Non-tender list ….

There were no surprises in the list of players the Mets non-tendered yesterday, beginning with pitchers Lance Broadway and Tim Redding, and outfielders Jeremy Reed and Cory Sullivan. It’s not as if losing these guys will make a difference, but they are four more spots that need to be filled.

A couple of names did pop out to me. But, I do realize these guys were non-tendered for a reason.

Left-hander Scott Olsen as a possible fifth starter and Mike MacDougal as a possible set-up reliever (both of the Nationals) are intriguing. Reds outfielder Jonny Gomes as a bench player. The most interesting to me are Oakland outfielder Jack Cust and Giants first baseman Ryan Garko. I also wrote yesterday of taking a gamble on Yankees pitcher Chien-Ming Wang.

Here’s the list of non-tendered players. Those with asterisks are injured.

Angels: RHP Jose Arredondo*, INF Matt Brown, RHP Dustin Moseley
Athletics: OF Jack Cust
Blue Jays: C Raul Chavez
Indians: RHP Adam Miller*, RHP Anthony Reyes*, RHP Jose Veras
Mariners: OF Ryan Langerhans
Orioles: RHP Brian Bass
Rays: OF Gabe Gross, C Shawn Riggans
Red Sox: OF Brian Anderson
Royals: OF Josh Anderson, C John Buck
White Sox: RHP D.J. Carrasco
Yankees: RHP Chien-Ming Wang*

Braves: OF Ryan Church, 2B Kelly Johnson
Brewers: RHP Mark DiFelice*, RHP Seth McClung, C Mike Rivera
Cubs: LHP Neal Cotts
Diamondbacks: 1B Josh Whitesell
Giants: 1B Ryan Garko
Marlins: INF-OF Alfredo Amezaga
Mets: RHP Lance Broadway, RHP Tim Redding, OF Jeremy Reed, OF Cory Sullivan
Nationals: RHP Mike MacDougal, LHP Scott Olsen
Padres: RHP Jackson Quezada, RHP Mark Worrell
Phillies: RHP Clay Condrey
Pirates: RHP Matt Capps, LHP Phil Dumatrait
Reds: OF Jonny Gomes
Rockies: 3B Garrett Atkins

10 thoughts on “Non-tender list ….

  1. I’ll move my opinions on these guys from your older post.
    The only starters that tweek interest are damaged goods. Olsen and Wang, and Olsen is a total bad apple. All Wang can get is a minor league deal with a major league split if he makes the team at some point. A guaranteed major league deal would be a mistake. Just because he wore Yankee pinstripes Annie doesn’t make him a necessity!
    The hapless Met bullpen could be helped by guys like Capps who had a bad year but could be set up man and insurance for KROD blowing out his arm, McDougald who is wild but saved 19-20games despite wildness showing he has stuff and doesn’t get flustered and Carrasco and Condrey who had decent ERAs in the pen. Any of them would give some depth to the Met pen. McClung would bew a possible long man and emergency starter. He couldn’t be worse than the recently departed Tim Redding. Of course, Omar can still bring Timmy back based on his overwhelming performance in meaningless Sept games last year.
    Hitters only Garko seems worth getting. He has aways been a decent hitter and would be good bench guy and part time first baseman since Manuel the lesser has decided Murphy will not get a chance to play against lefties. Who would you want at first, Garko or Tatis!! Atkins, a Coors field hitter or not? I’d rather have Garko. Of course we could sign Kelly Johnson, since he only hits well agaonst the Mets he wouldn’t hurt us anymore and wait we signed the older and eaually bad hitting and worse fielding Cora already, never mind about Johnson.

    I excluded Cust because if a young guy is a DH he must be a truly horrid defender. Amezegga would have been a far better backup than Cora since he is faster and can play outfield and infield but we had to rush to get Cora because he is the real manager of the team or somwthing.

  2. The fact is I dont even know who most of these players are. Wang is the interesting one. A two time 19 game winner. Definitely worth a look.

  3. Harry (1)
    Following your example and moving my post as well.
    Please, don’t be another Sadecki who thinks of just teams and lumps everyone into one entity. Teams are made up of individuals and we can all tell the difference.

    My endorsement of Chien-Ming Wang is based on him and the kind of player he is and how he fits in to a team concept. He is always well prepared and has the ability to be very calm and efficient on the mound. His team mates adore him and are protective because he is from another country, and often doesn’t understand some of our language slang.

    It would be beneficial to all parties for the Mets to welcome him to the ‘other’ New York team, and I hope they do.

  4. 3.
    As to your desire for Wang, none of your reasons have anything to do with signing a guy.
    1. Plenty of players are liked and respected by their peers.
    2. Plenty of players come from other countries and don’t speak some of our slang. I would guess nobody has more foreigners than the Mets.
    3. Plenty of players are well prepared.

    What does he bring.
    1. A damaged arm for two years.
    2. A successful past.
    3. Will not be ready for the start of the season.

    So what do you offer him? a major league deal???. When he’s ready to rehab you only have 30 days to have him on the farm unless he has options. Does he have options? Delcos will have to anwer. A minor league/major league split dealdoesn’t give any problems and gives him the chance to rehab fully and get his chance if he gets his arm, back. His first attempt last year he was something less than a Lima and that means more than anything you have said to endorse him. He’s not on my 40 man roster.
    As for Sadecki, His opposition for pro-Yankee stuff on a Mets site is something I agree with.

  5. amezaga is fast and can play multiple positions. i would prefer him than most of the junk we called up last year.

    wasnt gomes one of the good young players? what happened to him?

  6. fmart has a little leg problem again.

    he is only 20, why does he have so many issues? at 20 i was invincible.

  7. Its funny when Annie rips me for being anti her beloved yankees when I said wang was the one guy on the list i was interested in. OK I can take it annie.

  8. I posted under the wang section. but i will redo part here.
    I say we rebuild and make a younger team.
    Call this year a rebuild phase get a bunch of talented young players they may not have a track record yet. and really groom them. yes that means getting rid of manuel and minaya. I was at the barbers on saturday. We discussed this very thing .. also one of the things we joked about but makes sense right now. get Bobby V to manage. Like him or not he’s a player’s manager and thinks of the team first. yes he had his love affair with Leiter, but all in all he was a great manager.

    All this big money guys dont want the Mets because they know they arent getting the ring. so instead of wasting good money just get young talent and build something. and keep them when they excel..

    sound familiar? oh yeah thats right its what baseball used to be…

  9. A lot of these non tendered guys have already signed with their original team, demonstrating the arb system is just totally broken down.

    Back to Wang; it seems the Yanks offered him a minor/major split deal so he could totally rehab on the farm. This is the only type of offer he should get but he turned them down. So much for him being this angel described elsewhere. He’s no better,no worse than any other player. Not faulting him, just saying he’s nothing special. Olsen, the other damaged starter, has re-upped with DC.
    Sign the relievers Omar, our pen is still very bad.

  10. I don’t mind taking a flier on Wang if the deal is right. Matt Capps is very interesting to me, he had some great numbers up until last year where he just self destructed. Would be a perfect cheap arm to add into the mix if we could make it happen. A few of the other RP arms could be serviceable, but not much else of interest in the list.