Why not the Mets?

CAPPS: Not drawing interest from Mets.

CAPPS: Not drawing interest from Mets.

At 26, and showing solid production and no injury history, the interest has been hot for reliever Matt Capps. Reportedly, a dozen teams have contacted Capps’ agent, but surprisingly not one of them has been the Mets. He’s a free agent because Pittsburgh did not offer arbitration.

With the bullpen in need of repair, one would think the Mets would be all over this. They are not.

Agent Paul Kinzer called the interest in Capps as “enormous.” Capps has said he’d like to pitch for the Cubs, but the field includes the Yankees, Orioles, Nationals, Marlins and Rangers. The reported asking price is at least $3 million a season. He has closer experience and would be ideal for the Mets’ set-up role.

4 thoughts on “Why not the Mets?

  1. If you get the guy fine but dave is probably right; he wants to be the man. You also need to figure out why he was truly horrible in ’09. This guy was Brad Lidge horrible.

  2. I thought I saw quotes about the Mets being interested in Capps, so that would surprise me. I like Ryota too, but I honestly want both him and Capps if we can do it.

    However, I could easily see Capps wanting to be a closer and not a setup guy, but if he is willing to not be a closer the Mets should be in on it.