Concern for Reyes ….

It’s been the Mets’ refrain for awhile now: “We’ll be all right once we get our healthy players back.”

REYES: Will we see his speed this summer?

REYES: Will we see his speed this summer?

The catch, however, is a complete return to health and production.

Yesterday, Jose Reyes, who tore the hamstring tendon in his right leg last summer, said he expects to be 100 percent by spring training.

“The doctors said I am supposed to be the same Jose Reyes, I should be 100 percent, I should recover my speed,” said Reyes. “I don’t know if I will recover it right away, but I am working for that. When I am healthy, I will be able to do the things I did before.”

He should be 100 percent, he should regain his speed. I’ve heard more forceful statements. “I don’t know if I will recover (my speed) right away.” Sounds ominous.

6 thoughts on “Concern for Reyes ….

  1. JD: Put yourself in his situation. All he has is assurances from the doctors at this point that everything “should” be ok. But he’ll never know until he tests it and goes all out. Ominous does not describe the situation. Cautious is more like it.

  2. 1/2: Agree with both of you. And give Jose credit, but being less than 100% sure of things he’s not going to rush it to please the clowns that run the organization.

  3. Yeah, until he IS running at full speed and being Reyes, all he can say is that the Doctors told me I will be. You know the same doctors that told me I could come back last year, told Francore to play last year, let Church play through concussions, etc.

    So a little bit of hesitation until he can actually do it is not too surprising :)

  4. I saw the interview this afternoon. Jose was charming, interesting and very cooperative with Mike. They spoke for about 45 minutes and Jose was quite forthright in his answers to Mike’s questions about a whole range of subjects including the hamstring situation. Jose’s therapist is the same man Mike used for his recovery from similar surgery.

    We need more of these Mets players interviews and less of Omar.

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