Minaya promises better team ….

In the wake of yesterday’s big splash by the Phillies, Mets GM Omar Minaya promised a better team next year. Speaking to reporters at Citi Field, Minaya said: “I feel like, in past years, we have always found a way to improve our club, and I feel comfortable we will continue to work hard and, when it’s all said and done, when we get to Opening Day, our team is going to be better than they way they ended last year.”

Assuming Jose Reyes returns, David Wright regains his power stroke and a full, injury-free season from Carlos Beltran, not to mention, Johan Santana, the Mets can’t help but be better next year.

The injuries were the storyline last season, but even so there were plenty of times in which they did not perform, especially on the mound.

Minaya said the Mets aren’t done, and didn’t express discouragement as to how things have progressed.

“We have a plan, and our plan, I like our plan,” Minaya said without telling what it was. “We know who we’ve targeted, and we feel comfortable if we get our guys we’re gonna have a very good team on the field and we’re going to be a team that will compete for our division and compete for the pennant.”

The Mets ended the season needing at least two starters to address the concerns over Oliver Perez, John Maine and Mike Pelfrey. They also needed a catcher and left fielder.

As of now, none of those needs have been filled.

I don’t share Minaya’s confidence. Whether or not you guys do, let me know in the newest poll.

6 thoughts on “Minaya promises better team ….

  1. FYI – Mike Francesa’s guest Wednesday at 3PM on WFAN/YES will be Jose Reyes in person.

  2. He isnt done? When is he gonna start? I saw a report the yankees dont want Bay. conflicting reports on how many years the Cards are offering Holliday.

  3. I’m pretty sure the Mets will be better next year. Their luck was terrible last year. I think they’ll contend. I think Maine’s a good pitcher. If he gets his velocity back he’ll be good. Pelfrey should be alright, better than last year. I feel less than totally confident in saying that but I think he’ll probably be better. There are no sure sure things even when you go out and acquire players from outside the organization.

  4. Omar is right. Every year we get better.

    Last year we had no closer, so we went out and got the best one in the business. The one who had 60 saves the year before. We got better.

    The year before that we got Santana. We got better. We went from missing the playoffs to.. missing the playoffs.

    This year our plan apparently is to get Bay to add power to the team. This will replace Delgado and again we will be better. We will also apparently get a 100 year old catcher who hits 200 and hits a few home runs. again we will be better. When our players come off the DL we will no longer be a 70 win season. We will have one pitcher who wins 15 games or so and we will have a bunch of guys who get maybe 10 wins. Hopefully that will make us an 83 game winning team.

    We will be better.

  5. John, I do not share Omar’s confidence — not one bit …. worse yet, I have absolutely no confidence in Omar Minaya …. he has created a horrible situation here and there is no easy way out of this mess ….