Bay negotiations ….

The negotiations for outfielder Jason Bay continue, with the Mets making it a five-year, $75-million package. However, Bay wants a sixth year, which would make him 37 at the end of the contract. If Bay holds fast on six years the Mets will turn to Matt Holliday.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported the Cardinals offering a $128-million deal over eight years.

8 thoughts on “Bay negotiations ….

  1. JD – 5 years is my max on Bay and 8 years is way too much on Holliday. If those rumors are correct and Holliday was offered an 8 year/$128 million contract from the Cardinals, he and Boras are nuts for not signing that second. NO WAY anyone else is this market is going to approach that number. However, I suspect it is probably a 5 year offer with possible 3 vesting options. The St Louis Cardinals are and have always been a modest, but savvy organization when contracting with players and in my mind, there is no way they offered that much to Holliday in this economic climate….

  2. If this Holliday report is true, The Cards will be sorry. Pujols and Carpenter are due for new contracts soon. St Louis isnt the Yankees and they cant afford 3 20 million players. I still say the Mets should sign Nady to a one year contract. 2 years ago when both were on the trading block Bay and Nady were rated as almost the same player.

  3. Maybe the Cardinals figure Pujols will leave and have decided Holiday is the more signable player…Or maybe this is smoke generated by his agent.

  4. 6 years for bay, I thought that 5 years was too much. Geez let him walk.

    I don’t see Pujols leaving so long as the Cards take care of him reasonably, I think he wants to be a lifer out there

  5. Dave is right. Bay is overrated.
    The Mets are being suckered into thinking he’s much more of a player than he is because the free agent outfield pickings are slim and in classic Omar Minaya fashion, he’s likely bidding against himself if he’s willing to go more than four years.
    So instead of using the money he’ll lavish on Bay which could be better utilized to create a strong farm system or invest in a bunch of players who might collectively make the team better, Minaya is throwing that money away.

  6. FYI: Here’s a link to a You Tube video, of Ryota Igarashi — the reliever the Mets apparently have signed — pitching for the Japanese Central League’s Yakult Swallows, against the Yokohama Bay Stars, in which he strikes out the side, including former American outfield prospect Larry Bigbie.
    Igarashi shows a strong fastball and nice changeup, but will it translate in the Major Leagues?