More Bay watching ….

The Mets believe they’ll get a handle on the Jason Bay landscape toward the end of the week. One thing is clear, the Mets’ initial offer of $65 million over four years won’t be enough to get it done.

If their offer is the Mets “real” evaluation of Bay, then they’ll have to overpay to get the 31-year-old outfielder. A guaranteed fifth year could get it done, as Bay’s agent has said there’s a fifth year offer from an unnamed team on the table.

The Mets prefer Matt Holliday, but he’s a Scott Boras client and it will be closer to $100 million to get him. The Red Sox are also considering Holliday. Boston’s offer is a four-year, $60-million package. The Red Sox say they won’t go higher, but that seems like posturing to me.

The Mets haven’t heard from Bay on their offer. GM Omar Minaya said he’s also going to look at his non-tendered options, which include Cincinnati’s Jonny Gomes and Oakland’s Jack Cust, who hit 20 and 25 homers, respectively last year.

Another power option – and a cheaper alternative to bringing back Carlos Delgado at first – is San Francisco’s Ryan Garko.

10 thoughts on “More Bay watching ….

  1. Ah the mystery team…straight from the playbook of Scott Boras! Of course with Texeira there was a mystery team….. One never knows.

  2. The mystery team supposedly offered more than 4 years, that is not necessarily a fifth year. I don’t think there is anyway the Mets offer a guaranteed 5th year, I could see a vesting option at around 140 games or high plate appearances, but not a guaranteed year.

    As for the offer getting it done, I am not seeing anyone step out their and really make that offer go away, if anything it is looking like the Red Sox are walking away from the table entirely. I do wonder if maybe Bay is waiting for St. Louis to step in when they lose out on Holliday. That has to be an attractive destination for anyone.

    If there are no Red Sox or Cards in the Holliday sweepstakes, and the Yankees stay on the sidelines, who would the Mets be competing with?

  3. JamesSC (2): San Francisco needs a big time hitter. But, I don’t know if they’ll be willing to spend the money. Don’t you think the Dodgers are now regretting the Manny Ramirez contract?-JD

  4. Well, to me the big winner so far this Winter is Seattle with Boston right behind. They added Lee for pitching and the other day Figgins for offense. And the Red Sox sign Lackey for Burnett $$. Now Beckett can’t hold them hostage next year or they are positioned to give up top pithcing for someone in mid season. I don’t know what prospects the Phillies gave up but Halladay/Lee…. there ain’t much difference.
    Happiest guy around is probably Marquis. # 1 pitcher left on the market.

  5. I dont see Halliday as being that much of an upgrade over Lee. says Roy will be signing a long term deal with philly. He is coming to the end of his prime years and If I was Philly I would have rather locked up the younger Lee.

  6. Sadecki 7. Here in PA the story is Halladay is keeping the ’10 contract and then is asking only for a 3 year extension at 20 mil each and then vesting options for either one or two years. If that’s the case, and not knowing what Lee was trying to get, the Phillies may have made a good move altho not a move to make them better on the field. Lee is only a year younger. I originally thought the difference was greater.
    What is more impressive is Epstein keeping the Lackey negotiations hush hush. The Mets announce to the world they made an offer for Bay and for how much and the Sox just go and get their man without a whisper about it.
    As for Bay I suspect the secret team is in the Bronx. Damon wants 13 mil. They can dump Matsui and Damon and sign Bay and move Posada to DH and find a catcher and still lower payroll. Then when Poasada’s contract is up they can move Bay to DH.

  7. Im surprised about the age difference too. It seems Halliday has been around a lot longer. You may be right about the yankees, but They will be top heavy with sluggers if they do. If they lose Bay Matt Holliday is going to be sitting pretty.

  8. Harry (8): Wouldn’t surprise me if you’re right about the Yankees and Bay. After Lackey, the next move is the Yankees. No way they give Damon three years at $13 million a season.-JD