What about Wang?

WANG: Could be a low-risk, high-reward move.

WANG: Could be a low-risk, high-reward move.

Yes, he’s been injured, but at 29 Chien-Ming Wang is young enough to where he might bounce back into being a solid pitcher. The Yankees cut him lose today. It’s worth taking a flier on him. Give him one year with incentives. What could it hurt?

There’s no fifth starter currently. It’s worth taking the chance to see if he can regain his form. If so, the Mets would have a steal.

Colorado also non-tendered Garrett Atkins. He can hit, but is coming off a down season.

Each of these guys will be signed by somebody. Your thoughts on it being the Mets?

7 thoughts on “What about Wang?

  1. Annie (1): There’s no pressure. He could open the season in the minor leagues until he’s ready. And, if it doesn’t work out, then what’s the big deal? Getting Wang is a problem if the Mets expect big things from him.-JD

  2. The only starters that tweek interest are damaged goods. Olsen and Wang, and Olsen is a total bad apple. All Wang can get is a minor league deal with a major league split if he makes the team at some point. A guaranteed major league deal would be a mistake. Just because he wore Yankee pinstripes Annie doesn’t make him a necessity!
    The hapless Met bullpen could be helped by guys like Capps who had a bad year but could be set up man and insurance for KROD blowing out his arm, McDougald who is wild but saved 19-20games despite wildness showing he has stuff and doesn’t get flustered and Carrasco and Condrey who had decent ERAs in the pen. Any of them would give some depth to the Met pen. McClung would bew a possible long man and emergency starter. He couldn’t be worse than the recently departed Tim Redding. Of course, Omar can still bring Timmy back based on his overwhelming performance in meaningless Sept games last year.
    Hitters only Garko seems worth getting. He has aways been a decent hitter and would be good bench guy and part time first baseman since Manuel the lesser has decided Murphy will not get a chance to play against lefties. Who would you want at first, Garko or Tatis!! Atkins, a Coors field hitter or not? I’d rather have Garko. Of course we could sign Kelly Johnson, since he only hits well agaonst the Mets he wouldn’t hurt us anymore and wait we signed the older and eaually bad hitting and worse fielding Cora already, never mind about Johnson.

  3. Harry (5) Please, don’t be another Sadecki who thinks of just teams and lumps everyone into one entity. Teams are made up of individuals and we can all tell the difference.

    My endorsement of Chien-Ming Wang is based on him and the kind of player he is and how he fits in to a team concept. He is always well prepared and has the ability to be very calm and efficient on the mound. His team mates adore him and are protective because he is from another country, and often doesn’t understand some of our language slang.

    It would be beneficial to all parties for the Mets to welcome him to the ‘other’ New York team, and I hope they do.

  4. We need to rebuild from the ground up.
    we need to get rid of manuel and minaya.
    and then rebuild the team maybe keep beltran and wright. and maybe if i better first baseman isnt available. Murphy.
    Otherwise get rid of the old beat up players.
    and rebuild. honestly yes we need pitching but we need a field to support that pitcher.