Are Mets bidding against themselves for Bay?

The Mets are in serious negotiations with outfielder Jason Bay, and are presumably the team with the most interest.

Seattle, Los Angeles Angels and San Francisco also have interest, but it is considered minimal in comparison to the Mets’ package of $65-million over four years, which they reportedly are willing to increase with a fifth year.

Given this, it might be time for the Mets to play hardball with their best and final offer, telling Bay to take it or leave it. Then, they can go after some pitching.

25 thoughts on “Are Mets bidding against themselves for Bay?

  1. fish or cut bait.

    negotiate. like they didnt do with glavine when they let him string them along, or ollie when they panicked and gave him a huge contract for a player they knew had major issues, or castillo, or alou, or..

  2. The talk is now that they have not gone to 5 years with Bay and they seem to be playing hardball with him. This seems to change very 4 hours or so as a writer puts some crazy fish in the pot to stir up things in a slow winter.

    I would much prefer only an option for the 5th year and will be much happier with the Mets if they get that done. If Bay gets crazy money from the O’s or something then ohh well I will just be glad we didn’t blow things up.

  3. dave (5)

    Here’s the list:

    His group includes four managers who’ve at some point won World Series: Tony La Russa (St. Louis), Jim Leyland (Detroit), Joe Torre (Los Angeles Dodgers) and Mike Scioscia (Los Angeles Angels). “You guys are on the field. You live this every day. We need your input,” said Selig, and the four have already been batting ideas among themselves for two weeks.

    The committee also includes elite executives such as John Schuerholz of Atlanta and Andy MacPhail of Baltimore as well as owner representatives like Paul Beeston (Toronto), Bill DeWitt (St. Louis) and Dave Montgomery (Philadelphia). Frank Robinson, who has studied issues like slow play, is on board.

    These are baseball’s brand names. Any issue on which they offer a consensus proposal will almost certainly be adopted by the sport. If this sounds like the NFL’s powerful Competition Committee, it should. And it’s about time.

  4. Dave (7) You’re welcome. Boswell is a fine baseball writer and he added a list of his own ‘wishes’ in the column.

  5. 8 Yeah, but Annie, something’s missing on that committee that might bring some good ideas and fresh perspectives to the table. How about at least one woman in some team’s front office? Kim Ng, an assistant GM with the Dodgers comes to mind. So does Priscilla Oppenheimer, the former Padres’ director of minor league operations. Having had a female cousin work in an NFL team’s front office, I can tell you she brought great ideas to the organization she worked for. Sounds like MLB has created yet another boys-only club.

  6. Gil (9) How interesting –

    I know that here on the blog, when I present something from a womans’ point of view that you guys simply don’t get we have had some issues here, but perhaps an ‘Official Lady’ from the league office or a team would have a better acceptance of her opinions and suggestions. I’m not sure this list from the column is complete, so maybe the ladies are already there.

    I remember Kim Ng when she worked in New York – I was happy she got a nice promotion, but very sad to see her leave.

    It’s a great idea – have you checked out Boswell’s wish list?

  7. I don’t think they are bidding against themselves at all. It’s not like they are trying to one-up someone else’s bid. They have their terms and are just in wait mode

  8. John (12) I’ve sent both you and Gil the Press Release from MLB concerning this committee. No mention of input from anyone not on the committee – maybe that will come after their report.

  9. Back to Bay. I just saw an article by Vaccaro of the post saying signing Bay would be the same as signing Bonilla. I posted the same thing on another thread here yesterday. I can see the nickname we will have for him in a few years, EBAY, because whoever is running the mets will be trying everything to get out of that contract.

  10. 15. Poor Omar… He gets hung if he signs the guy and he gets hung if he doesn’t.
    PS: If Bay gets a contract heavily backloaded there will be no getting rid of him if he turns sour.

  11. 16. Chiti, I think most mets fans will be happy if they sign Bay. After a Yankees-Phillies World Series the mets know they have to give thier base something. Bay has been given perfect timing to be a free agent as has Lackey. Vacarro also compares Lackeys numbers with Appiers before the Mets signed him. Almost identical.

  12. I will be happy if they sign bay to a reasonable contract, unhappy if they severely overpay. I can live with some overpay as I udnerstnad the reality of the situation, but if the price goes crazy Omar needs to walk away.

    I will also be upset of Holliday gets the same money, not to say that Holliday doesn’t have risks too, but I would prefer Holliday to Bay all things being equal (like if Boras wasn’t his agent).

  13. He’s 32, and wants waaay too much effing money.
    we need to rebuild young. we keep 2-3 players and rebuild.
    we need almost every position and notably pitching. However, that doesnt mean spending it all on one guy.

    I am sorry I rather see us lose this year because we have a new young team growing and maturing than getting guys who are about to ride off into the sunset.

  14. #19, who on our team is about to “ride off into the Sunset”. 26 year old reyes? Wright? Beltran is only 32 and is probably the oldest part of our “core”. Delgado was old but isn’t on the team anymore. You can’t say Pelfrey/Maine/Perez are old (you may not be able to say they are good, but that is a different issue :)).

    Sure Castillo isn’t a youngling, and until we have Thole in 11 our catcher will definitely be old, but how is our team “old”.

    It needs more talent, but our issue isn’t age anymore.

  15. honestly the issue will always be management.
    Manuel is not a good nor a consistent manager.
    and Minaya had us fooled but now we see that its ridiculous.

    as for some of our guys, injuries that they had shouldnt have had them down for the count. the doctors or management didnt do right by the injured.

  16. dave -it was more tongue in cheek. but if you look at some of the ERAs and batting averages. not too shabby ..
    but being in the big leagues would be a much different story.

  17. stevec


    just so you know, the bklyn team has been accused of being stacked i guess because uncle jeff is close by.