronx has moved on from damon and hideki. also considering what replaces them.